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AARON, Leta Juanda Obitituary
ABBOTT, Willa Mae Carnes Obituary
ABINGTON, Abraham Lincoln, Jr Obituary
ABINGTON, Georgia L. (Lolar) Obituary
ABINGTON, Jeffery Todd Obituary
ABINGTON, Pearl Rebecca Obituary
ADAMS, Agnes (Reed) Obituary
ADAMS, Anna Belle (Sigler) Obit/pix
ADAMS, Carl W Obituary
ADAMS, Charles G "Bill" Obituary
ADAMS, Clara Juanita McCrosky (Mrs Al) Obituary
ADAMS, Clifford Obit/pix
ADAMS, Cloe Bertha (Bybee) Obituary
ADAMS, Cornell E. Obituary
ADAMS, Daniel Crofford II Obituary
ADAMS, Della May Ridley (Mrs. G.C. Obituary
ADAMS, Earl Obituary
ADAMS, Edward H. Obit/pix FHC
ADAMS, Elizabeth Ellen Guffy (Mrs Wilbur L) Obituary
ADAMS, Evelyn May Obituary
ADAMS, Floyd Lee Obituary
ADAMS, Geneva (Sanford) Obituary
ADAMS, George W Obituary
ADAMS, Harvey Ray Obituary
ADAMS, Henry Obituary
ADAMS, MRS. J.F. Obituary
ADAMS, James J. Obituary
ADAMS, James Vernon Obituary
ADAMS, Jerry Edward Obituary
ADAMS, Leonard H Obituary
ADAMS, Minnie Mae Obituary
ADAMS, Paul Wayne Obituary
Adams, Raymond William Obituary
ADAMS, Rena Opal (Bodenhamer) Obituary
ADAMS, Ross I obituary
ADAMS, Simond Douglas Obituary
ADAMS, Virginia Lu Obituary
ADAMS, Virginia Marie "Tunie" Davis Obituary
ADAMS, Walter G Obituary
ADAMSON, Clyde E. Jr. Obituary
ADKINS, Melissa Jane "Jennie" Hayden (Mrs Cal Obituary
ADKINS, Oceola Obituary
ADKISON, Eugene Benjamin Obituary
ADKISON, Ivan Obituary
ADKISON, Vina May (Mrs Eddie L) Obituary
ADLER, Adelia Levier Obituary
ADLER, Betty Lou (Childers) Obituary
ADLER, Earl Clayton Obituary
ADLER, Josie Obituary
AGILAR, Julia Obituary
AGILAR, Lula Ellen (Long) Obituary
AGILAR, Pablo "Tony" Obituary
AILEY, Loran Wilson Obituary
AKERS, Wally T. Obituary
ALBERSON, J.P. Obituary
ALBERT, Lacy Earl Obituary
ALBRIGHT, Jane Obituary
ALDERSON, Roy Duncan Obituary FHC
ALEX, Nicholas Eugene Obituary
ALEXANDER,  Estell J Obituary
ALEXANDER, Anna Obituary
ALEXANDER, Artie Obituary
ALEXANDER, Ashley, Sr Obituary
ALEXANDER, Charles Lee Obituary
ALEXANDER, Cozetta Marie (Sampson) Obit/pix
ALEXANDER, Daniel Neal Obituary
ALEXANDER, Eugenia Lee   "Sue" Obituary Mkr/pix
ALEXANDER, Florence Irene (Mrs. C.E.) Obituary
ALEXANDER, George Obit/pix
ALEXANDER, George William Obituary
ALEXANDER, Lena Bernelle (Sears) Obituary
ALEXANDER, Reality Joia Obituary Mkr/pix
ALEXANDER, Ruben G. Obituary
ALLEMBAUGH,  David "Archie" Obituary
ALLEMBAUGH, James Upton Obituary FHC
ALLEMBAUGH, Ruth Elizabeth Obituary
ALLEN, Albert McCoy   "Coy" Obituary
ALLEN, Carma R. Obituary
ALLEN, Constance Ann (Herring) Obituary
ALLEN, Daniel Webster Obituary
ALLEN, Delbert Wayne Obit/pix.
ALLEN, Ester (Tomlin) Obituary
ALLEN, Everett "Kirby" Obituary
ALLEN, Grace (see "Robert) Obituary
ALLEN, Grace B. (Collins) (see "Robert") Obituary
ALLEN, Harvey Obituary Mkr/pix
ALLEN, Hazel (Skeen) Obituary
ALLEN, Helen B. Obituary
ALLEN, John Travis Obituary
ALLEN, John William Obituary FHC
ALLEN, Johnny Gene Obituary
ALLEN, Leroy William "Shorty" Obituary
ALLEN, Mabel Melissa (Peterson) Obituary
ALLEN, May Meeks Obituary FHC
ALLEN, Orville F. Obituary
ALLEN, Ralph Weeks Obituary
ALLEN, Raymond A Obituary
ALLEN, Raymond Thomas obit/pic
ALLEN, Robert Obituary
ALLEN, Robert F. Obituary
ALLEN, Shirley Ann (Lassley) Obituary Mkr/pix
ALLEN, Vivian (Brown) Obituary
ALLEN, Will Obituary
ALLEN, William Erastus Obituary
ALLEN, William Sam Obituary
ALLEN, Zoe Louise (Marlow) Obituary
ALLENBAUGH, Alice (Mrs James Obituary
ALLENBAUGH, Doreen Bussey Obituary
ALLENBAUGH, William Obituary
ALLEY, Juliene Kay (Nuttle) Obituary
ALLEY, Louisa L. Obituary
ALLEY, Violet Ann (Cox) Obituary
ALLISON, Lela Marie (Gilmore) Obituary
ALMY, Opal D. (Chandley) Obituary FHC
ALTAFFER, Jack Errett Obituary Mkr/pix
ALTAFFER, Loretta Bell Day Obituary
AMBURGER, Otha Mae (Sweeten)  "Toots" Obituary
AMEN, Joseph Frederick  "Fred" Obituary
AMEN, Rosie Ellen Obituary
AMEN, Verba Inez (Oldham) Obituary
AMES, Mathew Alan obituary
AMES, Robert Paul Obit/pix
AMMON, Francis M Obit/pix
ANDERSON, Arthur L Obit/pix
ANDERSON, Carl August Obituary
ANDERSON, Carl DeWayne Obituary
ANDERSON, Doran Obituary
ANDERSON, Edna Fischer obit/pix
ANDERSON, Ernest L Obituary
ANDERSON, Florence (Davis) Obituary
ANDERSON, Judy Lynn Obituary
ANDERSON, Lucinda Jane Jones Obituary
ANDERSON, Pauline (Phyfe) Obituary
ANDERSON, Samuel Thomas Obituary
ANDERSON, Sophia Marie (Thomas) Obituary
ANDERSON, Wesley N. "Andy" Obituary
ANDREWS, Inez M Obituary
ANDREWS, Phebe Obituary
ANDREWS, Ronnie Lee Obituary FHC
ANDRIES, Rebecca G. "Dixie" (Hulet) obit/pix
ANGLIN, John N Obituary
ANGUS, Saxon Maybelle (Cochran) Obituary
ANSON, Clarence Eugene Obituary
ANSON, Fern (Holt) Obituary
ANSON, Ira Veasy obituary
ANSON, Ronny Edward Sr. Obituary
ANTHONY, Ruby D. (Burch) obituary
ARB, Gladys (Ryan) obit/pix
ARCHERD, Charlie Obituary
ARKEKETA, Ella Obituary
ARKEKETA, James W Obituary
ARMSTRONG, Dora Obituary
ARMSTRONG,  Eula Leo (Kenyon) Obituary
ARMSTRONG, Frank (infant son of) Obituary
ARMSTRONG, Ralph Richard Obituary
ARMSTRONG, Roy Obituary
ARMSTRONG, Sullivan Obituary
ARMSTRONG, Susan Obit/pix
ARMSTRONG, Zora (Bonebracke) Obituary FHC
ARNETT, Ira Clifton Obituary
ARNETT, Nancy Elizabeth Obituary
ARNOLD, Frances I Obituary
ARNOLD, James Franklin obituary FHC
ARNOLD, Loyd V. Obituary
ARNOLD, Marcellene E. Obituary
ARNOLD, Mary Shoun Obituary Mkr/pix
ARNOLD, Sharlene Lewis (Tsosie) obit/pix
ARNOLD, Tristan DeWayne Obituary
ARNOLD, William Frank Obituary
ARP, Della Louise Obituary Mkr/pix
ARRINGTON, Kenneth G Obituary
ART, Alva Obituary
ARTERBURY, Vera Obituary
ARTHURS, David Michael Obituary
ARTHURS, Evelyn Etna (Patty)(Mrs Melvin) Obituary
ARTHURS, Melvin Ross, Dr Obituary
ARTHURS, Melvin Ross, Jr Obituary
ASHLEY, ellen Obituary
ASHMORE, Charles Edward Obituary
ATKINS, Augusta Imogene Obituary
ATKINS, Claudia Gale "Kiki" Obit/pix
ATKINS, DeLois Jean (King) Obituary
ATKINS, Harvey Sr. Obituary
ATKINS, Larry Eugene Obit/pix
ATKINS, William H. (Bill) Obituary
ATKINS, William, Jr Obituary
ATTEBERRY, A.A. Obituary
ATTEBERRY, Paul E. Obituary
ATTOCKNIE, Lacota Wynona Obituary
ATTOCKNIE, Paul Joseph Obituary
ATTOCKNIE, Vivian "Ann" Obituary
AULD, Eithel Lucinda (Tomlin) Obituary
AULD, Fern Berniece (Thatcher)  "Minnie Mae" Obit/Pix
AULT, Grace L. Obituary Mkr/Pix
AUSBERN, Betty Lou (Curry) Obituary
AVANTS, Edith Belle (McCray) Obit/pix
AVANTS, Ernest C. Obituary
AVANTS, Sally M. (McCray) Obituary
AVANTS, Thomas M. Obit/pix
BABB-ENGLE, Carolyn Sue Obituary
BABCOCK, William H. Obit/pix
BACON RIND, Chief obit/pix
BACON, Beulah Mary (Armitage) Obituary
BACON, Golda Janice Obituary
BADGER, Adeline   "Grandma" Obit/pix
BAGBY, Dr. Arthur Huffman Obituary
BASBY, Helen Obituary
BAGBY, William Obituary
BAILEY, Edward E Obituary
BAILEY, Marjorie Violet Bonfy Burns (Mrs Ed E Obituary
BAILEY, Sandra (Myers) Obituary
BAIRD, Charles B. Obituary FHC
BAIRD, Isabel L. (Lyons) Obituary
BAKER, Annie Obituary
BAKER, Annie Porter Obituary
BAKER, Clarence  R Obituary
BAKER, Clarence Edward Obituary
BAKER, Clarence Sylvester Obituary
BAKER, Effie Marie (Hauser)  "Petie" Obituary FHC
BAKER, Elizabeth M. (Griesel) obituary
BAKER, Lucy Olive Obit/pix
BAKER, Madeline (McDonald) Obituary
BAKER, Maude Irene (Vilott) Rickman Obituary
BAKER, Opal Burnell (Byrom Obituary
BAKER, Perry Bryan Obituary
BAKER, Sarah Elizabeth (Robinson) Obituary
BAKER, Weldon Obituary
BALDING, Mrs. Jess Obituary
BALDWIN,  Paul Obit/pix
BALDWIN, Betty Ruth (McGlaslin) Obituary
BALDWIN, Donald Eugene Obituary
BALDWIN, Mary Jo (Barker) Obituary
BALENTINE, Jerry R. Obituary
BALES, Bobbie (Stewart) Obituary
BALES, Henry J "Hank" Obituary
BALES, Lee E. Obituary
BALL, Beulah K. (Brien) Obituary
BALL, Fred Martin Obituary
BALL, Glen S. Obituary
BALLAINE, Horace D. Obituary
BALLARD, Nadine Josie"Pete" Hall (Mrs Everett Obituary
BALLARD, Pearl Obituary
BALLENGER, Loella Ann Carpenter Obituary
BALLINGER, Belva Winifred (Crist) Obituary
BALLINGER,  Mrs C.H.(James) obit/pix
BANNING, Austin Lee Obituary
BANNING, Clarence Elton Obituary
BANNING, Darrell obit/pix
BANNING, Infant Obituary
BANNING, John Franklin  "Frank" Obituary
BANNING, John Phillip Obituary
BANNING, Ronnie Obituary
BANOS, Delfina Kay Del Milagro Obituary
BANTA, William Lee Obituary
BARAN, Roger Obituary
BARCLAY, Oral Obit/pix
BARCLAY, Pearl Ethel Obituary
BARKER, Arthur J. Obituary
BARKER, Karen Sue Obituary
BARKER, William Obituary
BARKWELL, Jefferson Davis Obituary
BARNARD, Lettie Wilma (Chase) Obituary
BARNES, Alberta Hazel Obituary
BARNES, Alexander Obituary
BARNES, Charles C Obituary
BARNES, Clifford Obituary
BARNES, Fanny (Mrs Lee C) Obituary
BARNES, Frances Elizabeth Obituary
BARNES, Gertie E. Obituary
BARNES, Harriet (Mrs A) Obituary
BARNES, John William Obituary FHC
BARNES, Judy C. (Benight) Obituary
BARNES, Lee Obituary
BARNES, Lena Pearl (Price) Obituary
BARNES, Madelyn M. (Yager) Obituary
BARNES, Margie Marie (Kerns) Obituary
BARNES, Newton Zachus Obituary
BARNES, Warren A Obituary
BARNETT, Cora E. (Saak) Obituary Mkr/pix
BARNHART, Kristy Kay(Stevenson} Kidd Obituary
BARR, Albert Obituary
BARRERA, Effie May (Cole) obit/pix
BARRERA, Joe  "Mexican Joe" Obituary
BARRIER, Elsie (Diller) Obituary
BARRIER, Grace W. (Bowen) Obituary
BARRIER, Lawrence Eric Obituary DN
BARRIER, Louisa Rebecca Obituary Mkr/pix
BARRONE, Charles Gilbert Obituary Mkr/pix
BARROW, Sarah Ferrell Edwards(Mrs Thomas) Obituary
BARROWS, Madora Lanetia (Kilgore) Obituary
BARTHOLOMEW, Gladys P. (Eaton) Obituary Mkr/pix
BARTHOLOMEW, R. Neil Obituary
BARTLETT, Cecil Garret Obituary
BARTLETT, James Obituary
BARTLETT, James Ennis Obituary
BARTLETT, Lovine Catherine (Mrs James E) Obituary
BARTLEY, Floyd W. Obituary
BARTLEY, Freida Louise (Reckley) Obituary FHC
BARTLEY, Jessie E. Obituary
BASKETT, Sarah Obituary
BASKETT, Sarah Solcum Obituary
BASORE, Bennett Lee Obituary
BASYE, Nadine (Stretch) Obituary
BATEMAN, Clara Obituary
BATES, Sarah Eugene (Eates) Obituary DN
BATES, William Obituary
BATES, William Newton Obituary
BATTIEST, Alberta Mae (Williams) Obituary
BATTLE, Mary Elizabeth (Beddoe) Obit/pix
BAUGH, Jack Obit/pix
BAUSELL, Grace Obituary DN
BAY, Gertrude V. "Trudie" Obituary
BAYHYLLE, Arnold Hawk Obituary
BAYHYLLE, Byron Lewis, Sr obit/pix
BAYHYLLE, Charles Donald Obituary
BAYHYLLE, Dan Obituary
BAYHYLLE, Edwin V. Sr. Obituary
BAYHYLLE, Julia Marie Obit/pix
BAYHYLLE, Ronald Logan Obit/pix
BAYHYLLE, Thelma Obituary FHC/Pix
BAYHYLLE, William A Obituary Mkr/pix
BAYS, William Carroll Obituary
BEADLE, Charles P, Jr Obit/pix FHC/Pix
BEAGLE, Eda Marie (Meyer) Obituary Mkr/pix
BEAGLE, Floyd Obit Obituary Mkr/pix
BEAGLE, Ida Alma (Spencer) Obituary
BEAGLE, John William Obituary MDN
BEAGLE, Lorene E. Obit/pix
BEAGLE, Peggy Sue Obituary
BEAGLE, Vernon Gerald Obituary
BEARD, Frank Jackson Obituary
BEARD, Gilbert Jr. Obituary
BEARD, Jacob Keith Obituary FHC/Pix
BEARD, Kayla Jo Obit/pix
BEARD, Lena Denise Obituary
BEARD, Mabel Louise (LeadingFox) Obit/pix FHC/Pix
BEARDSLEY, Clinton Rush Obituary
BEARDSLEY, Jonathan E Obit/pix
BEARDSLEY, Norman C. Obituary Mkr/Pix
BEASELY, Lucy Obituary
BEASTON, Ethel Mary Obituary
BEATY, Marvin Obituary
BEATY, Otis Felton Obituary
BEAVER, Beulah Mae Obituary
BEAVER, Billy Darrel Obituary DN
BEAVER, Cora Belle (McCollum) Obituary FHC
BEAVER, David Obituary
BEAVER, George Obituary
BEAVER, Ida Mae (Mrs William E) Obituary
BEAVER, James Hanica Obituary
BEAVER, Mabel Faye (Drake) Obituary
BEAVER, Mattie (Callison) Obituary
BEAVER, Ray Obituary
