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By: Mike Murray | Date: Aug 11, 2016 |
My family lived around Pawnee from approximately February of 1891 until February 1899. James and Sarah Murray. James passed away on 11 February 1899 and I believe he is buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

By: Monica McDonald Crow | Date: Jul 4, 2016 |
My name is Monica. Livesay is my family name. My mother and my Aunt Joyce were the first twins born in Pawnee Oklahoma. My grandfather Charles P Livesay was Sheriff of Pawnee when I was a little girl

By: PCHS | Date: Aug 30, 2015 |
Jim.. we look forward to seeing you when you come. Jerome Hill comes to Pawnee every month or so to tend to his brother, Kearny, and Folk (Bernice and Kearny, Sr)'s house. Not sure if you're related to those Hills but if you are, it would be neat to time your visit to his!

WOW..congratulations Julie.. I hope you can make it to Pawnee! Thanks for posting about the book!

By: JULIE LYN ORGAN (WILSON) | Date: Aug 30, 2015 |
I was given my great, great, great grandmother Bessie May Hooper's memory album by my great Aunt Frances Hooper-Beckelhymer. Bessie May received this memory album from Fern Tansey on December 26, 1903 in Pawnee, Okla. I hope to see Pawnee some day.

By: Jim Hill | Date: Jul 11, 2015 |
My family made the run and settled in and around Pawnee. No direct relatives there now, but I plan on coming to visit soon just to see what records are there.

By: Nancy Etheredge | Date: Jun 7, 2015 |
Love your museum. Spent quite a bit of time there a number of years ago researching Gilmores. Everyone in Pawnee was wonderful. My father grew up there. Had hoped to get back, but haven't had the chance. Maybe soon.

Is that crazy ole Gladys Kitchens still there? I'll bet she'll never figure out who this is.

By: Bianca | Date: Mar 28, 2015 |
What a great work. Really useful for us!

By: Isaac Rarmond Ripley Jr | Date: Jan 14, 2015 |
I visited Oklahoma last Oct and luckily found the Historical Society. I have started researching he Ripley, Pennington and Hoaglan families in Oklahoma/Kansas/Missouri and Pawnee in particular and the members there in the society were very helpful.

By: PCHS | Date: Sep 30, 2014 |
Hi Margarette,

Thanks for writing.. we look forward to hearing from you and your relatives.. the costs of most research are tiny.

By: Margarette Ponds Banks | Date: Sep 30, 2014 |
I was pleasantly surprised to find this site by just entering "Pawnee" in the search engine. I was looking for Pawnee information after I discovered that my great-grandfather's brother, Thomas Ponds and his wife Minnie Curtis lived in Pawnee in 1930 and 1935 before moving on to California, so I have been looking for more about them for at least the last 30 years. Soooo I will be sharing the resource with the relatives who can afford to pay whatever fees are involved..

By: James P. Neal | Date: Mar 18, 2014 |
Your new website (new to me) looks great. Thanks for including this comment section. My grandfather was in the l893 land rush and helped to draw up the town charter. He was also a Probate Judge in Pawnee and Lt. of the Volunteer company from Pawnee in the Spanish American War. My name is the same as his (as was my father).

James P. Neal

By: Frank Furillo | Date: Aug 28, 2013 |
In 1895, Charles P. Beck, and wife Fairozina W. (Cameron) Beck, would move to Pawnee County, Ok. "Zina"'s sister Dora (Cameron) Webb, wife to Abraham Webb, was already in Pawnee County, moving from the family home in Girard, Kansas. "Zina" and Charles lived in Section 24 Township 23N Range 4E, for 49years. These ladies are my 2nd great grand Aunt's!

Frank Furillo

By: PCHS | Date: Jul 22, 2013 |
Ed&Lola Fleming, Can't wait to see your '70 Ford LTD!!! Drop in to the museum while you're in town!

By: Ed&Lola Fleming | Date: Jul 22, 2013 |
Looking forward to your car show and rodeo! Our 1970 Ford LTD will be there!

By: PATLICAN KURUSU | Date: May 7, 2013 |

Sieht super aus. Ich hoffe viele Leute werden ihre Information zur Verfügung stellen.


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