BEAVER, Sadie Elnora (McMillin) Obituary
BEAVER, Waldean Daniel Obituary
BEAVERS, Robert Lee Obituary
BEAVERS, Rosa Lena Obituary
BECK, Mary Lydia Obituary
BECK, Vinetta Krow Obituary
BEDELL, Jane Kirkland (Livergood) obit/pix
BEDINGFIELD, William F. "Bill" Obituary
BEEBE, Donnie Neal Obituary
BEELER, Dr. Canada A. Obituary FHC
BEELER, Nellie Bird (Mrs George) Obituary
BEELER-ACTON, Melissa Obituary
BEHRENS, Clyde Verland Obituary
BEHRENS, George "Gerd" Obit/pix
BEHRENS, Georgia Faye (Lesher) Obituary
BEHRENS, Henry G. Jr. Obituary
BEISEL, Albert Obituary
BEJARANO, Mae (Mrs Frank) Obituary
BEJCEK, Frank M. Obituary
BEJCEK, Joe E. & Edna Mae Obituary
BEJCEK, Virginia (Mrs John) obit/pix
BEJECK, Jerry D. Obituary
BELDEN, Brooxie (Johnson) Obituary
BELDEN, Cecil Obituary
BELDEN, Phoebe (Stanfield) Obituary DN
BELL, Bertha Eliz. (Moore) Obituary Mkr/Pix
BELL, Charles Leonard :Colonel" Obituary
BELL, Clemmie Andrew Obituary
BELL, Cornelius "Bootney" Obituary
BELL, E.H."Pedro" Obit/pix Mkr/pix
BELL, Ella Nora (Goff) Obituary
BELL, Emma Obituary
BELL, George F. Obituary
BELL, Harry Oscar Obituary
BELL, Hazel Gladys Obituary
BELL, J.A. Obituary
BELL, J. Franklin Obituary
BELL, Maggie Adeline obituary
BELL, Michael Obituary
BELL, Nellie Ruth Obituary
BELL, Olive Swalley Obituary
BELL, Patrick Henry Sr. Obituary
BELL, Phillip Eugene Obituary FHC
BELL, Robert Lincoln Obituary
BELL, Ruth Ella Callaway Johnson Obituary
BELLEW, Bertie Olmstead Obituary
BELLEW, James P Obituary FHC
BELLEW, Mayo Obituary
BELLEW, Thomas P Obituary
BELLIS, Soncha Gene Obituary FHC
BELLIS, William H Obit/pix
BELVIN,  Travis Charles Obituary
BENES, Alice (Kelley) Obituary
BENES, Edward A. Obituary
BENES, Louis Obituary
BENGE, Jewell Kimrey (Mrs George) Obituary
BENNER, Helen B Obituary DN
BENNER, J. H. Obituary
BENNETT, Burnice Frankie Obituary Mkr/pix
BENNETT, Edison Wm. Obituary Mkr/pix
BENNETT, Edna May Obituary
BENNETT, Evelyn Obituary
BENNETT, George Lewis Obituary
BENNETT, Infant Daughter Obituary
BENNETT, Jerry Leon Obituary
BENNETT, L Juanita Obituary FHC
BENNETT, Richard Obituary
BENNETT, Trula (Cannon) Obituary
BENSON, Homer H Obituary
BENSON, Mary Delph Cartmell (Mrs Henry) Obituary
BENSON, Max Duane Obituary
BENTON, Thomas H, Sr Obituary
BERAN, John Obituary FHC
BERG, ALVIN Obituary
BERG. David obituary
BERG, David Glendyn obit/pix FHC/pix
BERG, David L. Obituary
BERG, Earl C. Obituary
BERG, Elmer Obituary
BERG, Harold Elmer Obit/pix
BERG, Jennie Phillips (Mrs. S.L.) Obituary
BERG, Letha May (Manning) Obituary
BERG, Mabel Dell (Duncan) Obituary
BERG, Melvin Howard Sr. Obituary
BERG, Olan R Obituary
BERG, Oscar Obituary
BERG, Robert Obituary
BERG, Susietta Cinnamon "Sue' Obituary
BERG, William Henry Obituary
BERG, Winfield Scott Obituary FHC/pix
BERGER, Frank Selvanous Obituary
BERGER, Wanda M Lauver (Mrs Frank S) Obituary
BERRY, Andrew Obituary
BERRY, Annie E (Mrs Charles L) Obituary
BERRY, Charles Eugene Obituary
BERRY, Charles Louis Obituary
BERRY, Charles N. Obituary
BERRY, Ellen D. (Davis) Obituary
BERRY, Everett E. Obit/Pix
BERRY, Everett Edward Jr. Obituary
BERRY, John Douglas  "Doug" Obituary FHC
BERRY, Rosemary Insull (Mrs Robert Gale) Obituary
BERRYHILL, Lyle Obituary Mkr/pix
BERRYMAN, Dale Obituary Mkr/pix
BERTRAM, Leland D. Obituary
BERTRAM, Olga C. (Gehrt) Obituary
BESHEARS, James Anderson Obit/pix FHC
BESHEARS, Mary Etta Obit/pix
BESHEARS, P. B. Obituary
BESSER, Georgia Belle (Giddings) Obituary
BETHARDS, Ethel Obituary
BETTERTON, Ada Mae (Mrs Henry) Obituary
BETTERTON, Amanda (Mrs Sam) Obituary
BETTES, C.H.(Hank) Obituary
BETTES, Ernest Paul Obituary
BETTES, Helen Marie (Brewer) Obituary
BETTES, Jimmy Walter Obituary
BETTES, Leslie Dorothy (Kern) Obituary
BETTES, Linda Marie Obituary
BETTES, Roy Lee Obituary
BETZ, Ora A. (Rau) Obituary
BEVER, Fred Samuel Obituary
BEVER, Flora Obituary
BEVILLE, James Herman Obituary
BEVINS, Boger Moses Obituary
BEVINS, Bonnie M. Obituary DN
BEVINS, Etna Obituary DN
BEYER, Florence Elva (Hazelbaker) obit/pix
BEYER, Levi Harold obituary
BEYNON, Elizabeth "Betty" Bruns Obituary
BIBLE, Marquita Mae (Howling Crane) Obituary
BICKHAM, Donald Paul Obituary
BICKLE, Evelyn Fay (Fanning) Obituary
BIDDISON, A J Obituary
BIGGERS, Alva Lee Obituary
BIGGERS, April Dawn Obituary
BIGGS, Elmer Obituary
BIGHEART, Grace O Obituary
BILLINGTON, Jimmy Carroll Obituary
BILYEAU, Harold S. Obituary
BILYEU, Carrie (Crow) Obituary
BILYEU, Carrie Crow (Mrs C.E.) Obituary
BILYEU, Katherine Obituary
BINGHAM, Anna Jean (Elston) Obituary FHC
BINKLEY, Charles Jackson Obituary FHC/pix
BINKLEY, Josephine Thornton Obituary
BIRD, Doak Obituary
BIRDSELL, Iva M. (Riddle) Obituary
BISHOP, Amanda L. Obituary
BISHOP, Effie (Wright) Obituary
BISHOP, Florence Cammie (Butler) Obituary FHC
BISHOP, James Taylor Obituary
BISHOP, L. N. Obit/Pix
BISHOP, Lewis M Obituary
BISHOP, Lova Darleena (Heisler) Obituary
BISHOP, Marion  "Gene" Obituary
BISHOP, Martha Ann Obit/pix
BISHOP, Myrtle Maude (Roberson) Obituary
BISHOP, Thurman Ray Obituary
BISNETT, Anna Obituary
BISNETT, Anna Mae Obit/pix
BISNETT, Raymond D. Obituary
BIVIN, J. C. obit/pix
BIVINS, Betty Misner Obituary
BLACK, Ernest Obituary
BLACK, Lena Ruby (Carson) Obit/Pix
BLACK, Lissie (Crane) Obituary
BLACK, Miss Betty Ann Obit/pix FHC
BLACK, Sarah Jane Obituary
BLACK, Thomas Guinn Obituary
BLACK, Thomas R. Obituary
BLACKBURN, Billy Edward Obituary
BLACKBURN, Floy Obituary
BLACKBURN, Hazel Elzada (Onstott) Obituary
BLACKBURN, Lena E. Obituary
BLACKBURN, Mildred D.Horton Obituary FHC
BLACKBURN, Ted R. Obituary
BLACKWELL, Treva Myrtle Obitaury
BLAICH, Viola obit/ix
BLAINE, Calvin V obituary
BLAINE, Reynold James obituary
BLAIR, Billy Dean Obit & pix
BLAIR, John Clyde "Jay" Obituary
BLAKE, Brianna Nicole Obituary FHC/pix
BLAKNEY, Zella Ruth Hedges obit/pix
BLANCHARD, Francis Marion Obituary
BLANCHARD, Murle Lester Obitaury
BLAND, Robert M. Obituary
BLAND, Wayne Obituary
BLATCHFORD, Tommy Gene Obituary
BLEDSAW, Nellie Jane (Stockstill) Obituary
BLEDSAW, Richard William Obit/pix
BLEDSOE, Leamon Obituary
BLEDSOE, Lee B Obitury
BLEDSOE, Lee Bryant Obituary
BLEDSOE, Mattie Ocie (Boggs) Obitaury
BLEVINS, Jennie Diane (Sizemore) Obituary
BLEVINS, Kristi Lynn Obituary
BLOOM, Glen Obituary
BLOOMFIELD, Infant son Obituary
BLUE, Enda Mae Obituary
BLUE, Jewell Amanda (Brannon) Obituary FHC
BLUMER, Bonnie Loraine Obituary
BLUMER, Michael C Obituary FHC
BOCK, Harry W. Jr. Obituary
BOLT, Bomford Obituary
BOLTON, Bettie Elizabeth Obituary
BOLTON, Eliz. Ann (Lannom) Obituary DN
BOLTON, ElWynna Eames (Davis) Obituary
BOLTON, Etta Hermina (Huls) Obituary
BOLTON, George Chris Obituary
BOLTON, John W Obituary
BOMARK, Margaret Jane (Mrs Oscar E) Obituary
BONFY, Don Obituary
BONFY, Fred Louis Obituary
BOOKOUT, Albert E. Obituary FF/pix
BOOKOUT, Sybil Aline (Rippy) Davis Obit/Pix
BOONE, J.C. Obituary
BOOTH, Sandra Kay (Caudle) Obituary FF/pix
BORDENKIRCHER, Virginia Louise Obituary
BOSS,  Clarence H "Buck" Obituary
BOSS, Cora Ethel (Been) (Mrs Clarence Henry) obit/pic
BOSS, Robert L. Obituary
BOSTIAN, Harvey W Obituary
BOSTON, John Obituary
BOSTON, Robert J. Obituary
BOULTON, Wood Clayton Jr. Obituary
BOWDEN, Gladys (Johnson) obit/pix
BOWDEN, Max Lewis Obituary
BOWDEN, Sue L Obituary
BOWEN,  John C Obituary
BOWEN, Arthur Obituary
BOWEN, Melvina Frances Obituary
BOWEN, Myrtis Ray (Shearer) Obituary
BOWERS, Dewey Eugene Obituary
BOWERS, Loyd Charles "Buck" Obituary
BOWERS, Melvin M.  "Shorty" Obituary FHC
BOWKER, Harry Obit/Pix
BOWKER, Harry Hess Obituary
BOWKER, Mary Lydia Beck Obituary
BOWKER, Ray Davis Obituary
BOWLES, Anna E. Obituary
BOWLS, William Obit/pix
BOWMAN, Carl Obituary
BOWMAN, Cindy Obituary
BOWMAN, Dorothy M. Obituary
BOWMAN, Fannie Spillars Obituary
BOWMAN, Frank J. Obituary
BOWMAN, George Obituary
BOWMAN, George Junior Obituary
BOWMAN, Harry C. Obituary
BOWMAN, Lillie Obituary
BOWMAN, Margaret J. Obituary
BOWMAN, Margaret Lucinda Obituary
BOWMAN, Martha Leanne Obituary Mkr/pix
BOWMAN, Marvin Harry Obituary
BOX, Michael Dean Obituary Mkr/pix
BOX, Susie Obituary FF
BOX, Viola Wilamina (Armstrong) Obituary Mkr/pix
BOYCE, Joe Willis Obituary Mkr/pix
BOYCE, Ken Benjamin Obituary
BOYCE, Mary Obituary FHC/pix
BOYCE, Rex Obituary
BOYCE, Rex Billy Obituary FHC
BOYD, Cleo B Obituary
BOYD, Flora A. (Lusher) Obituary
BOYD, Jesse Elton Obituary
BOYD, Johnnie Mitchell Sr. Obituary
BOYD, Lloyd Obituary
BOYD, Paul D "Buddy" Obituary
BOYD, Roy D Obituary DN
BOYD, Ruby Grace (Wingo) Obituary
BOYD, Weleeta Mae (Roberts) Obituary
BOYER, Delymoine Davis (Mrs George) Obituary
BOYETTE, Eugene Obituary
BOYLE, Delmyra Obituary
BOYLE, Watson Obituary
BOYLES, Dorris Carrie (Nugent) Obituary
BOYLES, Joe Obituary
BOYLES, Nelson Obituary
BRACKEN, Solon Obit/pix
BRADDY, Ed Obituary
BRADEN, Charles A Obituary
BRADLEY, Earl Claude, Jr Obit/pix
BRADLEY, George Marklin Obit/pix
BRADLEY, John Eric Obituary
BRADLEY, Maudie Bell (Mrs W.S.) Obituary
BRADLEY, Mildred Lee (Fulk) Obituary
BRADLEY, Wilma (Culver) Obituary
BRADSHAW, Ann "Rooney" Stallard Obituary
BRADY, Jackson Obituary FHC/pix
BRANDENBUG, Loretta Staggs Goings Obit/pix
BRANDENBURG, Charles Jesse James Obituary
BRANDENBURG, Clara Mabel Obituary
BRANDENBURG, Doris Mae (Porter) Obituary
BRANDENBURG, Fern Eliz. (Freeman) Obit/pix FHC
BRANDENBURG, Floris Obituary
BRANDENBURG, General Beauregard Obituary
BRANDENBURG, Kelly Ellsworth Obit/pix
BRANDENBURG, Mattie Ellen (Drake) Obituary FHC
BRANDENBURG, Merrill Keith Obituary
BRANDENBURG, Patterson Clard Obituary
BRANDENBURG, Robert Lee Obit/Pix
BRANDENBURG, Robert M obituary
BRANDENBURG, Willard Dempsey Obituary
BRANDINGER, Luana Jo Boyington Coleman Obit/Pix
BRANNON, Shearill Ray Obituary FHC
BRANSON, Laura Obituary
BRANSON, Vivian McClain  Obit/pix
BRANSTETTER, Jessie Lynn obituary
BRANT, Shirley G. Obituary FHC
BRATTAIN, Roy Jr. Obit/pix FHC
BRATTON, Miss Ethel Mae Obituary FHC
BRATTON, Shannon Michele (Widener) Obit/pix
BRAUNER, Leo Obituary
BRAVE SCOUT, Isa (Attocknie) Obituary
BRAWDY, Eugene Obituary
BRAY, Betty Lou Obituary
BREEDEN, Marion Martha (Miller) Obituary
BREEDEN, Robert H obit/pix
BREEDLOVE, Emogene Napier Bushnell Obituary
BREEDLOVE, James Zeloatus Obituary
BREELAND, Pearl Evelyn (Hart) Obituary DN
BRENNEMAN, Jesse Carl Obit/pix
BRENNEMAN, Lucy A Caldwell (Mrs James A) obit/pix
BRENSING, Michael Lee Obituary
BRENSING, Nelson Obit/pix
BRENSING, Oliver H. Obituary
BRENSING, Opal M. (Childers) Obituary
BRENSING, Rita Ann (Stallings) Obituary FHC
BRETZ, Madison H. Obituary
BREWER, Frankie Neoma Obituary
BREWER, Josiah Obit/pix
BREWER, Lou Vicey Obit/pix
BRIDGE, Linda Jean (Smith) Obituary
Bridges, Edward L. Obit/pix
BRIDGES, Esther Martha Ohmsgerds (Mrs Orville Obituary
BRIDGES, Milton James obituary
BRIDWELL, Dona Demoia (Butler) Obituary
BRIDWELL, Norman C. obituary FHC
BRIEN, Audrey Irene (Mrs James) Obituary DN
BRIEN, Cynthia Jeane (Lewis) Obituary
BRIEN, George Wilson Obituary
BRIEN, Jerry Wilson Obituary
BRIEN, Lovel Obituary
BRIEN, Mable Wedd (Mrs Royce ) Obituary
BRIEN, Mary A. (LeForce) Obituary
BRIEN, Paul Obit/pix
BRIEN, Tawana Lynn (Taylor) Obituary
BRIGGS, Margaret R. (Robinson) Obit/Pix FHC/Pix
BRIGHT, Anna Alice Obit/pix
BRIGHT, Arvie D. Obituary
BRIGHT, Colby Wilhelm Obituary
BRIGHT, Emma Sophia (Swanson) Obituary
BRIGHT, Jessie D Obituary FHC/Pix
BRIGHT, John E. Obituary
BRIM, E. K. Obituary
BRIM, John Obit/Pix
BRINSFIELD, Lottie (Grim) Obituary
BRISCOE, Eldon LeRoy Obituary
BRISCOE, John Charles  "J.C." Obituary
BRITTAIN, Flossie C. Miller (Cates) Obituary
BROADDUS, T.M. Obituary
BROAM, Jack Thomas Obituary
BROCAW, Ella Mae Obituary
BROCAW, Mrs J.W. Obituary
BROCK, George Isaacs Obituary
BROCK, Imogene Obituary
BROCK, J.P. Obituary
BROCK, Lee Obituary
BROCK, Mildred Homan Obituary
BROCK, Velma Leona (Jackson) Obituary
BROCKMAN, George Obituary
BRODELL, Peter Obituary
BRONSON, Bessie E (Mrs. Clarence E) Obituary
BROOKS, Betty Lou Parsons Gaylor Obituary
BROOKS, Judith J Parli  (Mrs Leon W) Obituary
BROOKS, Robert E. Obituary FHC
BROOKS, Spence Obituary
BROOKS, Tressa Obituary
BROTHERS, Joel Richard Obituary
BROTHERS, Ruby L. (Barrett) Mrs Joel G) Obituary
BROTHERTON, Clarene (Johnson) Obituary
BROWN, Agnes Van Winkle Obit/pix
BROWN, Albert Ray Obit/pix
BROWN, Arthur G Obituary Mkr/pix
BROWN, Bammie O. Obituary FHC Mkr/pix
BROWN, Bert Obituary Memorial
BROWN, Bert D. Obituary
BROWN, Bonnie Marie (Teegarden) Obituary
BROWN, Boyd Lee Obituary
BROWN, Carl T. Obituary FHC/Pix
BROWN, Charlene Bly Funkhouser (Mrs Carl T) Obituary
BROWN, Christopher Don Obituary FHC
BROWN, Dixie Lea (Goad) Obituary
BROWN, Dora May (Mynear) Obituary
BROWN, Dulcie Obit/pix FHC/Pix
BROWN, Elizabeth Ann Millen (Mrs Rodney) Obituary
BROWN, Estelle Louise Obituary
BROWN, Frank Jr. Obituary
BROWN, Gary Lee obituary
BROWN, Gina Renee (Price) Obituary FHN
BROWN, Glen Lee Obit/pix
BROWN, Hale H Obituary
BROWN, Harvey Troy Obituary
BROWN, Janette (Adams) Obituary
BROWN, John A. Obituary
BROWN, John Sr. Obit/pix
BROWN, Joseph B Obituary
BROWN, Laverne S Obit/pix  2
BROWN, Lila S. (Sheats) Smith Obituary FHC
BROWN, Lillie B "Dude" Obituary FHC
BROWN, Lillie Florence Obituary Mkr/pix
BROWN, Lorene  (mrs Owen) Obituary
BROWN, Nathan Richard Obituary
BROWN, Randall Lee Obituary FHC
BROWN, Richard Ray Obituary
BROWN, Robert Obituary
BROWN, Robert Edward Obituary
BROWN, Robert G. Obituary FHC
BROWN, Ron Obituary FHC
BROWN, Ruby Mae Adams Obit/pix
BROWN, Ruth C Obit/pix
BROWN, Ruth Gertrude (Perkins) Obituary
BROWN, Sarah Obituary
BROWN, Sarah M Obituary
BROWN, Thelma Moore (Mrs Boyd Lee) Obituary
BROWN, William Chesney  "Dub" Obituary
BROWN,Henry L Obituary Mkr/pix
BROWNING, Christine (Patterson) Obituary FHC
BROWNING, Robert Leroy Jr. Obituary
BROWNSON, W.W. Obituary
BROYLES, Amanda Bertha (Robinson) Obituary
BROYLES, Harvey Earl Obitpix
BROYLES, Martha Elizabeth (Livergood) Obituary FHC/Pix
BROYLES, Thomas Nelson Obituary FHC
BRUBAKER, Charlie Obit/Pix
BRUCE, Beatrice M. Obituary
BRUCE, Charles Preston "Red" Obituary
BRUCE, Edward Leroy Obit/pix
BRUCE, Mary Elizabeth   "Betty" Smith Obituary
BRUCE, Roy Obituary
BRUINGTON, Elizabeth M. Obituary
BRUMFIELD, Elva Ellen Maxine Obituary
BRUMFIELD, George McClellean Obituary
BRUMLEY, Charles Leroy Obit//Pix
BRUMLEY, Ethel (Hunter) Obituary Mkr/pix
BRUMLEY, George Obit/pix
BRUMLEY, Gladys I Obituary Mkr/pix
BRUMLEY, Ida Bell Obituary
BRUMLEY, John Elmer Obituary
BRUMLEY, John J. Obituary
BRUMLEY, Mrs. Willie E Obituary
BRUMLEY, Roy E Obituary
BRUMLEY, Violet Bell Obituary FHC
BRUNER, Ida Obituary
BRUNER, Kathy Louise (Broam) Obituary FHC
BRUNER, Martin Luther Obituary FHC
BRUNS, Frederick Sr. Obituary
BRUNS, George Obituary
BRUNS, Hazel Obituary FHC
BRUNSFIELD, Lottie (Grim) Obituary DN
BRUNSON, Anna R(Mrs Ward) Obituary DN
BRYANT, Anna (Urchison) Obituary
BRYANT, Edwin Shannon Obituary
BRYANT, Elven N. Obituary
BRYANT, John Obituary
BRYANT, Lawrence Arthur Obituary
BRYANT, Leornard L Obituary
BRYANT, Leotta (Krow) Obituary
BRYANT, Olla Obituary
BRYANT, Rebecca Ann "Becky" Obituary
BRYANT, Tommy Leon Sr. Obituary
BRYSON, Maggie obit/pix
BRYSON, Ross Herbert Obituary
BUCHANAN, Andrew Jackson Obituary
BUCHANAN, Charlotte Obituary
BUCHANAN, Donald Eugene "Buck" Obituary
BUCHANAN, Mary Claire (Clodfelter) Obituary
BUCHANAN, Myrtle Marguarette Obituary
BUCKLAND, Blake David  "Choo-Choo" Obituary Mkr/pix
BUCKLEY, Emma Maryann (Rainey) Obituary FHC
BUCKNER, L.H. "Buck" Obituary FHC
BUCKNER, Ruth Ann (Hobson) Obituary
BUFF, Daisy Marie Obituary
BUFFALO, John Obituary
BULCAVAGE, Connie Emily Obit/pix
BULLARD, Ernestine Mary  (Parker) obit/pix
BULLOCK, A.E. Obituary
BULMAN, Walter Obituary
BUMGARNER, Susan F. Obituary FHC
BUNCH, James (Jim) O. Obituary
BUNDY, Hazel Faye ((Thomas) Obituary
BUNTIN, Eddie Duane obit/pix
BUNTIN, Elton R. Obituary
BUNTIN, Lee Otis obituary
BUNTIN, Louis E Obituary
BURBA, Julia Mae Obituary
BURBA, T.J. Obituary DN
BURCH, Alice Arminda Obit/pix
BURCH, Barbara Sue (Byron) Obituary
BURCH, William Dave Obituary
BURGE, Charles Orville Obituary
BURGE, Dora Ella (Batten) Obituary
BURGER, John Oda Obituary FHC
BURGER, Oda Loyal Obituary FHC
BURGESS, Iola (Plumley) Obituary
BURGESS, John Michael Obituary
BURGESS, Oma B. (Hazlip) Obituary
BURGESS, Ruth Obituary
BURK, Cecil obit/pix
BURK, Elvin "Red" obit/pix
BURK, Kevin Kyle Obituary
BURK, Lola Lovel Obituary
BURK, Minnie Laurine Obituary
BURKDOLL, Charles Marion Obituary
BURKDOLL, Loretta W. (Hamby) Obituary
BURKDOLL, Loyd F. Obituary DN
BURKE, Hazel Dean Obituary
BURKHART,Ted S Obituary
BURKHOLDER, J. A. Obituary
BURLEIGH, Bobbie Allen Obituary
BURLINGAME, Ella Faye (Reed) Obit/pix FHC Mkr/Pix
BURNES, Lane Allen Obituary
BURNETT, Edith Elizabeth Obituary
BURNETT, Juanita Rosa (Bridge) Obituary
BURNETT, Margie Louise (Crook) Obituary
BURNETT, Nora Pearl (Stapleton) Obituary
BURNETT, Pamela Jean (Cheatham) Obituary
BURNETT, Sylvia L. Honeyman Obituary
BURNS, Hattie Obituary
BURNSIDE, Byard Leaverton Obituary
BURR, Doris Virginia (McFarlin)  "Granny" Obituary
BURR, Jennie Obituary
BURRELL, Marie E. (Nelson) Obituary
BURRELL, Mary Orpha Walker Obituary
BURRIS, Gladys mary Morgan (Stafford) Obituary
BURRIS, Viola E (Mrs Francis) Obituary
BURSHIK, Stella (Moran) Obituary DN
BURT, Amaziah Obituary
BURT, Mary Joyce (Aab)  "Jodie" Obituary
BURT, Richard F. Jr. Obituary
BURTON, Elizabeth Clarese Obituary
BURTON, Olie J Obituary
BUSHA, Wilma D. Obituary
BUSHORR, Dewey C Obituary
BUSHORR, Sarah (Lovatt) Shepard Obituary
BUSSEY, James T Obit/pix
BUTCHER, Brittany Renee Obit/pix
BUTLER, Ella Obituary
BUTLER, Glenn N Obituary
BUTLER, Larry Robert, Sr Obituary
BUTLER, Laura Belle Obituary
BUTLER, Rev. Edward Alden Obituary
BUTLER, Ruby Obituary
BUTLER, Sophia HorseChief Eagle Obituary
BUTLER, Sophie Good Chief Obutuary
BUTLER, William "Bill" Obituary
BUTTRAM, Delia (Mrs H.D.) Obituary
BUTTRAM, Gwendolyn Lou Whitlow Obituary
BUTTRAM, J.T. Obituary
BUZAN, Lloyd Lee Obituary
BUZAN, Walter Obituary
BUZAN, Walter L. Obituary Mkr/Pix
BYBEE, Edna Pearl (Kelley) Obituary
BYBEE, Loyd L Obituary
BYBEE, Oscar Obituary
BYBEE, Viola Mae (Johnson) Bolton Obituary
BYERS, David Harrison Obituary Memorial
BYERS, James C Obituary
BYERS, Jay Chalmers Obit/pix
BYERS, Mrs F.A. Obituary
BYERS, Nelma M. (Hughes) Obituary
BYERS, Phillip O Obituary
BYERS, Zella Obituary
BYFORD, J.D. Obituary
BYRD, Clyde Obituary
BYRD, Naomi Ruth (O'Kelley) Obituary
BYRD, Robert L. Obituary
BYROM, Ada L. Obituary
BYROM, Cloyde Clifford Obituary
BYROM, Harold Obituary
CABLE, Hazel Grace Head Obituary
CACY, King Washington Jr. Obituary
CAESAR, Charles (Chuck) Obituary
CAHILL, Charles F. Obituary
CAHILL, Sarah I. (Culver) obit/pix
CAINE, Betty Louise (Willis) Obituary
CAIRNS, George R. Obituary
CALDWELL, Clara M. (Gilbert) Obituary
CALDWELL, George M Obituary
CALDWELL, Irene M. Cook Stone (Kelty) Obituary
CALDWELL, Harold Ralph Obituary
CALDWELL, Janie Gladys (Moore) Obituary Mkr/pix
CALDWELL, William Gilbert Obituary
CALES, Cora Obit/pix Mkr/pix
CALES, Dr John O Obituary
CALES, J.R.. Obituary
CALES, Richard D "Dick" Obituary
CALHOUN, Lettie Mae (Ballard) Obituary
CALKINS, John Obituary
CALLAHAN, Edith (Crum) Obituary
CALLAHAN, Julia Josephine Obituary FHC
CALLAHAN, Mickey "Chuck" Obituary FHC
CALLAHAN, Tex Obituary
CALLAHAN, William Obituary
CALLANAN, Paul David Obituary
CALLAWAY, Ronald Avon Obituary FHC
CALLISON, Martha Jane Pershall Obit/pix
CALLISON, Ona Allene (Funkhouser) Obituary
CALLISON, Stillman "Dave" Obituary FHC/Pix
CALLOWAY, Zachary Preston Obituary
CALVERT, Preston Obituary
CAMP, Catherine Nuttle "Junie" Obituary
CAMPBELL, Albert Lee Obituary
CAMPBELL, Andrew Franklin Obituary
CAMPBELL, Everett C "Bill" obit/pix
CAMPBELL, James Nelson Obituary
CAMPBELL, Linnie Lucile Obituary FHC
CAMPBELL, Mary Ellen (Brewer) Obituary
CAMPBELL, Nellie Frances Wheeler Obituary
CAMPBELL, Ronald Lee Obituary
CANADAY, Brenda L. (Hall) Obituary
CANADAY, Jackie Darrold Obituary FHC/Pix
CANADAY, Priscilla Ruth Jim Obituary
CANFIELD, Henry Clay Obituary
CANFIELD, Mary Irene (Yocum) Obituary FHC
CANNON, Barbara Cordelia Obituary
CANNON, Betty Lou Hufstedler Obituary
CANNON, Calvert L. Obituary
CANNON, Everett Quincy Obituary
CANNON, Pete Obit/pix
CANTLEY, Bonner Ben Obituary
CANTRELL, Bud Maynard Obituary
CANTRELL, Clifford P. Obituary FHC/Pix
CAPP, Luther Monroe Obituary
CAPSTICK, Guy H. Obit/Pix
CAPSTICK, Jean Louise (Long) Obituary
CARL, Jewell W Obituary
CARLILE, Henry A. Obituary FHC/Pix
CARLILE, Jean (Spratt) Obituary
CARLILE, Willia J. "Buster" Obituary DN
CARMEAN, John Nelson Obituary
CARMEAN, Roy Obit/pix
CARMICHAEL, John Alexander Obituary FHC/Pix
CARNEY, Teopolious "Ted" C Obituary
CARPENTER, Luther Morgan Obituary
CARR, James L. Obituary
CARRION, Adolphus Obituary
CARRION  Infant child Obituary
CARRUTH, Della Obituary
CARRUTH, Floyd Obituary
CARRUTH, Hester Ettie (Lemaster) Obituary
CARRUTH, Imogene (Hamrick) Obituary FHC/Pix
CARRUTH, Josie L. (Buchanan) Obituary DN
CARSON, Anson Joe Obituary
CARSON, Judith C Obituary
CARSON, Mary HorseChief Obituary
CARTER, Dale F. Obituary
CARTER, Edd Obituary FHC
CARTER, Esther (Mrs Ozro) Obituary
CARTER, Esther Ann Obituary
CARTER, George Obituary
CARTER, Grace Obituary
CARTER, Gracie F. Obituary
CARTER, Hal Obituary
CARTER, Helen Retha (Adams) Obituary
CARTER, James B. Obituary
CARTER, James Jordan Obituary
CARTER, Jimmy Obituary
CARTER, Lora Fay Obituary DN
CARTER, March Drake (Mrs H.E.) Obituary
CARTER, Mary H. (Porter) Obit/pix
CARTER, Mary Lou (Cummings) Obituary
CARTER, Nancy Jane Obituary
CARTER, Opal Obituary
CARTER, Rebecca Obituary
CARTER, Rex Leroy obit/pix
CARTER, Ruth "Juanita" (Mrs Louis E) Obituary
CARTER, Ruth E Obituary
CARTER, Sherman Obit/pix
CARTER, Velma Lynn (Buzzard) Obituary
CARTER, Victoria Lynn Schroeder (Vicky) Obituary
CARTER, William M. Obituary
CARTMELL, Donald LeRoy obit/pix
CARTMELL, Eldon Monroe Obituary
CARTMELL, Ermalee Obit/pix
CARTMELL, Ethel Lee Gilliland Obituary
CARTMELL, Gerald Eugene Obituary
CARTMELL, Gladys Lily (Johnson) Obituary FHC
CARTWRIGHT, Fannie Eliz. (Smith) Obituary Mkr/Pix
CARTWRIGHT, Robin Dale Obituary
CARVER, Julia A. Robertson Obituary
CASE, Eleanor McClune ( Susie) Obituary
CASE, Hazel I. (Zoldoske) Obituary
CASEY, Clara Lea Dunbar obit/pix
CASEY, Ella M. (Wright) Obituary FHC
CASEY,Carl William Obituary
CASEY, George  Obituary
CASEY, Irvin Obituary FHC/PIX
CASH,  Obituary
CASH, John G. Obituary
CASTEEL, Keith Obituary
CASTILE, Grandma Obituary
CASTO, Malinda Susan Mullenax Obituary
CATES, Franklin Obituary
CATES, JR Obituary
CATES, Ward Obituary
CATHER, Alvin E. Obituary
CATHER, Anna Bejcek (Mrs William) Obituary
CATHER, Benjamin L. Obituary
CATHER, Benjamin O. Obituary DN Mkr/pix
CATHER, Betha Jennie Obituary DN
CATHER, Carl Obituary
CATHER, Ida Mae (Sharp) Obituary
CATHER, Irene E Obituary
CATHER, Jackie Otto Oliver Obituary
CATHER, John Quincy Memory Card
CATHER, Lonnie Martin Obituary
CATHER, O. Belva Obituary
CATHER, Oliver Otto Obituary
CATHER, Orval Otis Obituary
CATHER, Ronnie J Obituary
CATHER, Vernon Ray Obituary
CATHEY, Margaret Marie Obituary
CATHEY, Wanda Mae (Dow) Obituary
CATLETT, John G Obituary
CAUDLE, Bernard Cecil Obituary
CAUDLE, Catherine Sue Obituary
CAUGHLIN, Alma Naomi (Royster) Obituary
CAVE,  Cecil R Obituary
CAVETT, Asa Dale Obituary
CAVETT, Charles Thomas Obituary
CAVETT, Delila Mae (Johnson) Obituary
CAVETT, Donald Wayne Obituary
CAVETT, Hershel Ivy Obit/pix
CAVETT, Justin Lee Obituary
CAVETT, Otis Henry Obituary
CAVETT, Ramona D. Lytle Obit/pix FHC
CAVETT, Robert Gene  "Bob" Obit/pix FHC/PIX
CAVETT, Ruby (Wright) obit/pix
CAVETT, Sharlena Mae Obituary FHC/PIX
CAVETT, William Earl Obituary
CAVIN, Jack R Obituary
CAYWOOD, Otis Obituary
CEASAR, Mamie Linda (Ward) Obit/pix
CEASAR, Woodrow Obituary
CHACON, Judith Ann (Head) Obit/pix
CHADWICK, Donald E Obituary
CHADWICK, Kenneth G. Obituary FHC/Pix
CHALOUPEK, Colette (Cox) Obituary
CHALOUPEK, Robert G. Obituary FHC/.Pix
CHAMBERLIN, Infant Obituary
CHAMBERS, ER obit/pix
CHAMBERS, Rosie Lee (Green) Obituary
CHAMPAGNE, Richard Obituary
CHANDLER, Mary Etta (Mohegan) Obituary
CHAPMAN, Addie M Obituary
CHAPMAN, Alma Rae Obituary
CHAPMAN, Earl Obituary
CHAPMAN, Edward Irvin obituary
CHAPMAN, Ginger Ann (Livingston) Obituary
CHAPMAN, Margaret Idabel Obituary
CHAPMAN, Ricky Lee Obituary
CHAPMAN, Thomas B. Obituary Mkr/pix
CHAPMAN, Zane D Obituary
CHASE, Dewey Ray Obituary
CHASE, Laverne Eliz. (Livergood) Obit/pix
CHAVEZ, Raetta Obituary
CHEATHAM, Abbie Luther Obituary
CHEATHAM, Diana (Carter) Obituary FHC
CHEATHAM, Ermy Wendell Obituary
CHERB, Frederick Leroy Obituary
CHERRY, Sidney Obit/pix FHC
CHERRY, Virgil obit/pix
CHERRY, Zatha Alta Bowman Obituary
CHICHESTER, Elizabeth (Grigg) Obituary FHC
CHISAM, James Edgar Obit/pix
CHRISTOPHER, Margaret Ellen Obituary
CHRISTY, Clara Obituary
CHRISTY, Larry Dean Obituary
CHRISTY, Mary J. Obituary
CHRISTY, Patty Dawn Obituary
CHURCH, Theresa Marie (Pearson) Obituary
CLABAUGH, Harley Obituary
CLARK, Fred William Obit/pix
CLARK, James Easter Obituary
CLARK, John H. Obituary
CLARK, Leroy Obituary
CLARK, Lula Fugun Obituary
CLARK, Mary Eliz. (Ittner) Obituary
CLARK, Maudie M. Duncan Obituary
CLARK, Myrtle Jones Obituary FHC
CLARK, Orpha Elizabeth (Smith) Obituary
CLARK, Rocky Jack Obituary
CLARK, Rozella Annalee Obituary
CLARK, T. H. Obituary
CLARK, Thomas N. Obituary
CLARKE, John H Obituary
CLARKE, Raymond Obituary
CLARKSON, Frank R Obituary
CLARY, Roger Obit/Pix
CLAWSON, Howard Obituary
CLEGHORN, James G. Obituary
CLEGHORN, Rudolph Harold Obituary
CLEGHORN, William G. Obituary
CLEMONS, Vera Eliz. (Pleir) Obituary
CLEWIEN, Lorena maude (Adams) Obituary FHC
CLIFTON, Imogene (McCray) Obituary
CLIFTON, Norman Thomas Obituary
CLINE, Samual Obituary DN
CLOSE, Floyd G Obituary
CLOSE, George Riley Obituary
CLOSE, Nellie B Obituary
CLOUD, Flora Leota (Bowen) Cooper Obituary
CLOYD, Jane Marie Ackley Obituary
COATS, Jasper Obituary
COATS, Roy Obituary
COATS, Trella L. Obituary
COBURN, Constance Obituary
COBURN, Harold Eugene Obituary
COCANNOUER, Sarah Alice Obituary
COCHRAN, George M. Obit/pix
COCHRAN, Jay H Obituary
COCHRAN, Kenneth Keith Obituary
COCKRELL, Pattie Jane Obituary
COCKRUM, Anita E. (Thurber) Obituary
COCKRUM, Clarence H. Obituary Mkr/pix
COFFER, Walter Leon Obituary Mkr/pix
COFFEY, Mrs. A. G. Obituary
COFFEY, Elizabeth D.DeLonais (Betty) Obituary FHC
COFFEY, Una Irons (Mrs Frank) Obituary FHC
COFFMAN, Dorrel Irene Swearingen (Mrs Wayne) obit/pix
COFFMAN, Guy M. Obituary
COFFMAN, Harry J. Obituary
COKE, Barcie Lenora Obituary
COKENOWER, Loretta Jean Orcutt Obituary
COLBURN, Nannie Viola (Haws) Obituary
COLCLAZIER, Cecil Earl Obituary
COLCLAZIER, Charles Raymond Obit/pix
COLCLAZIER, Clyde Jr. Obit/pix
COLCLAZIER, Evalina Obituary
COLCLAZIER, Everett D. Obituary DN
COLCLAZIER, Everett Elton Obituary
COLCLAZIER, Jacque Rene (Chidester) Obituary
COLCLAZIER, Janie (Coats) Obituary
COLCLAZIER, Kelly Ray Obit/pix Mkr/pix
COLCLAZIER, Melvin Wayne Obituary
COLCLAZIER, Richard Dewayne Obituary
COLCLAZIER, William Earl   (EARL) Obituary
COLE, Eric Todd Obit/pix
COLE, Juanita Lorene "NeNe" Obituary FHC/Pix
COLE, Mary Cross Obituary
COLE, Mrs. Fenton (Bullock) obit/pix
COLEMAN, William C. Obituary
COLLINS, Allen roy Obit/pix
COLLINS, Ardell Ora Obituary
COLLINS, Benjamin Franklin obit/pix
COLLINS, Charles Eddie Obit/pix
COLLINS, Christine Marie (GoodChief) Obituary
COLLINS, Clarence Franklin Obituary FHC/Pix
COLLINS, Donald Ray (Don) Obituary
COLLINS, Emalyne Obituary
COLLINS, Emma (Mrs Henry Collins) Obituary
COLLINS, Flora Obituary
COLLINS, Glen G. Obituary
COLLINS, Henry Gideon Obituary
COLLINS, J.W. Obit/Pix
COLLINS, Lillian D. Obituary
COLLINS, Luther Obituary
COLLINS, Margaret Jessie (Marrs) Obituary
COLLINS, Martin Lewis Obituary
COLLINS, Martin Luther Obituary
COLLINS, Merle Alvin Obituary
COLLINS, N. A. Obituary
COLLINS, Rosie Lee Obituary
COLLINS, Verlin Clarence Obituary
COLLINS, Wayne Oral Obituary
COLLINS, Willis Wilson Obituary
COLVIN, Anna J Obituary
COLVIN, Audie (Holmes) Obituary
COLVIN, Benjamin Obituary
COLVIN, Buddy F. Obituary
COLVIN, Charley H. Obit/pix
COLVIN, Ed Obituary
COLVIN, Hiram Obituary
COLVIN, Warren E Obituary
COMBEST, Charles Robert "Bill" Obituary
COMBEST, Evelyn Lou (Lawson) Obituary
COMBEST, James Hiram Obituary
COMBEST, Mary Pearl (Dexter) Obituary FHC
COMBEST, Shirley Lou (Turner) Obituary
COMER, Benjamin F Obituary
COMER, George Trumen SR. Obituary FHC
COMER, Laura Elizabeth Obituary FHC
COMER, Roy Dan obit/pix
COMPTON, A. Eugene Obituary
COMPTON, Charles Edward Obituary
COMPTON, Lela L. (Delp) Obituary
COMPTON, Rhoda (Dent) Obituary
CONARRO, Bert Walter Obituary
CONARRO, Charles Bruce Obituary
CONKLIN, Laura Margaret Obituary
CONLEY, Ada Obituary
CONLEY, Chris Andrew Obituary
CONLEY, Dora Obituary
CONNER, George Franklin, Jr Obituary
CONNOR, Miss Mary Obituary
CONRAD, Flora Ellen (Lake) Obituary
CONRAD, Ray Obituary
CONYERS, Mary Lillian (McCollum) Obituary
COOK, B. F. Obituary
COOK, Garland A. Obit/pix
COOK, Orval L. Obituary
COOK, Randal Joe Obituary
COOK, Rena Warren (Mrs. Wayne) Obit/pix DN
COOK, Thomas G. Obituary
COOK, Wallace Jesse "Chebon" Obiturary
COOKE, Henry Obituary
COOMBS, Guy obit/Pix
COONROD, Jess Obituary
COONS, John Leslie Obituary
COOPER, Anson Barber Obituary
COOPER, Charles A. Obituary
COOPER, Dosha Obituary
COOPER, Ethel Mae Tannahill Obituary
COOPER, Ida B. (Jones) Obituary
COOPER, Jean Wooton Obituary
COOPER, John Alexander Obituary
COOPER, John Oliver Obituary
COOPER, Leonard Clarence Obituary
COOPER, Lloyd L Obituary
COOPER, Naomi Obituary
COOPER, Trisha Ann (Martin) Obituary
COPELAND, Albert Donald Obituary
COPELAND, Forest F Obit/Pix Mkr/pix
COPELAND, Frances Juanita (Davis) Obituary Mkr/pix
COPELAND, Leslie Kenneth Jr. (Kenny) Obituary
COPELAND, Llota C (Mrs Charlie C) Obituary
CORNOG, Lee  obit/pix
COTHAM, Carl D Obituary
COTNER, Clara Lavine (Wells) Obituary
COTTER, Cynthia A. (Cyndi) Obituary FHC
COTTON, Nellie L. Obituary
COUCH, Jerry Elwood obit/pix
COUPE, Thomas R. Obituary
COURSON, Marion Emery Obituary
COURTNEY, Francil LaVerne (Mann) obituary
COWAN, Ben Dovel Obituary
COWAN, Clyde Obituary
COWAN, Elmer L Obituary
COWAN, Jerry B. "Toad" Obituary
COWAN, Johnny Obituary
COWAN, Nina E. Obituary
COX, Anna Jane Obituary
COX, Clyde Cleamond Obituary
COX, Eliza Ellen (Burris) Obit/pix
COX, Emma Thurston Obituary FHC/Pix
COX, Ester (Dallas) Miller Obituary FHC
COX, Iva M. Obituary
COX, John D. Obit/pix
COX, Margie Elizabeth Obituary
COX, Pauline Schatz (Mrs Joe F, Jr) Obituary
COX, Pearl Wooten Obituary
COX, Sarah Obituary FHC
COX, Thelma B. (Lowry) Obit/pix
COX, Theodore Henry Obituary
COX, Thomas Arthur II Obit/pix
COX, Viola Mae (Ballenger) Obituary FHC/Pix
COX, Violet M. (Wilson) Obituary
COX, William O. Obituary
COYLE, Edward J. III Obituary
COYLE, Mary Ellen (Lemert) Obituary
CRABTREE, Leon Issac Obituary
CRABTREE, Marguerite M. Pinkstaff Obituary
CRAFT, Flora Obituary
CRAIG, Allene Obituary
CRAIG, John Carrol L. Obituary
CRAIG, John Thomas Obituary
CRAIG, Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Obituary
CRAIG, Sarah O. (Root) Obituary
CRAIN, Alvin P. Obituary
CRAMER, James Oscar Obituary
CRANK, Edwin L Obituary
CRANK, Viola Obituary
CRAWFORD, Garrett Lee Obit/pix
CRAWFORD, Golden B Obituary
CRAWFORD, Juanita (Williams) Obituary
CREACY, Madge D. Obituary DN
CREAGER, Maxine Obituary
CREAGER, Rosa Belle Obituary
CREAGER, Roy J. Obituary
CREASON, Cecla ( Clyde C) Obituary
CREASON, Leland Jonathan Obituary FHC
CREED, Joseph M. Obituary FHC
CREED, Mary Elizabeth Reece Obit/Pix
CREEPINGBEAR, Fannie Eaves Obituary
CREEPINGBEAR, Marion Leonard "Prince Parris" Obituary
CRENSHAW, Virda Lorene (Wilson) obituary
CRIDER, Christy Obituary
CRIDER, Eva Mae Obit/pix FHC/Pix
CRIDER, Roy Bryce Obituary
CRISMON, John H Obituary
CRISMON, Susan Julia Bowls (Mrs J.H.) Obituary
CROCKER,  Earl Obituary
CROCKER, Delbert Quintin Obituary
CROCKER, Isabelle (Miller) Obituary
CROCKER, Jack Alvin Obit/pix
CROCKER, Leslie Theodore  "Ted" Obituary
CROCKER, William Theodore Obituary
CRONK, Ruby Ruth (Robinson) Obituary
CROSBY,  Isaac Obituary
CROSLEY, Jess Walton Obituary
CROSLIN, Alice Joan (Wallace) Obituary
CROSLIN, Jacob L "Jake" Obituary
CROSS, Fred Richardson Obituary
CROSS, Sgt. Glaton Ellis Obituary
CROSS, Linda Louise (Spears) Obituary
CROWDER, Carl Obituary
CROWDER, Harold W. Obituary FHN
CROWDER, Lucinda "Lula" Obituary
CROWDER, Maud (Edwards) Obituary
CROWDER, Rubye Jo Obituary
CROWSON, Bobby Earl Obituary
CROZIER, C. M. Obituary
CRUZEN, Carl Ray Obituary
CRUZEN, Harold Wayne Obituary
CRUZEN, Lorraine Imogene (Green) Obituary
CRUZEN,Vesta Barrett Obituary
CULBERTSON, Hugh L. Jr. Obituary
CULP, Ethel Lucille Obit/Pix
CULVER, James A. "Bud" obit/pix
CULVER, Katie M. Obituary
CULVER, Mary Bell Obituary
CULVER, William Penn Obituary DN
CUMMINGS, Cedric O. Obituary
CUMMINGS, Dorothy Marie (Stephenson) Obituary
CUMMINGS, Eva N. Obituary
CUMMINGS, Gladys L. (Lowell) Obituary
CUMMINGS, Harry D. Obituary FHC
CUMMINGS, Karen Sue (Huffines) Obituary Mkr/pix
CUMMINGS, Larry R. Obituary
CUMMINGS, Lloyd Obituary Mkr/pix
CUMMINGS, Raymond B. Obituary
CUMMINS, Fannie Marie (Nixon) Obituary Wed. Ann.
CUNNINGHAM, Herbert A. Obituary
CUNNINGHAM, Ira E Obituary
CUNNINGHAM, Laveda Lucille Miller Obituary Mkr/Pix
CUNNINGHAM, Maude C. Obituary
CUNNINGHAM, Mildred Juanita (Steele) Obituary Mkr/Pix
CUNNNGHAM, A.T. Obituary
CUPP, Luther Monroe Obituary
CURLEY, Dan Emmett Obituary
CURLEY, George Bernard Obituary
CURLEYCHIEF, Carrie Walker Obituary FN
CURLEYCHIEF, Kay Obituary Mkr/Pix
CURLEYCHIEF, Robert Phillip obit/pix
CURTIS, Florence M Obituary
CUSTER, Everetta Mae (Wells) Obituary
CUSTER, Florence (McGuire) Obituary
CUSTER, Hazel M. Obituary
CUSTER, Helen Leota (Hamilton) Obituary
CUSTER, Wiley Darrell Obituary
DABOLING, Marie Olga Obituary
DAHL, John Lee Obituary
DAILEY, Antoine Obituary
DAILEY, Calvin C Obituary
DAILEY, Claude Darren Obituary
DAILEY, James B. Obituary FHC
DAILEY, Julie  l. Obituary
DAILEY, Lavina Koshiway Obituary
DAILEY, Marlene Rose Obituary
DAILEY, Mary P. Obituary
DAILEY, Thomas Obituary
DALE, Oscar Obituary
DALLAS, David Obituary
DALLAS, David Andrew Obituary
DALLAS, Edna Joella (McCrosky) Obituary
DALLAS, Elmer Obituary
DALLAS, Hannah A. Obituary
DALLAS, James A. Obituary
DALLAS, Robert Lee Obituary
DALLAS, Rolly Davis Obit/pix
DALLAS, Roy Obituary
DAMPF, Susie Obituary
DAMPF. Ruth K Obit/pix DN
DAMPS, S.L. Obituary
DAMRON, Mildred Lorraine Obituary Acc. Rep.
DANIEL, G. H. Obituary
DANIEL, Miss Ruby Obituary Mkr. pix
DANIELS, Alice Bryant Obituary Mkr. pix
DANIELS, Edward A. Obituary
DANIELS, Glenn Obituary
DANNENBERG, Cora Eliza Berry Obituary
DAUGHERTY, Billie L. Obituary FHC
DAUGHERTY, James Lewis Obituary
DAUGHOMAH, Sunny Sue (Jessepe) Obituary
DAVENPORT, Irene Gena (Towner) Obituary
DAVENPORT, Vennie Coonrod (Simnett) Obituary
DAVENPORT, Viva Ezra (Lay) Obituary
DAVIDSON, Leslie "Les" Obituary
DAVIES, Charley E. Obituary
DAVIES, Frank Obituary
DAVIS Infant obit/pix
DAVIS, Anthony Obit/pix
DAVIS, Archibald Obituary
DAVIS, Beden Obituary
DAVIS, Betty L. Obituary
DAVIS, Brenda Kay Obituary
DAVIS, Claude N. Obituary
DAVIS, David M. obit/pix
DAVIS, E.Alice Watkins (Mrs Albert C) Obituary
DAVIS, Eva Minerva (Ohse) Obituary
DAVIS, Faye E. (Scott) Obituary
DAVIS, Francis Obituary
DAVIS, Frank Obituary
DAVIS, Frank D. & May Obit/pix
DAVIS, Garry Lee` Obituary
DAVIS, Gilbert E Obituary
DAVIS, Hannah Ingle (Mrs Al J.) Obituary DN
DAVIS, Herbert Ray obit/pix
DAVIS, Hobert O Obituary
DAVIS, Ivan A. Obituary
DAVIS, James Berryman Obituary
DAVIS, Jane BlueHawk Obituary
DAVIS, Jennie Obituary
DAVIS, Marguerite Obituary
DAVIS, Mary Jane (Broyles) Obituary Mkr/Pix
DAVIS, May Obituary
DAVIS, Mildred Fern Obituary
DAVIS, Mildred Maybell (Crowley) Obituary
DAVIS, Norma Helen  Obituary
DAVIS, Norma Lenora (Hume) Obituary
DAVIS, Ollie Fern (Collins) Obituary
DAVIS, Paul N Obituary
DAVIS, Peter R. Obituary Mkr/Pix
DAVIS, Rachel Evelyn (Lingenfelter) Obituary
DAVIS, Robert Obituary
DAVIS, Robert H Obituary
DAVIS, Roley Leroy Obituary
DAVIS, Ronald A. Obituary
DAVIS, Rush Obituary
DAVIS, Vernon Kay Obituary
DAVIS, Will Press Obituary
DAVIS, William P obit/pix
DAVIS, Willie M.   "Mr. Scrapper" Obituary
DAWES, Doris D Christy (Mrs Guy H) Obituary
DAWES, Frank Obituary
DAWES, Guy Herman Obituary FHC
DAWES, Lloyd Bertram Obituary
DAWES, Mildred Opal White Obituary DN
DAWSON, Dale Edward Obituary
DAWSON, Dallas Charles Obituary
DAWSON, Emma V. Obit/pix
DAWSON, May Dell (Florer) Obituary
DAY, Cecil Wallace Obituary
DAY, Dollie Rea Obituary
DAY, Earlene (Jones) Obituary
DAY, Esther (Calhoun) Obituary
DAY, Johnnie Edward Obituary
DAY, Lillian D. Obit/Pix
DAY, Lorenza D. Obituary
DAY, Roy Jr. obit/pix
DAY, Virgil Charles Obituary
DE GARMO, Fred Obit/pix
DEAKINS, Orval Kenneth Obituary
DEAN, Edward L. Obituary
DEAN, Homer Russell Obituary
DEAN, Leona Marie (Seward) Obituary
DEAN, Lydia Gail Clayton Obituary
DEARBORN, Wallace L. Obituary
DEARDORFF, John Wilbert obit/pix
DEARMAN, Robert Toxie Obituary
DECKER, Elmer Obit/pix
DECKER, Fern W. Obituary
DECKER, Fred Borden Obituary
DECKER, Mary Elizabeth (Ellis) FN
DECKER, Ruby Grace Obituary
DEEMS, Keith A Obituary
DEHAAS, Anna Bell Obituary
DEHAAS, H. M. Obituary
DELANO, Sedrick Darrell Obituary
DELGADO, Ricardo E Obituary
DeLONG, Henry Obituary
DELP, Floyd C Obituary
DELP, Grace (Minnick) Obituary
DELPH, Mary Obituary FHC
DENNEY, Bertha Bernice Obituary Mkr/pix
DENNEY, Harold Obituary
DENNEY, Howard Obituary
DENNEY, Jewel Letha Obituary
DENNEY, R. Howard, Jr Obituary Mkr/pix
DENNIS, Edna C. (Griesel) Obituary FHC/Pix
DENNIS, Goldie Marie Stultz (Mrs Charley R) Obituary
DENNIS, Mary C Obituary
DENNIS, Robert Wayne Obituary FHC/Pix DN
DENNY, Bessie Wilma Gregor (Harrison) Obituary
DENNY, Edwin, Lee Obituary
DENNY, Jessie Mae (Mrs Howard) Obituary
DENNY, Jewel Letha (Smith) obit/pix
DENNY, Katherine Joyce (Negelein) Obituary
DENNY, R. Howard Obituary FHC
DENNY, Ryleigh Ann Obit/pix
DeROIN, Beulah Rachel (Harper) Obituary FHC/Pix
DeROIN, Daisy (Roubedeaux) Obit/pix
DeROIN, Edison Obituary
DeROIN, Eldon Obituary
DEROIN, Elroy Lauren Obituary
DeROIN, James Obituary
DeROIN, Jonathan R. Obituary
DeROIN, Lina A Obituary
DeROIN, Onie (Mrs Reuben) Obit/pix
DETTMAN, Christopher Obituary
DeVILBISS, Charles J Obituary
DEVIN, Velma Jean "Jeanie" Obituary FHC/Pix
DEVINE, Frank Obituary
DEVLIN, Hugh Obituary
DEW, Smith C. Obituary
DEWITT, Alpha A. Cooper Obituary
DEWITT, Charles Henry Obituary
DEWITT, Emma obit/pix
DEWITT, Okel R. Obituary
DEXTER, Dan Jr. Obituary
DIAMOND, Landreth Owen Obituary
DICK, Bessie Mae Kenney (Mrs Henry F) obit/pix
DICK, Elven Max Obit/pix
DICK, Floyd Wesley Obituary
DICK, Hazel Irene Obituary
DICKENS, Cassie Andrew Obituary DN
DICKENS, William Obituary DN
DICKENSON, Dollene Obituary
DICKENSON, Ticie (Williams) Obit/pix FHC
DICKERSON, Woodrow Wilson Obituary
DICKEY, Dorthea A Obituary
DICKSON, Dallas LeRoy Obituary
DIEHNEL, B. L. Obituary
DIETZ, Ella (Mullin) Obituary
DIETZ, Reuben Henry Obituary Mkr/pix
DILDINE, Gladys Pauline obit/pix FHC
DILLARD, Glenn Raymond Obituary Mkr/pix
DILLARD, Nannie Prather obit/pix
DILLEY, Bobie Jack Obituary
DILLEY, Clarence E Obituary
DILLEY, Francis Darlene Luna (Mrs Raymond) Obituary
DILLEY, Hazel Pearl (Simmons) Obituary
DILLINGHAM, Arthur L Obituary
DILLMAN, Brown Xen Obituary
DILLMAN, C. H. Obituary FHC/Pix
DILLMAN, Jeweldean (Lay) Obituary
DILLON, Angela Obit/pix
DILLON, Velma Merle Obituary
DISHMAN, Mary L. Jones (Smith) Obit/pix
DISNEY, O. A. Obit/pix
DITTO, Virginia Lee(McNair) Obituary
DIVINE, Lester L Obituary
DIXON, Laura Eathel (McCabe) Obituary
DOAN, Ambrose Obituary
DOAN, Levy Obituary
DOBBS, Toney Obituary
DOBSON, Anna Truan Obituary
DOBSON, Frank Obituary
DOBSON, Lula Belle (Mrs John Riley) Obituary
DOBSON, Myrtle Jane Smith (Mrs Frank) Obituary
DOBSON, Paul Mather Obituary DN
DOLEZAL, Nellie may (Snyder) Obituary
DOMENY, Earl Evert Obituary
DOOLEY, Alph Obituary
DORL, Amanda Obituary DN
DORL, Herman Obituary
DORL, William H Obit/pix
DORMIRE, Cloyce W Obituary
DORSEY, Darlene (Herndon) Obituary
DOSTER, Nora Jane McIntosh (Wingo) Obituary
DOTTER, Alta Eulala (McKaughan) Obit/pix
DOTY, Ed Obituary
DOTY, Ida May Obituary
DOTY, Trudy (McClendon) Obituary
DOUGAN, Frank Obituary
DOUGAN, Jasper Newton Obit/pix
DOUGAN, Stanley Obituary
DOUGLAS, Claude Henry Obituary
DOUGLAS, Jane Ann Obituary
DOUGLAS, Susie Rosezza (Eades) Obituary
DOVE, Clara (Mrs Charles August) Obituary
DOVE, William Obituary
DOWNEY, Alfred Leroy Obituary
DOWNEY, Jimmy Walton Jr. Obituary
DOWNING, Ann Allenbaugh (Mrs Brice) Obituary
DOWNS, Jewell M. (Kinion) Obituary
DOYLE, Ida Marie Wolf (Mrs Edwin) Obituary
DOYLE, Olatha Edwin Obituary
DRAIN, William A. Jr. Obituary
DRAKE,  J. Woodrow Obituary
DRAKE, Bertha B. Obituary
DRAKE, Frank Obituary
DRAKE, Irene (Mrs James Woodrow) Obituary
DRAKE, James Matthew II Obituary
DRAKE, Leonard Leroy Obituary
DRAKE, Hiram P. Obit/pix
DRAKE, March Obituary
DRAKE, Zona Obituary
DRAUGHON, Louise (Meyer) Obituary
DRAUGHON, Robbie Jean Obituary
DRISCOLL, Cameron Kyle Obituary
DRIVER, Horace obit/pix
DRIVER, Rev. W. H. Obituary
DRYMON, Ben Obituary
DRYMON, D. H. Obituary
DRYMON, Frank Avery Obituary
DRYMON, Madelyn Mildred (Vehiller) Obit/pix
DRYMON, Maurine Helen Obituary
DRYMON, Ralph Obituary
DUCK, Harold A. Obituary
DUCKWORTH, Abe Obituary
DUCKWORTH, Jack F. Obituary
DUCKWORTH, Jerry Wayne obit/pix
DUCKWORTH, Robert Emerson Obituary DN
DUCKWORTH, William Merle Obituary FHC
DUCKWORTH, Wilma Lou Obituary
DUEL, Margaret Marie (Reeg) Obituary
DUFF, Elmo Earl Obituary
DUFF, Emma Francis Obituary
DUFF, Georgia ladora Obit/pix
DUFF, Mollie L Obituary
DUFF, Ruby M. Obit/pix
DUFF, Walter R, Sr Obituary
DUFF, Walter R. Jr. Obituary
DUGAN, Mary Lee (Wilson) Obituary
DUNCAN, Forrest Obituary
DUNCAN, Ira Obituary
DUNCAN, Jack Obituary
DUNCAN, Johnny Ray Obituary
DUNCAN, Mary Ethel Obit/pix DN
DUNCAN, William Maurice Obituary
DUNIVAN, Thomas Jefferson obit/pix
DUNLAP, Elsie Irene Obituary
DUNLAVY, Delora Gertrude (Stokes) Obituary
DUNLAVY, Dr. James Obituary
DUNLAVY, Letitia Catherine (Von Achen) Obituary
DUNMAN, David Crockett Jr. Obituary
DUNN, Deborah R. Obituary
DUNN, Edna May (Mrs J.D.) Obituary
DUNN, Esther Juanita (Bowers) Obituary FHC
DUNN, Georgetta Huddleston Obituary
DUNN, James Daniel Obituary
DUNN, Laura Jones (Mrs S.M.) Obituary
DUNN, Leta Marie (Sneed) Obituary
DUNN, Nolan Obituary
DUNN, Ruth Wilma (Detmer) Obit/story
DUNN, Sylvia Viola (Brown) Obituary
DUNN, W. E.  "Bill" Obituary
DUNN, William J. Obituary
DuRAIN, Helen Marie Obituary
DuRAIN, Leo Edwin Obituary
DUREN, Richard Leon Obituary
DURNBERGER, William Alve "Bill" Obituary
DUROY, Frank Obituary
DURYEA, Ruth Maude Obituary
DYE, Ed L. Obituary
DYER, Sandra (Wilcox) Obituary
EAGLE, May (Wilde) Obituary
EAGLECHIEF, Kate (LeadingFox) Obituary
EAGLETON, Eloise Obituary
EAGLETON, William L. Obituary
EAGLETON, William L. Jr. Obituary
EAKIN, Mary F. (Ripley) Obituary
EAKIN, William C. Obituary
EARLS, Peggy Lou Obituary
EARNEST, Luddie Gay (Bradley Obituary
EASLEY, Paul Obituary
EATON, E.H. Obituary
EAVES, Jan Obituary
EAVES, Louis Barry Obituary
EAVES, Maxine Verona (Wichita)  "Mickey" Obituary
EAVES, Rachel CrowChief (Mrs William T) Obituary
EAVES, William Taft Obituary
EBERLE, Etta Obituary
EBY, Pauline Dotts Obituary
ECHALK, Leo Paul Obituary FHC
ECHOHAWK, Alice "Annie"Duane Obituary
ECHOHAWK, Alvin Geo. Sr. Obituary
ECHOHAWK, Brummett T obit/pix
ECHOHAWK, Christebelle (Morgan) Obituary
ECHOHAWK, Delray Brice Obituary
ECHOHAWK, Ernest V Obituary FHC/pix
ECHOHAWK, Francis Obituary FHC
ECHOHAWK, Leo Obituary
ECHOHAWK, Lucille (Toots) Obit/pix FHC/pix
ECHOHAWK, Manuella (GoodChief) Obit/pix
ECHOHAWK, Marie Joyce (Tonemah) Obituary
ECHOHAWK, Paulette  Obituary
ECHOHAWK, Walter Roy "Bunkie" Obit/pix
ECKLE, Coleman Louis Obit/pix
ECKLEY, Martin V. Obituary
EDDINGS, Bill Obituary
EDGAR, Claud Obituary
EDGERTON, Helen M. (Williams) Obituary
EDGERTON, John R. Obituary
EDWARDS, Burnes (Sorrell) Webster Obituary FHC/pix
EDWARDS, Burt Obituary DN
EDWARDS, Gail B. Obit/pix
EDWARDS, Janis Lorraine (Riddle) Obituary DN
EDWARDS, Lorn William Obituary
EDWARDS, Mary Lela (Rhodes) Obit/pix
EDWARDS, Sarah Ann Obituary
EGERTON, Olando T Obituary
EICHER, Lola E. Obituary
EIKENBARY, Charlene Elizabeth (Skinner) Obituary
EISEMAN, Harold E, Jr. Obit/pix
EISENHOUR, Wilma Lee (Swan) Obituary
EISLEY, Frederick Obituary
EKSTROM, Zola Mae Obituary
ELDRIDGE, James T Obit/pix
ELICK, Chester D. Obit
ELLARD, James T. Obituary Mkr/pix FF
ELLINGTON, Annie Elizabeth Obituary
ELLINGTON, Beverly Jean (Ireland) Obituary Mkr/pix
ELLINGTON, Chesney Dee Obituary
ELLINGTON, Esther May (Taulman) Obituary
ELLINGTON, Fern Louis (Cook) Obituary FHC/pix
ELLINGTON, Joe D Obituary
ELLINGTON, Kenneth Lawrence Sr. Obituary
ELLINGTON, Nellie Ann Goodwin (Mrs Henry M) Obituary FHC
ELLINGTON, Roy Clifford Obituary
ELLINGTON, Vernon Thomas Obituary
ELLIOTT, Betty J. (Files) Obituary
ELLIOTT, Sam Obituary FHC/Pix
ELLIOTT, Surber obit/pix
ELLIS, Billy Robert Obituary
ELLIS, Clifford Ralph Obituary
ELLIS, Daisy B. (Davis) Obit/pix
ELLIS, Earl Ralph Obituary
ELLIS, Esther Obituary
ELLIS, Hallie A. (Longgrear) Obituary
ELLIS, John Hardy Obituary
ELLIS, Leo Obituary
ELLIS, Mildred Mary Warden (Mrs Clifford) Obituary
ELLISON, Curry Edwin Obituary
ELLISON, Roberta T. Obituary
ELMORE, Alfred Basis Oituary
ELMORE, Elva E. (Mrs.) Obituary
ELMORE, Kellous Obituary
ELROD, Avis Katherine Jones (Mrs Junior) Obituary
ELSEY, Sara Adeline Webb (Mrs Roy) Obituary
ELSTON, Bryanna Leashaun Obituary
ELSTON, Bryanna Leashaun Obit/pix
ELSTON, Fred L. Obituary
ELSTON, Fred Sr. Obituary
ELSTON, Fred, Jr Obituary
ELSTON, Fred, Sr Obituary
ELSTON, Louis S Obituary FHC Mkr/pix
ELSTON, Louis S. Obituary Mkr/pix
ELSTON, Minerva (Johnson) Obituary
ELWOOD, Dale V Obituary
ELY, Oscar V Obituary
EMBRY, Barbara Cordelia (Cannon) Obituary
EMBRY, Mae Gladys Bloom (Mrs Luther G) Obituary Mkr/pix
EMERY, Verbena (Rappuie) Obituary
EMMONS, James A. Obituary
ENDICOTT, Viola S Smith Pittser (Mrs Richard Obituary
ENDRES, Judith Ann Renzelman (Mrs Frank) Obituary
ENDRES, Paul Obituary
ENDSLEY, William Alexander Obit/pix
ENSLOW, Edith (Bucknam) Obituary
EPLER, Joe (Mrs.) Obituary
EPPERSON, Paul Wilkins Obituary
EPPLE,Sam Obituary
EPPLER,  Val Charles Obituary
EPPLER, Cy Obituary
EPPLER, Joseph A. II Obituary
EPPLER, Myra (LoneChief) Obituary
ERMIS, Florence B Obituary
ERNST, Margaret Lee Obituary
ESHELMAN, Ada May (Griesel) Obituary
ESHELMAN, Albert Willis Obituary
ESHELMAN, C.M. "Mac" Obituary
ESHELMAN, Cecil Ray Obituary
ESHELMAN, Clara May Obit/Pix
ESHELMAN, Clarence E. Obituary
ESHELMAN, Elsie Hattie (Zoldoske) obit/pix
ESHELMAN, Emma Louise Miller (Mrs Charles) Obituary
ESHELMAN, Eunice Valeta Obituary FHC
ESHELMAN, Clarence Maxwell(C.M."Mac" Obit/Pix
ESHELMAN, Nellie Alma (Laughter) Obituary
ESTES, William obit/pix
ETHEREDGE, Leonard Leroy Obit/pix
ETSCH, Gail (Vose) Obit/pix
EUBANK, Frank W. Obituary
EVANHOE, Constance Obituary
EVANS, Arthur Junior Obituary
EVANS, Helen (Stonburner) Obituary
EVANS, Rathburn E. Obituary
EVANS, Ruth H. Obituary
EVARTS, Mark Obituary
EVATT, Garland Prentice Obituary
EWING, Jacob Hutton Jr. Obituary
EYLER,  Francis Reed "Frank" Obit/pix
EYLER, Albert Ernest Obituary
EYLER, Annie Dee Obituary
EYLER, Catherine Emerick (Mrs Francis M) Obituary
EYLER, Eugene Clarence Obituary
EYLER, George Washington Obituary
EYLER, Mabel H Obituary
EYLER, Pearl May Freaner (Mrs George W) Obituary
EYLER, Ralph Fleaner Obituary
FADLING, Maxine R Obituary
FAILES, Thomas Francis Obituary
FAIR, Joseph L. Obituary
FAMBROUGH, Emily Jewel Obituary
FANNING, Anna M Obitury FNC
FARRIS, Alta K. Obit/pic
FARROW, Noah Jackson obit/pix DN
FAW FAW, Billy Don Obituary
FAW FAW, Edna Obituary
FEASTER, George F. Obituary
FEASTER, George Peat Obituary
FEASTER, John Obituary
FEASTER, Lola Virginia Osborn (Hallum) Obituary FHC
FEASTER, Mamie Obituary
FEATHERNGILL, Sarah Obituary
FEHRING, Ralph Louis Obituary
FENDER, James "Jimmy" Obituary
FENLEY, Alice Marie Obituary FHC
FENLEY, Paul Riley Sr. Obituary
FENT, Zola Guthrie Obituary
FENTON, Edwin Philip Obituary FHC/Pix
FENTON, Esther May (Jewell) Obituary Mkr/pix
FENTON, Richard T.  "Terry" Obituary Mkr/pix
FERGUSON, Emery Obituary
FERGUSON, Jo O Obit/pix
FERGUSON, Reva Rosamond Obituary FHC
FERRIS, Bryan Obit/pix
FERRIS, John C. Obituary
FERRIS, Thomas Obituary
FEWELL, Betty Lou (Schoffner) Obituary
FEWELL, Rondell Clyde Obituary FHC/Pix
FIELD, Clark Virgil Obituary Mkr/pix
FIELD, Frieda W. (Shiever) Obituary
FIELDCAMP, Dierk Norman Obituary
FIELDCAMP, J Willis Obituary
FIELDCAMP, Norma Nadine obit/pix
FIELDCAMP, Rena P Obituary Mkr/pix
FIELD, William Ellsworth Obituary
FIELDS, Ahnawake M. Obituary
FIELDS, Arthur Obituary
FIELDS, Clarence A Obituary
FIELDS, Elinor Obituary
FIELDS, Ester May (Murray) Obit/Pix
FIELDS, James E. Jr. Obituary
FIELDS, Raymond Charles Obituary
FIELDS, Roland Obituary
FIELDS, Shirley Dodge Obituary
FIGNAR, Anna Obituary
FILES, James C. Obituary
FINDLEY, Charles L Obituary Mkr/pix
FINDLEY, Nikki (Kosoff) Obituary Mkr/pix
FINK, Newton, Thomas Obituary
FINLEY, Ruby T Obituary
FINNEY, Carmen F. (Cheek) Obituary
FINNEY, Tara Jean Obituary
FISCHER, Albert Obituary
FISCHER, Benjamin Henry Obituary
FISCHER, Clara Frances Obit/Pix
FISCHER, Mary Euple Obituary
FISCHER, Ruth Katherine Adoshia Obituary
FISHER, Ida Obit/pix
FISHER, Joe Vest Obituary
FISHER, John Alley Obituary
FISHER, Mable A. (James) Obituary
FISHER, Marilyn Marlin  Obituary
FISHER, Ricky Don Obituary
FISHER, Robert Lee Obituary
FISHER, Walter, LeRoy obit/pix
FISHINGHAWK, Suzanne Lorraine (Sockey) obit/pix
FITCHETT, Erlene Obituary
FITCHPATRICK, Edgar L. Obituary
FITCHPATRICK, Polly Edwards Obituary
FITE, Boneta (LeBeau) Obituary
FITZGERALD, June Coburn (Mrs Donald) Obituary
FITZSIMMONS, Yvonda J. Obituary
FLAGER, Cary Obituary FHC
FLAGER, Vernon Max Obituary
FLAGOR, Cecil Allen Obituary
FLANAGAN, Dortha Frances (Hendrix) Obituary
FLEENOR, Ermina Anzina Tyler Obit/pix
FLEMING, Dustyn Nicole Elaine Obituary
FLEMING, Marie Bell (Protzman) Obituary Mkr/pix
FLETCHER, Lucy May (Beals) Obituary Mkr/pix
FLETCHER, Ona Viola (Pettit) Obituary
FLETCHER, Sarah F. Obit/pix
FLETCHER, T. P. Obituary
FLINT, Gaila Amber (Welker) Obituary DN
FLORA, Jerry W. Obituary
FLORER.John E. Obituary
FLOWERS, Alma P. (Patterson) Obituary
FLOWERS, Altha Irene "Tommie" (Moore) Obit/pix
FLOWERS, Mary Cavin Obituary
FLOYD, Hohn Wesley Obituary
FLOYD, Roger Dale Obituary
FLOYD, Ruby (Baker) Obituary
FLUHARTY, Ruth Obituary
FLYNN, Sam Obituary
FOCHT,  James W Obituary
FOCHT, Albert Louis Obituary
FOCHT, Marilyn Sue (Hrabe) Obituary
FOCHT, Orval James Obituary
FONDREN, A. J. Obituary DN
FONTAINE, Shaula DeAnn Obituary
FONTENELLE, Mrs Emily Obituary
FORBES, Beverly Louise Obit/pix
FORBES, Earl Leroy Obituary
FORBIS, Edyth obit/pix
FORBIS, John D Obituary
FORBIS, Martha Gilmer (Mrs John D) Obituary
FORD, Dewey Glen Obit/pix
FORD, Sidney W. Obituary
FORD, William Obituary
FOSSEY, William James Obituary
FOSTER, John Obituary
FOSTER, Nettie (Swayzee) Obituary
FOSTER, Sarah Elizabeth Obituary
FOUST, Bertha Maude (Drake) Obituary
FOUST, Eric L. Obituary
FOUST, Howard D Obituary
FOUST, John Carl Anthony Obituary
FOUST, Lela Eliza (Smith) Obituary
FOUST, Ruby Mae Huse (Mrs Ray John) Obituary
FOWLER, Anna Ada Adams (Mrs Lester R) Obituary
FOWLER, Arthur D Obituary
FOWLER, Erbie D. (Denney) Obituary
FOWLER, W.D. Obituary
FOWLER, William Harold Obituary
FOX, C. Obituary
FOX, Guy Obituary
FOX, Nellie & Pansy Obituary Mkr/pix
FOX, Zelpha Francis (Spencer) Obit/pix
FOXWORTHY, Anna Perry (Mrs Bill) Obituary
FRAENER, Jennie Obituary
FRAME, Mary Izora (Clodsmith) Obit/pix
FRANCIS, John  "Jay" Obituary
FRANK, Frederick Wm. Obituary
FRANKLIN, Authur L. Obituary
FRANKLIN, Bernice L Obituary
FRANKLIN, Bobbie June (Murphy) Obituary
FRANKLIN, Edna O. (Thompson) Obituary
FRANKLIN, Freddie Ray Obituary
FRANKLIN, Julia (Mrs John H) Obituary
FRANKLIN, Roy Lee Obit/pix DN
FRANKLIN, William Bert Obit/pix
FRANKS, Lyla D. Obituary
FREEMAN, Ella Evelyn Etheredge (Mrs O.O.) Obituary
FREEMAN, Elsie  Virginia Miller Obituary
FREEMAN, Luther Obituary DN
FREEMAN, Orville Obituary
FREEMAN, Raymond Floyd Obituary
FREEMAN, Richard Dale Obituary
FREEMAN, Robert, L Obit/pix
FREEMAN, Sharon Kay Obituary
FREEZE, Lillie May Obituary
FREJO, Sam A. Obituary
FRICK, Alta Marie (Gilchrist) Obit/pix
FRICK, Ernest Elmer Obituary
FRICK, Nora G. (Carroll) Obituary
FRIDAY, Llewelyn Obituary
FRIEND, Glen A. Obituary
FRIEND, Jean Obituary
FROST, Adah Obituary
FRYE, Irma Irene (EchoHawk) obit/pix
FRYER, Alfred Henry Obituary
FRYER, Barbara Jean Obituary
FRYER, Daisy Dean Johnson Hampton (Mrs Ace M) Obit/Pix
FRYER, Wilma Marguerite Hooper Kite (Mrs Alfr Obituary
FUGATE, Kenneth Wayne Obituary
FUGATE, Mary (Martin) Obituary
FULK, Susie R Obituary
FULK, William Henry Obituary
FULK, William W (Wyvern) Obituary
FULLER, Daisy Obituary
FULLER, Lee Obituary
FULLER, Robert Wayne Obit/pix
FULLER, Rudy, Sr Obituary
FULTON, Ella Obituary
FUNKHOUSER, Alma Cleo (Mrs Grover) Obit/pix
FUNKHOUSER, Carl (Staff Sergeant) Obituary
FUNKHOUSER, Edna Mae Towner (Mrs Verd) Obituary FHC
FUNKHOUSER, Edward M obit/pix FHC
FUNKHOUSER, Grover A Obit/pix
FUNKHOUSER, Harry Obituary FHC
FUNKHOUSER, Ida Pearl Clarke (Mrs Lloyd E) Obituary
FUNKHOUSER, Leslie Obituary FHC
FUNKHOUSER, Lou Ella (Mrs E.M ) Obituary
FUNKHOUSER, Roland L Obituary FHC
FUNKHOUSER, Terry L Obituary
FUNKHOUSER, Verd McCelellan Obituary
FUNKHOUSER, Victor Obituary
FUNKHOUSER, Victor B Obituary FHC/Pix
FURBER, Richard Obituary
FUSS, Carl Franklin Obituary
FUSS, Carmelita B. (Davis) Obituary
FUSS, Donald Vincent Obituary FHN
FUSS, Floyd Merle Obituary
FUSS, Gertrude Elizabeth Obituary pix
FUSS, Joseph Ernest Obituary FHC/Pix
FUSS, Loyd Earle Obituary FHN
FUSS, Marguerite Noalene (Decker) Obituary
GABEHART, Mary Elizabeth (Moon) Obituary
GADDIS, William Marlin  "Gater Bill" Obituary
GAINES, Connie Lou Obituary
GAINEY, Almira Rebecca (Pitt) Obit/pix
GALBREATH, Emma (Wilkerson) Obituary
GALLAND, Iva May Obituary
GALLATIN, Fred Obituary
GALLATIN, Nora Pearl Obituary
GALLOWAY, David N Obituary
GALLOWAY, Roberta Elizabeth (Cunningham) Obituary
GAMBILL, Billy E Obituary
GAMBILL, Chilton J. Obituary
GAMBILL, Earl Clifford Obit/pix
GAMBILL, Edna Obituary
GAMBILL, Harry Obituary
GAMBILL, Laura Bell (Burch) (Mrs Earl) Obituary
GAMBILL, Raymond L. Obituary FHC
GAMMON, Hazel Lucille (Dilley) Obituary FHC
GAN, Roy Glen Obit/pix
GANT, Roy Raymond Obituary
GARCIA, Marlene Pratt Obituary
GARDIPE, Bernard Douglas Obituary FHC/Pix
GARDIPE, George Russell Obituary
GARDNER, Emmert Clarence Sr. Obituary
GARDNER, Lottie Obituary
GARLETT, Mary Helen Obituary
GARLETT, Roy Leonard Obituary
GARLINGTON, Arthur Roe Obituary
GARNER, Archie C. Obit/pix FHC
GARNER, Bertha Gladys (Eaton) Obituary FHC/Pix
GARNER, Daniel W. Obit/pix
GARNER, Foushee N. Obituary
GARNER, Glen  Obituary
GARNER, Iva Glendola (Bowen) Obituary
GARNER, James Henry Obituary
GARNER, Joseph Franklin Obituary
GARNER, Juanita Maxine Creek Emery (Mrs Archi Obituary
GARNER, Lee B Obituary
GARNER, Lula Elizabeth Obituary FHC
GARNER, Myrle R Obituary FHC/Pix
GARNER, Raymond Cecil Obituary
GARNER, Raymond Harold Obituary
GARNER, William J. Obituary
GARRETT, Edna Rosa Obit/pix
GARRETT, Esther Tarcy Rusk Obituary
GARRETT, Grace Louise Copeland (Mrs Johnny) Obituary
GARRETT, James "Jim" Obituary
GARRET, Irene Jacklyn Obit/pix FHC/Pix
GARRISON, Calvin Edward obit/pix
GARRISON, Richard Lee Obituary FHC/pix
GARTON, Mary Louise (Florer) Obituary
GASTINEAU, Paul Frank Obituary
GATES, Ester obit/pix
GATES, Frederick Clarmont Obituary
GATES, Herb Obituary FHC
GATES. Jess Phillip Obituary
GATES, John W. Obituary
GATES, Lela obit/pix
GATES, Nettie Louise Abbey (Mrs Fred C) Obituary
GATES, Tommy Dee Obituary
GATES, William Herbert Obituary
GATHRIGHT, Truman Lawson obit/pix
GAUT, Jeffie Obit/pix FHC/Pix
GAY, Aaron Jay Obituary
GEB, Dorothy L Obituary
GELLER, Charles Barton Obituary
GENTRY, Anderson W. Obituary
GENTRY, Betty Jo Bell (Mrs Bob G) Obituary
GENTRY, Frank Obituary
GENTRY, Frank (Mrs.) Obituary
GENTRY, Ione (Price) Obituary
GENTRY, Lester M Obituary
GENTRY, Nancy Jane (Morris) Obituary
GENTRY, Robert L. Obituary
GENTRY, Talitha Cumi  (Cumi) Obituary
GEORGE, Hildur Fredreka (Wedell) Obituary
GEORGE, Mae (Haggard) Obituary
GEORGE, Mae (Holmes) Obituary
GEORGE, Margaret Vandetta DeLong Hopkins Obituary
GEYER, Elizabeth Anne (Boynton)  "Bette" Obituary
GHORMLEY, Carmen (Porter0 Obituary
GIBBLE, Audrey Margaret (Johnson) Obituary
GIBBLE, regina Beth Swearngin Obituary DN
GIBBONS, LaDean (Warren) Obituary
GIBBONS, William A. obiituary
GIBBS, James Barnett Obituary
GIBBS, Rose E. (Chappell) Obituary
GIBBS, Tommie Richard Obituary
GIBSON,  Clara Obituary
GIBSON, Clara Hall (Mrs Ray) Obituary
GIBSON, George,Sr Obituary
GIBSON, Jennie May Dennie Obituary
GIBSON, Nettie (Hickam) Obituary
GIBSON, Ray R Obituary
GIBSON, Stacy Lynn Obituary
GIBSON, Stacy Lynn Jr. Obituary
GIBSON, Thomas F. Obituary
GIBSON, Tona Sonal Obituary
GIFFORD, Robert D. "Don" Obituary FHC
GILBERT, Helen M. (Carmack) Obit/Pix
GILBERT, Thomas Jefferson "Jack" obit/pix
GILES, Beverly Joan Fugate (Mrs James D) Obituary
GILLE, Frances Helen (Bratner) Obit/Pix
GILLESPIE, Gerold L. Obit/pix
GILLETT, Robert L. Obituary
GILLETTE, Bertha F. Obituary
GILLETTE, Don Obituary
GILLETTE, Maxon H Obituary
GILLEY, Harvey Basil Obituary
GILLEY, Jack Obituary
GILLILAND, Hallie, Jr Obituary
GILLILAND, John Ambrose Obituary
GILLILAND, Ruth Ellen Obituary
GILLOCK, Archie Verlin Obituary
GILLOCK, Ella Mary Rose Holland Obituary
GILLOCK, Ella M Obituary
GILLOCK, Frank N. Obituary
GILLOCK, Grover C Obituary
GILLOCK, Laura May Drake (Mrs Frank) Obituary
GILLOCK, Sarah Ellen (Watson) Obit/pix
GILMORE, Anna B. (Boyle) Obituary
GILMORE, Mary Lorena (Casteel) Obituary
GILMORE, Myra Myrtle (Castellow) Obituary
GILMORE, Ozella Doretha (Lay) Obituary
GILMORE, Patrick Henry Obituary
GILMORE, Robert A. Obituary FHC
GILMORE, Roy Obituary
GILSTRAP, John Henry Obituary DN
GIRARD, Leroy Obituary
GISON, Clara (Hall) Obituary
GIVENS, Ralph D. Obituary
GLASGOW, Ray Obituary Mkr/pix
GLASS, Curtus A. Jr. Obituary
GLASS, Emma Grace (Long) Obituary
GLAZE, Rosetta Violet (Boyd) Obituary
GLENN, Carol June (Miller) Obituary Mkr/pix
GOAD, Brent Obit/Pix
GOAD, Harold Grover Obituary
GOAD, Otis Clair "Babe" obit/pix
GODDARD, Terry Leon Obituary
GOFF, Anna Dora (Dorl) Obit/pix
GOFF, Emma Spivey Obituary
GOFF, Franklin Obituary DN
GOFF, Merl F Obituary
GOFF, Oscar Obituary
GOFF, Thomas C Obituary
GOING, Charles Albert Obituary
GOING, Nettie (Renfro) Mrs Arthur G) Obit/pix
GOINGS, Bluford Obituary
GOINS, Jackie Obituary
GOLDSBERRY, Robert Lewis Obituary
GOLDSMITH, Jessie Winnfred (Roberts) Obituary
GONZALES, Alberto Knifechief Obituary FHC
GONZALES, Howard Obituary
GONZALES, Manuel M. Obituary
GONZALES, Susan Obituary
GONZOLES, Howard Phillip Obituary
GOOD, Austin Morris Obituary
GOOD, Florence Ruth (Watson) Obituary
GOODBREAD, James Piper Taliaferro Obituary
GOODCHIEF, Darwina Valene (HorseChief) Obituary
GOODCHIEF, Robert Jr. Obituary
GOODE, Junita Ann Obituary
GOODEAGLE, Merton Kenneth Obit/pix
GOODEAGLE, Opal (Peters) Obituary
GOODEAGLE, Ronald C. Sr. "Ronnie" Obituary
GOODFOX, Amos Obituary
GOODFOX, Hattie Anna obit/pix
GOODFOX, Lawrence Sr. Obituary
GOODFOX, Lawrence, Jr Obituary
GOODIE, Anna Keo Obituary
GOODMAN, Helen E Obituary
GOODMAN, Paul Ray Obituary
GOODRICH, Ivory Alice (Davis) Obituary
GOODRICH, Joyce Young (Mrs James Wm) Obituary
GOODSON, Anna Lee Obit/pix
GOODWIN, Jesse William Obituary
GOODWIN, Pansy A. Obituary
GORDON, Dale M Obituary
GORDON, Edward Virgil Obituary
GORDON, Lucille Obituary
GORDON, Michael Lee Obituary
GORDON, Porter Obituary
GORDON, Reba Katherine Thurber Obituary Mkr/Pix
GORDON, Thomas W Obituary DN
GOSIT, Iva Brown Obit/pix
GOSNEY, Cloe Rile Obituary
GOULD, Jay Obituary
GOULD, Rev. Brainard P. Obituary
GOVER, Elliott Obit/pix
GOVER, Phillip Obituary
GOVER, Stephen Carroll Obituary
GOVER, Vera Faye (Smith) Obituary
GOWER, Luther Obituary FHC
GRAGG, Imogene Obituary
GRAHAM, Cecil Jay Sr. Obituary
GRAHAM, Charles C. Obituary
GRAHAM, Dorcas Marie (Cooper) Obituary
GRAHAM, Elizabeth Hopkins Obituary
GRAHAM, Floyd Obituary
GRAHAM, Hannah Huls Obituary
GRAHAM, Henry M Obituary FHC/Pix DN
GRAHAM, Jack Obituary
GRAHAM, Leone (Canaday) (Mrs John A) Obit/pix
GRAHAM, Leonette (Mrs Harry Obituary
GRAHAM, Lester Charles Obituary
GRAHAM, Lyman Obituary
GRAHAM, Samuel A. Obituary DN
GRAMES, Edward Leroy Jr. Obit/px
GRAMLICH, Frances C. Obituary
GRANDESTAFF, Jack Obituary FHC/Pix
GRANT, Frank Obituary
GRANT, Thomas M. Obituary
GRANTHAM, Alva Arvilla Obituary
GRAPES, Ike Hershel Obituary
GRAPES, Zelma Christeena (Willis) Obituary
GRAVEN,Dr. Alma Lesher Obituary
GRAVES, Derrick Allen Obituary
GRAVITT, Eliza Dean Obituary
GRAY, E. G.  "Ed" Obituary
GRAY, Elizabeth A. (Doubikin) obit/pix
GRAY, Frankie Melissa Obituary
GRAY, Gussie Beatrice (Marrs) Obituary
GRAY, Jack J. Obituary
GRAY, John Wesley Obituary
GRAY, Karen Ann Obituary Mkr/pix
GRAY, Lillybelle (Davis) Obituary
GRAY, Mary A. Obituary Mkr/pix
GRAY, Mary Jane Obituary
GRAY, Roy D. Obituary
GRAY, Sarah Winona Goins  "Sadie" Obituary
GRAY, Thomas S. Obituary
GRAY, Walter B. Obituary
GRAY, William Robert   "Bob" Obituary
GRAY, Willie Oleph  Obituary
GREEN, Ada S. Obituary
GREEN, Albert levi Obituary
GREEN, Anna B Eddlemon (Mrs Frank F) Obituary FHC
GREEN, Betty Lou (Smith) Obituary
GREEN, Buel Obituary Mkr/pix
GREEN, Clair Obituary
GREEN, Dollie Montgomery (Mrs Thomas) Obituary
GREEN, Dr. Fred Obituary
GREEN, Emma J. (Nichols) Obituary
GREEN, Ida May Obituary
GREEN, Ijetta (Mrs Chester) Obituary Mkr/pix
GREEN, J.F.S. Obituary
GREEN, Jaunita Margaret Fugate (Mrs T.Buell) Obituary
GREEN, John Steven Obituary
GREEN, Judy Lynn Obituary
GREEN, Lena (Lillie) Obituary
GREEN, Miss Wilma Gladys Obituary
GREEN, Mrs. E. F. Obituary
GREEN, R.D. Obituary FHC
GREEN, Raymond Derel Obituary
GREEN, Roxie (Perkins) Obit/pix
GREEN, Roy Brookman Obituary
GREEN, Ruth H Pitts (Mrs Whittie) Obituary
GREEN, Thomas "Pap" Obit/pix
GREEN, Todd Matthew Obituary
GREEN, Wanda Lee "Shorty" Obituary
GREEN, Wheeler W. Obituary
GREEN, Whittie Sam obit/pix
GREENE, Lena Lillie Driesback Greene Obituary FHC
GREENLY, Michael A. obit/pix
GREENSHIELDS, Anna Dale (Brant) Obituary
GREER, Pearl Grace (Mrs Walter E) Obituary
GREER, Victor Joseph Jr. Obituary
GREGOR, Frank Obit/pix DN
GREGOR, James Obituary FHC/pix
GREGOR, James Webster Obit/pix Mkr/pix
GREGOR, Martha M. (Dorl) Obituary
GREGOR, Roberta Obituary
GREGOR, Trula Lewis (McKinley) Obituary
GREGOR, William Charles Obituary
GREGORY, Charles D Obituary
GREGORY, Lloyd Obit/pix
GREGORY, Mary Frances (Elliott) Obituary
GREMMINGER, Lawrence A Felix Obituary
GREMMINGER, Ruby Jane (Huffines) Obit/pix Mkr/pix
GRESS, Lisa Michelle Obituary
GRIESEL, Charles H. Obituary
GRIESEL, Daniel obit/pix
GRIESEL, Dora Lucinda Obituary Mkr/pix
GRIESEL, Effie May (Cox) Obituary
GRIESEL, John Wesley Obituary
GRIESEL, Nellie E. (Wolfe) Obituary
GRIESEL, Ruby I. (Bruns) Obituary
GRIESEL, William Obituary
GRIESEL, William LeRoy Obituary
GRIFFIN, Anna C (Shupe) Obituary FHC
GRIFFITH, Christie Lee Obituary
GRIFFIN, Joyce C Colvin (Mrs Roy) Obituary
GRIFFIN, Roy Obituary
GRIGG, Hazel M. (McDaniel) Obituary
GRIM, Beatrice (Mitchell) Obituary
GRIM, Earnest W. Obituary
GRIM, Jack H. Obituary MDN
GRIM, Jim D. Obituary
GRIM, Leona Nelson Roberts Obituary FHC
GRIM, Opal Sylvia Obit/pix
GRIM, Opie Lee Obituary
GRIM, Solomon H. Obituary
GRIMES, Frances Ann Farrow (Mrs Wm A) Obit/pix
GRIMES, Robert Obituary
GRIMES, Russell Dale Obituary
GRIMES, William A Obituary
GRIMSLEY, Martha R. obit/pix
GRIMSLEY, Opal Obituary
GRINDSTAFF, Mary Ruth Obituary FHC
GRISSOM, Marilyn Starr (Orcutt) Obituary
GROOM, Cleo Howard Obituary
GROOMS, Benjamin Obituary
GROOMS, Grover Obituary
GROSS, Maxine Hudson Obituary
GROTE, Bill Obituary
GROTE, Era Mae (Helwick) Obituary
GROTE, Harvey Obituary
GROTE, Katheryn P. Stover (Brien) Obituary
GROTE, Lester Evert Obituary
GROTE, Mabel M Staneart (Mrs Harvey) Obituary DN
GROTE, Sybil Gertrude Marshall Obituary
GROUND, Bessie  Lee (Mrs Perry M) obit/pix
GROVE, Frank Obit/pix
GROVEN, T.E. Obituary
GRUBB, Alta Evelyn (Duff) Obituary FHC
GRUBB, Dwight Leon Obituary
GRUBB, Everett Eugene Obituary
GRUBB, Glenn H. Obituary
GRUBB, Melvin Forrest Obituary
GRUBB, Millard Filmore Obit/pix
GRUBB, Monee M Burkhalter (Mrs Dwight) Obituary
GRUBB, Sarah Eveline (McMullen) Obit/pix
GRUBB, Wardie Allen Obituary
GRUBB, Winford H "Windy" Obituary
GUFFEY, Marvin Eugene "Guff" Obituary
GUINN, Brooke Nichole Obituary
GUINN, John Francis Obituary
GUINN, Martha Jane Conner Obituary
GUINN, Thomas Depriest Obituary
GULLEY, Jack   see also Gilley, Jack Obituary
GURWELL, Clara L. Spears (Mynear) Obit/pix
GURWELL, Clarence M Obituary
GUTHRIE, Amos G.   "Bill" Obituary
GUTHRIE, Avery William Obituary FHC
GUTHRIE, Bob Lee Obituary
GUTHRIE, Judith Annette (Lucas) Obituary
GUTHRIE, Ora Bell Obituary
GUTHRIE, Rachel Bryant Obituary
GUTHRIE, Sigh W "Woots" Obituary
GWIN, Mary Martha Obituary
GWIN, Merlan Nathanial obituary
GWIN, Thomas Burt Obituary
HACKETT, Rachel Armelda Johnston Obit/pix
HADDOCK, Timothy B Obituary FHC/Pix
HADDOX, Austin W. Obituary FHC
HADDOX, Charles H. Jr. Obituary
HADDOX, Charles Hugh Obituary
HAGA, Ben Obituary
HAGA, Clifford Obituary
HAGA, Clara Obituary
HAGA, Clifford T. Obituary
HAGA, Hazel Florence Tipton (Mrs Clyde) Obituary FHC/Pix
HAGA, Rebecca Ellen Mathew Porter obit/pix
HAGA, Rozell Harrington Reeves Obituary
HAGA, Thomas Obituary
HAGA, Virgil Edward Obituary
HAGA, William Riley Obituary FHC/Pix
HAGER, Glenn G. Obituary
HAGER, Joseph Harve  "Joe" Obituary
HAGLE, Andy Obituary
HAGLE, Famus James Obituary
HAGLE, James E. Obituary
HAHN, Bill D. Obituary
HAHN, Donna Rae (Pepper) Obituary DN
HAINES, Richard Dwayne Obituary
HAIRYBACK, Dewey Obituary
HALE, Marjorie L. Obituary FHC/pix
HALE, Mrs James H Obituary
HALE, Oresa Mae (Rattler) Obituary
HALEY, Don Newton Obituary
HALL, Bertie Obituary
HALL, Daniel Obituary
HALL, Fred Obit/pix FHC
HALL, Leonard E Obituary
HALL, Naomi Pauline Obituary FHC
HALL, Shirley Ruth Obituary
HALLETT, Harley Obituary
HALLUM, John C Bradford obit/pix
HALL-ZOTIGH, Harry James Obituary
HALSEY, Nancy Jennings Obituary DN
HAM, E.B. Obituary
HAMBRICK, Flint H Obituary
HAMBURGER, Jean Obituary
HAMBURGER, Jim J. Obituary
HAMBY, Marion Edwin Obituary
HAMILTON, Casie Dawn Obituary FHC
HAMILTON, Nee Cee Keveen Obituary
HAMMER, Joe Edward obit/pix
HAMMER, Miss Mary Obituary
HAMMER, Orpha May Obituary
HAMMER, Simon Obit/pix
HAMMERS, Helen Miriam Obituary
HAMMERS, Samel B. Obituary
HAMMOND, Edwina Lilyan Morrison (Mrs F.D.) Obituary
HAMNER, Kaylee Nichole Obituary FHC
HAMON, Albert W. Obituary
HAMPTON, Clifford Everett "Tony" Obituary
HAMPTON, Greely Obituary
HAMPTON, Infant obit/pix
HAMPTON, Leo D. Obituary
HAMPTON, Lula Mae (Mrs Leo D) Obituary
HAMPTON, Miss Mary P Obituary
HAMPTON, Sherry Jean (Infant) Obituary
HAMRICK, Alyse Obituary
HAMRICK, Eldridge B "Shorty" Obituary DN
HAMRICK, Martha J Obit/pix
HAND,  Dana Keith Obituary
HAND, Leslie Elliott Obituary
HAND, Marvin Douglas Obituary
HAND, Patricia Mae Obituary
HAND, Thomas J. obit/pix
HANGER, Ella Edna (Hettenbach) obit/pix
HANGER, Rebecca T.   "Grandma Hanger" Obituary
HANING, Cora Lucinda (Mrs Isiah M) Obituary
HANING, W. B. Obituary
HANKE, Stella Obituary
HANKLA, Imogene Obituary
HANNA, Henry Clayton Obituary
HANNAH, Vinnie M. Obituary
HENSEN, Gloria Jean Obituary
HANSEN, Kenneth B. Obit/pix FHC
HANSEN, William Frank   "Bill" Obituary
HANSON, "Daddy" Obituary
HANSON, Dr. P. G. Obituary
HARDIN, Earl Eugene Obituary FHC
HARDING, Archie Obituary
HARDING, Elpha Mae (Mrs A.F.) Obituary
HARDMAN,James H. Obituary
HARDMAN, Oliver Obituary
HARDY, Christine Obituary
HARDY, Kenneth R. Obtuary
HARDY, Nancy M. (Mosley) Obituary
HARE, Barbara Yvonne Roberts (Chaffee) Obituary
HARE, Townsley Nelson   "Chief" Obituary
HARGRAVES, Carl Obituary
HARGRAVES, Raymond H Obituary memorial
HARGROVE, Dr. Robert D. Obituary DN
HARJO, Cynthis Roughface Obituary
HARLOW, George J, Sr Obituary
HARMER, Emmer James Obituary
HARMON, Leslie J. Obituary
HARMON, Margaret Oldham (Mrs Lee R) Obituary
HARMON, Ronald Gary Obituary
HARMON, Tomie L. Obit/pix
HARMON, William J. Obituary
HARMON-HAMRICK, Eva Lee Obituary
HARNED, Azel P Obituary
HARNED, Calvin A. Obituary
HARNED, Dorothy Beatrice (Rafferty) Obituary
HARNED, Josephine Viola (Mrs Carl) Obituary
HARNESS, Trudy Obituary
HARP, Betty Jane (Tillett) Obituary FHC
HARP, Esther Mae Obituary
HARP, Esther Oneda (Lay) Obituary
HARP, Oneda Obituary
HARP, Ramon Obituary
HARPER, Benjamin Charles Obituary
HARPER, David Lincoln Obit/pix
HARPER, Elizaeth D. (Dailey)  "Lizzie" Obituary FHC
HARPER, Ida Christina Obituary
HARRELL, Iola (Nixon) Obituary
HARRINGTON, Claud William Obituary
HARRINGTON, Leonard Adebert Obituary
HARRINGTON, Lucinda (Crowder)   "Lula" Obituary
HARRINGTON, Mae Belle (McClain) Obituary
HARRINGTON, Virgil Neal Obituary
HARRIS, Alta Vivian Obituary
HARRIS, Betty Obituary
HARRIS, Cecelia (Cox)   "CC" Obituary
HARRIS, Daisy Emma (Eshelman) Obituary
HARRIS, Euell Obituary FHC/PIX
HARRIS, Homer Obituary
HARRIS, Jacob Obituary
HARRIS, James G Obituary
Harris, Jewell(Carlile) Mills  Obituary
HARRIS, Leslie Homer Obituary
HARRIS, Martha Belle (Thomas) Obituary
HARRIS, Mary Christine Obituary Mkr/pix
HARRIS, Melinda E Obituary
HARRIS, Myrtle Marie  (Weaver) obit/pix
HARRISON, A.L. Obituary
HARRISON, Beryl Obituary
HARRISON, Frank Obituary FHC
HARRISON, Grover C. Obituary
HARRISON, Joseph Warren Obituary
HARRY, Francille (Mrs Robert) Obituary
HARRY, George Nelson Obituary
HARRY, Jack Nels Obituary
HARRY, Ruth A Hedges (Mrs Herschel) Obituary
HARSHBARGER, Alice Nora (Barnett) Obit/Pix
HARSHBARGER, Bert Douglas Obituary
HARSHBARGER, Bert Lyle Obituary
HARSHBARGER, Forest W. Obituary
HARSHBARGER, Lillian Wood Obituary
HARSHBARGER, Nora Brensing Obituary
HARSHBARGER, Robert Leroy Obituary
HARSHBARGER, Sarah B Obit/pix
HARSHBARGER, Steven Z Obituary
HARSHBARGER, Wendell E Obituary
HART, Billy G. Obituary FHC
HART, Brett Obituary
HART, Clara Mae (McKenzie) Obit/pix
HART, Dick  Obit/pix
HART, Dick Derrel Obituary
HART, Karen Obituary
HART, Ray Thorpe Obit/Pix FHC
HART, Ruby Luna Obituary
HART, Wilfred Eugene Obituary
HARTMAN, Alice Agnes obit/pix
HARVEY, Kevin Dale Obituary
HATCH, Carrie Obituary FHC
HATCHER, Ira Obituary FHC
HARTGRAVES, Carol Maurine (Schone) Obituary FHC
HARTGRAVES, Jack A. obit/pix
HARTICO, Lena Obituary
HARTUNG, Clara Marie (Sappington) Obituary
HARTUNG, Claudie Vernon Obituary
HARTUNG, John Adam Obituary
HARTWICK, Allen Obituary
HARTWICK, Dallas Elton Obituary
HARTWICK, Donna (Livesay) Obituary
HARTWICK, Edward Otto Obituary FHC
HARTWICK, Franklin Edward Obituary
HARTWICK, Helen Marie Obituary FHC
HARVEY, Mary Katherine (Vanover) Obituary
HARVEY, Theodore Obituary
HARVEY, Ursula (Toahty) Obituary
HARWICK, Juanita Obituary
HASKELL, Lenita (CreepingBear) Obituary
HASTINGS, Albert Earl Obituary
HASTINGS, Ardale F. (Lape) Obituary
HATCH, Carrie obit/pix
HATCHER, Arlene (Fent) Obit/pix
HATFIELD, David Newton Obituary
HATFIELD, David Riley Obituary
HAUG, Bailey S. Obituary
HAUG, Glenwood I. Obituary
HAUG, Thelma (Reser) Obituary
HAUN, John A Obituary
HAWKINS, Darlene Joy (RidingIn) Obituary
HAWKINS, Dewey Obituary
HAWKINS, John Obit/pix
HAWKINS, Lisa Ann (Frye) Obituary FHC
HAWKINS, Nicolas J Obituary
HAWKINS, Verlas Reva (Hand) Obituary
HAWORTH, Wayne Obituary
HAYHURST, Eula May (Long) Obituary
HAYMOND, Ralph Obituary
HAYTER, Bertha Elizabeth (Troutman) Obit/pix
HAYWORTH, Mearl Leon Obituary FHC/Pix
HAZE, Charlene Rochelle Obituary
HAZE, Preston Matthew Obituary
HEAD, Fred R Obituary
HEAD, Martha Turnbo  (Mrs Fred) Obit/pix
HEAGY, Mary Sue (Staton) obit/pix
HEDGECOCK, Rachel (Mrs Robert S) Obituary
HEDGES, Anna Obituary
HEDGES, Anna B Obituary FHC/Pix
HEDGES, J.R. Obituary
HEDGES, John Obituary
HEDGES, John  A Obit/pix
HEDGES, Nellie Obituary
HEDGES, Nora Florence (Johnson) Obituary
HEDGES, Pat Harrison Obituary
HEDRICK, Thresa May (Brown) Obituary
HEIMAN, Walter Ray "Pete" Obituary
HEISLER, Elmer Obituary
HEISLER, Johnetta Danene (Lane) Obituary
HEISLER, Richard Obituary
HEISLER, Ricka Obituary
HEISLER, Walter Edd Obituary
HEISLER, Wilbur M. Obituary
HELMER, Jennifer L Obituary DN
HELMER, Marsha G Obituary
HELMS, Ethel I Marrs (Mrs Henry A) Obituary
HELMS, Samuel H Obituary FHC
HELVIE, Patrick A. Obituary
HEMKEN, Cecil Ralph Obituary
HENAGER, Ruth Opal (Rowan) Obituary
HENDERSON, Delia Obituary
HENDERSON, Dorothy M Obituary
HENDERSON, Elton Clinton obit/pix
HENDERSON, James, M. Obituary
HENDERSON, Marshall Obituary
HENDERSON, May C Obituary
HENDERSON, Millie Estelle (Dougherty) Obituary
HENDERSON, Rev. Manford E Obituary
HENDRICKS, Colleen D Littlesun  (Mrs John M) Obituary
HENDRICKS, Pat (Brown) Obituary
HENDRIX, Arlene Ruth (Walker) Obituary
HENDRIX, Floyd Obituary
HENDRIX, Howard LeRoy Obituary
HENDRIX, May Pearline Obituary FHC
HENDRIX, Ross E. Obituary
HENNESY, M. Drucilla  Obituary
HENRY, Albert Obituary
HENRY, Ethel Leona (Plumlee) Obituary FHC
HENRY, Jerry Dale Obituary
HENRY, John Obit/pix
HENRY, Joyce Obituary
HENRY, Dr. J. Worrall Obituary
HENRY, Lonnie Obituary
HENRY, Lorene Anna Obituary
HENRY, Mittie A. Obituary
HENRY, Ollie M. Sr. Obituary FHC
HENRY, Patience Geib (Mrs Jack C. Obituary
HENRY, Paul Obituary
HENRY, Ray D Obit/pix
HENRY, Raymond Loy Obituary
HENSLEY, Annie Obituary
HENSON, Benjamin C. Obituary FHC/Pix
HENSON, Ernest Jack Sr. Obituary
HENSON, Miss Ruby C Obituary
HENSON, Russell J. Obit/pix
HEPPEL, Donald Roy Obituary
HEPPEL, Elizabeth  (Mrs John W) Obituary
HEPPEL, Frank Obit/pix
HEPPEL, Frank M. Obit/pix
HEPPEL, Lucille (McDugle) Obituary
HEPPEL, Ray A Obituary
HERD, Ima Jean Elizabeth (McCann) Obituary FHC
HERNDON, P.H. Obituary
HERRIAN, E.A. Obituary
HERRIMAN, Nellie Obituary
HERRIN, Bobby Eugene Obituary
HERRING, Frank D. Obituary
HERRING, Myrtle Marie (Eshelman) Obituary
HERRINGTON, Lloyd W "Shorty" Obitury Mkr/pix
HERTZLER, Nora Alberta Obituary
HESKETT, Ester Marie Obituary
HESSER, Van D. Obituary
HESTAND, Mary Louise (Barrera) Obituary DN
HETHERINGTON, Dr Lloyd P Obituary
HETTENBACH, Calvin Clyde "Pete" Obituary
HETTENBACH, L Dale Obituary
HETTENBACH, Leonard Lewis Obituary
HETTENBACK, John A Obituary
HEWITT, Debbie Ann (Day) Obituary
HICKMAN, James B. Obituary
HICKS, Elizabeth (Mrs Hiram) Obituary
HICKS, Glads (Stone) Obit/pix
HICKS, Hiram H. Obituary
HICKS, Loren Earl Obituary
HICKS, Rena Obituary
HICKS, Verena Mae (Blaylock) Obituary
HICKSON, Mike D Obituary
HICKSON, Patsy R. Obituary FHC
HIGGINS, Albert Oliver Obituary
HIGHT, Jim Vestil Obituary
HIGHTOWER, Julia Estelle Howell (Mrs Dell) obit/pix
HIGNITE, Floyd Obituary
HILL, Bertha Dove Obituary
HILL, Charley obit/pix
HILL, Edith Jane (Boyles) Obit/pix
Hill, Iowa Pearl                                            1894 Obituary
HILL, John S. Obituary
HILL, Kearney Obituary
HILL, Leonard C, Jr Obituary
HILL, Lloyd  "Sam" Obit/Pix
HILL, Loris Florene Obituary
HILL, Mary Bernice (Rengel) Obituary
HILL, Maude (Short) Obituary
HILL, Mrs Marion E Obituary
HILL, Nadine G. (Bass) Obituary
HILL, Nettie Jane Obituary
HILL, Rita Marie (Kareskint) Obituary FHC
HILL, Stella Waters (Mrs Granville) Obituary
HILL, Susan Jones Obituary
HILL, Wanda Violet Obituary
HILLIGOSS, Linda C. Obituary
HILLIS, Eula Opal Obituary
HILLIS, Howard Obituary FHC/Pix
HINECKER,  George W Obituary
HINES, Carrie Grace Obituary
HINES, Isaac B. Obituary
HINES, Laura Alice Obituary DN
HINES, Ralph M. Obit/pix
HINES, Vera J Obituary
HINKLE, Bertha Boone (Mrs Harry H) Obit/pix
HINRICKS, Ernest Obit/pix FHC/Pix
HISE, Charles Edward Obituary
HISER, William L.  "Bill" Obituary
HISSOM, Elsie Eloise (Nelson) Obituary
HITT, Donna E. Obituary
HITT, H. Ernest Obituary
HITT, Harvie B Obituary
HITT, Leonard A Obituary
HITT, Lillian Nabors (Mrs H.Ernest) Obituary
HITT, Louvenia Elizabeth Pearson (Mrs H.B.) Obituary FHC
HITT, Rev H. Ernest Obituary
HLAVACHECK, Henry J. Obituary
HLAVACHECK, Mary Joe Obituary
HLAVACHECK, Maude Maxine Obituary
HOBSON, Mary S. Obituary FHC
HOBSON, Nathineal Edmon Obituary
HOCK, Linda Gambill Obit/pix
HODGES, Herman Albert Obituary
HODSON,  Alva Marlow Obituary
HOEHNE, Talysa A. Obituary
HOELTZEL, Irwin August Obituary
HOELTZEL, Tasha Dawn Obituary DN Thanks
HOGAN, Ella Marie (Loyd) Obituary
HOGGATT, Alyssa Joann McKinney Obituary
HOGGATT, Charles William Obituary
HOGGATT, G.W. Obituary
HOGGATT, Grace Lona Obituary
HOGGATT, Jerry Obituary
HOGIN, Billie Jean (Turner) Obituary
HOGUE, Jessie Carnita Hatfield (Mrs Jacob B) Obituary
HOLBROOK, Clevon Julius Obituary
HOLCOMB, Mildred Obituary
HOLDER,  Miss Aileen Mahala Obituary
HOLDER, Grace Maud Obituary
HOLDERMAN, Ethel Eleanor (Mathers) Obituary FHC/Pix
HOLLAND, Grace Elizabeth Obituary
HOLLAND, Lewis Obit/Pix
HOLLAND, Z.M. Obituary
HOLLER, Ethel Obituary
HOLLER, Ruby Emma (Eshelman) Obituary
HOLLER, Taeri Owens (Mrs R.T.) Obituary
HOLLON, Viola Obituary
HOLLON, Wanda Lee Obituary
HOLLOWAY, Hershell Leroy Obituary FHC/Pix
HOLLOWAY, Kathryn Luella (Pruett) Obituary
HOLM, Frances Ricenbaw (Harris) Obituary
HOLMAN, Giles Chitwood Obituary
HOLT, Jennifer Ann Obituary
HONEYMAN, Cless O. Obit/pix
HOOBLER, Eldon Clifford Obituary
HOOBLER, Florence Elizabeth (Fryer) Obituary
HOOBLER, Virginia A. (Pales)  "Peggy" Obituary
HOOD, Helena (Jake) Obit/pix DN
HOOPER, Charles Donald Obituary
HOOPER, Claud C. Obituary
HOOPER, Ethel Mamie(Martin) Obituary
HOOPER, Frances Lillian Shaffer (Mrs Loyd) Obituary
HOOPER, Herman F. Obituary
HOOPER, James, L Obituary
HOOPER, John Foster Obituary
HOOPER, John H. III Obituary FHC
HOOPER, Loren Obituary
HOOPER, Loyd Edward Obituary
HOOPER, Ola Jane Obituary
HOOVER, John Obituary
HOOVER, John B Obituary
HOOVER, Lucy Ellen Kays (Mrs John F) Obituary
HOOVER, Rebecca Obituary
HOPE, Harvey M Obituary
HOPKINS, Birchard Obituary
HOPKINS, bob Obituary
HOPKINS, Gladys Obit/pix
HOPKINS, Robert Obituary
HOPKINS, Robert, Jr Obituary
HOPPER, Joe Obituary FH
HOPPER, John Harvey Obituary
HOPPER, Randy Obituary
HOPPER, Travis Dewayne Obituary
HOPPER, Velma Jones (Mrs.Ruben Wayne) Obituary
HOPPER, William C. Obituary
HOPPES, William Burton Jr. Obituary
HORINE, Charley R Obituary
HORN, Cleota Mae Pingry (Hamrick) Obituary
HORN, Mae Lillie Kionut (Ravis) Obituary
HORN, Minnie M. (Sayre) Obituary
HORN, Raymond L. Obituary
HORN, Mrs V.L. Obituary
HORNBAKER, Joseph S. Obituary
HORNER, Paxton Frank Obituary
HORSE CHIEF, Alexander Obituary
HORSE CHIEF, Hugh Obituary
HORSECHIEF, Cody (Mahsect) Obituary
HORSECHIEF, Daniel Obituary
HORSECHIEF, Debra Ann (Moore) Obituary
HORSECHIEF, Delbert Obituary
HORSECHIEF, Eleanor (EchoHawk) Obituary
HORSECHIEF, Elizabeth F. Justice-Moore Obituary
HORSECHIEF, Laverne Liberty (Pratt) Obituary
HORSECHIEF, Levi Obituary
HORSECHIEF, Vance Jr. Obit/Pix
HORTON, James Duane Obituary
HORTON, Janice Lavaughan Obituary
HORTON, Melvis R Obituary
HORTON, Vera Mae Obituary
HORTON, Vernie Louise (Swanson) Obituary
HOSKINS, Ephriam Gunn Obituary
HOSTUTLER, Alice (Slocum) Obituary
HOSTUTLER, Bert Obituary
HOSTUTLER, David Dennis Obituary
HOSTUTLER, Gladys Sylvia (Hartung) Obituary
HOUSE, Peggy Irene Obituary
HOUSER, Sarah M Obit/pix
HOUSTON, Carolyn Beth (Realrider) Obituary
HOUSTON, Ora Obit/pix
HOVER, Earl Henry Obituary
HOWARD, Avis (Woolley) Obit/pix
HOWE, Della May Obituary
HOWE, George W Obituary
HOWE, Nellie Spencer (Mrs George ) Obituary FHC/Pix
HOWELL,  Julia Obit/pix
HOWELL, Bernard E. Obituary
HOWELL, Charles Obituary
HOWELL, Farrell B. Obituary
HOWELL, George Obituary
HOWELL, Hilda Belle (Taylor) Obit/pix
HOWELL, John Robert Obituary FHC/Pix
HOWELL, Julia Obituary DN
HOWELL, Loda Rebecca Elenore (Beaty) Obit/pix
HOWELL, Margorie (Infant) Obituary
HOWELL, Stacy Obituary
HOWELL, Stacy Sylvan Obituary
HOWELL, Thelma (StoneRoad) Obituary
HOWELL, Wadsworth Jesse Obituary
HOWLING CRANE, Rena P. (Pratt) Obituary
HOWREY, Joe Obituary
HRABE, Beulah Obituary
HRABE, Lester Lyle Obituary
HRABE, Virgil Dale Obit/pix
HUBBARD, Rev. John Edward Sr. Obit/pix
HUCKSTRAP, Simeon Bryan Obituary
HUDDLESTON, Henry Obituary Mkr/pix
HUDDLESTON, Lemuel S Obituary DN
HUDIBURG, Beulah Lea (Hunter) Obituary
HUDSON, Donald Shepard Obit/pix
HUDSON, Frank Obituary
HUDSON, Myrtle (Shepard) Obituary
HUDSON, Richard Shane Obituary
HUDSON, Veta C. Obituary
HUFFMAN, Gertrude Forest Obituary
HUGHES, Donald Eugene Obituary
HUGHES, Donald Lee Obituary
HUGHES, Donald Morgan Obituary
HUGHES, George W Obituary
HUGHES, Mercine Pearl Obituary
HUGHES, Owen Obituary
HUGHES, Ronald R. Obit/pix
HUGHES, Sarah Ellen (Sadie) (Mrs George W) Obituary
HUGHES, Velma A. (FawFaw) Obituary
HUGHES, Viola May   "Vi" Obit/pix
HUGHES, William L. Obit/pix
HULL, Joy Frances (Taylor) Obituary
HULL, William Andrew Obituary
HULS, Ben Obituary
HULS, John Dick Obituary
HUMPHREY, Katherine (Amen) Obituary
HUNT, Michelle Obituary
HUNT, Michelle Celeste  Obituary
HUNT, R.F. (Mrs.) Obituary
HUNT, Opal (Weaver) Obituary
HUNTER, Dennis Obituary
HUNTER, Harrison Jr. Obituary
HUNTER, Lillian R. Obituary
HUNTS, Lillie obit/pix
HURST, Winfield S. Obituary
HURT, Walter Thomas Obituary
HUSSEY, William B. Obituary
HUSTON, Maggie Eva Obituary
HUTCHENSON, Johnnie Lester Obituary
HUTCHESON, Floyd Owen Obituary
HUTCHESON, John William Obituary
HUTCHESON, Mary M. Obituary
HUTCHINS, Cheryle Ann Obituary
HUTCHINSON, Clara B. Obituary
HUTCHINSON, Hermon Austin Obituary
HUTCHISON, Jesse Lee Obituary
HUTCHISON, John C. Obituary
HUTCHISON, Ollie Bell Obituary
HYATT, Adah Hyson Obituary
HYSON, Jane Obituary
HYSON, Sadie Opal Obituary
ILER, Julia Obituary
IMMLER, Virginia R. (Baugh) Obituary
INESS, Margie P. Obituary
INGERHAM, Ethel M. (Siens) Obituary
INGHAM, Karen Sue Obituary
INGLE, Donald Eugene Obituary
INGLE, Fanny Alice (Vaughan) Obituary
INGLE, Frank H. Obituary
INGLE, Geraldine Frances (Adams) Obit x2
INGLE, Green Obituary
INGLE, Hannah Obituary
INGRAHAM, Daniel Obituary
INGRAM,  Soloman Margaret Obituary
INGRAM, Dr. Joe Obituary
INGRAM, Gladys Ann Obituary
INMAN, Thomas Clyde Obituary
IRELAND,  J. Frank obituary
IRION, J. H. Obituary
IRONS, Belford B. Obituary
IRONS, Dee Obituary
ISAACS, Buel Ray Obituary
ISREAL, Noah Daniel Obituary
IVES, Flossie M Swalley (Mrs M W) Obituary
JACKARD, Elizabeth Theresa (Hlavacheck)  "Bet Obituary
JACKSON, Alvin Obituary
JACKSON, Clarence Cecil Obituary
JACKSON, J. Oren Obituary
JACKSON, Kendall  "Ken" Obituary
JACKSON, Norval Leroy Obituary
JACKSON, Opal Obituary
JACKSON, Ruth Sayre (Mrs Wesley) Obituary
JACKSON, William Thomas Obituary
JACOBS, Delphia Marie McElroy Obituary
JACOBS, H. C. Obituary
JAKE, Deborah D'Ann (Kihega) Obituary
JAKE, John Jr. Obituary
JAKE, Rosa Lee (Lohah) Obituary
JAKE, Rosa Lee Lohah (Mrs John W) Obituary
JAKE, Wallace E. obit/pix
JAMES, Avo Maxine Obituary
JAMES, Gregory Allen Obituary
JAMES, Gregory Allen Obituary
JAMES, Janice Lee (Noles) Obituary
JAMES, Lillie Virginia (Gibble) Obituary
JAMES, Mrs Sarah Obituary
JAMES, Rocky Obituary
JAMES, Samuel Obituary
JAMES, Sue (Mallory) Obituary
JAMISON, Elvin E. Obituary
JANES, Carman Elaine (Roberts) Obit/pix
JARVIS, Howard L. Obituary
JAVINE, Dewey Vernon Obituary
JAVINE, Jimmye Lynn (Herring) Obituary
JAVINE, Ruby W Obituary
JAY, Dr. Palmer C. Obituary
JAY, Lillie C. Obituary
JAY, Max B. Obituary
JEFFERSON, Lena E. Barrone (Barrier) Obit/pix
JEFFRIES, George N. Obituary
JENINGS, Frank Henry Obituary DN
JENNIGS, Robert B. Obituary
JENNINGS, Daniel Farron Obituary
JENNINGS, Glenda M. (Wood) Obituary
JENNINGS, Henrietta Naomi  Silks (Mrs F.B) Obituary
JENNINGS, Wilburn Eugene "Bud" Obituary
JESSE, Lena Viola Obituary
JESTES, Betty June Obituary
JESTES, Donald Eugene Obituary
JESTES, Gladys (Vaughters) Obituary
JESTES, Gladys Vaughters (Mrs Ernest) Obituary
JESTES, James F Obituary FHC
JESTES, Jerry Obituary
JESTES, Lola F. (McGill) Obituary
JESTES, Roy Obituary
JESTES, Timothy DeWayne Obituary
JEWELL, Albert A. Jr.  "uster" Obituary FHC/Pix
JEWELL, James William Obituary
JEWELL, Nora Obituary Mkr/pix
JEWELL, Yulonda May Obituary Mkr/pix
JIM, Clifford Obituary
JIM, Enock Byron Obituary
JIM, Jennie Obituary
JIM, Jennie Jo (Tweed) Obituary
JIM, Phillip & Ella P. Obituary
JIM, Susie Obituary
JOBE, L.E. Obituary
JOBE, Troy Weston Obituary
JOHNSON, Amelia Evelyn Obituary
JOHNSON, Astor Mae (McNair) Obituary
JOHNSON, Avis Sylvania (Gilliland) Obituary
JOHNSON, Bertha Ethel Obituary
JOHNSON, Bessie Elizabeth Obituary
JOHNSON, Bobby Obituary
JOHNSON, Calvin Obituary
JOHNSON, Carlene Kay (Bowman) Obituary
JOHNSON, Charlene M.   "Aunt Ben" Obituary
JOHNSON, Charles H. Obituary FHC
JOHNSON, Charles Hooker Jr. Obituary
JOHNSON, Clark Marshall Obituary
JOHNSON, Don Obituary FHC/Pix
JOHNSON, E. E.   "Hook" Obituary
JOHNSON, Earl L.  "Jack" Obit/pix FHC/Pix
JOHNSON, Ellen Obituary Mkr/Pix
JOHNSON, Ernest  "Buster" Obituary
JOHNSON, Frederick B. Obituary FHC
JOHNSON, Gary obit/pix FHC/Pix
JOHNSON, Harris Evans Obituary
JOHNSON, Harvey Lee Obituary
JOHNSON, Hazel Bernice Smith Obituary
JOHNSON, Helen (Deal) Obituary
JOHNSON, Henry Flynn obit/pix
JOHNSON, Hulda May VanBrunt (Mrs Joe) Obituary DN
JOHNSON, James Edward   "Zeke" Obit/pix FHC/Pix
JOHNSON, James Rodell  "Rudy" Obituary
JOHNSON, John A Obituary Mkr/pix
JOHNSON, John L obit/pix
JOHNSON, John Logan Jr. OBIT/Pix FHC/Pix
JOHNSON, Joseph  "Joe" Obituary FHC
JOHNSON, Larry Gene Obituary
JOHNSON, Laurens Cooley Obituary
JOHNSON, Marlin "Flea" Obituary
JOHNSON, Mary Evans Obituary Mkr/pix
JOHNSON, Melvin L. Obituary
JOHNSON, Mildred B. (Howell) Obituary
JOHNSON, Milton Obituary
JOHNSON, Modena Wilcoxson (Mrs Glenn Obituary
JOHNSON, Mrs W.P Obit/pix
JOHNSON, Nancy S.   (wife of Oakley) Obituary
JOHNSON, Nora Bell (Eckley) Obituary
JOHNSON, Ollie M. (Mrs) Obituary
JOHNSON, Peggy Obituary
JOHNSON, Prudence Nan  (Nan) Obituary
JOHNSON, Ralph W Obituary
JOHNSON, Ralph W. Obituary
JOHNSON, Rev. Oakley O. Obituary
JOHNSON, Roscoe Sherman Obituary
JOHNSON, Ruby Mary (Sprarks) Obituary
JOHNSON, Russell Andre Obituary
JOHNSON, Samual Edward Obituary
JOHNSON, Spencer Flynn Obituary Mkr/pix
JOHNSON, Teddie E. Obituary
JOHNSON, Vivian Tyson (Mrs B.P.) Obituary
JOHNSON, Wanda Lee Obituary
JOHNSON, Will L. Obituary DN
JOHNSON, William Obituary
JOHNSON, William Francis Obituary Mkr/pix
JOHNSON, William Lee Obituary FHC
JOHNSON, Woodrow Wilson obituary
JOHNSTON, Betty Ione (Hamon) Obituary
JOHNSTON, Calvin Obituary
JOHNSTON, Cleo Jan Obituary
JOHNSTON, Elsie C. Thurman (Lockwood) Obituary Mkr/pix
JOHNSTON, Florence L. (Nichols) Obituary FHC
JOHNSTON, George Obituary
JOHNSTON, Hazel Violet (Roberson) Obituary
JOHNSTON, J. Lowell Obituary Mkr/pix
JOHNSTON, Leona M. (Martin) Obituary
JOHNSTON, Leslie E. Obituary
JOHNSTON, Ruby Irene (Beaver) Obituary
JOHNSTON, Shelby B. Obituary
JOHNSTON, Thelma Gertrude Koshiway Obituary
JONAS, Alice Amanda (Mrs Theo) Obituary
JONAS, Billy Hughs Obit/pix
JONAS, Charles B. Obituary
JONAS, Cora (Mrs Wm H) Obituary
JONAS, Eldon Hughs Obituary
JONAS, Oscar Bill obit/pix
JONAS, William Hughs Obituary FHC
JONES, Albert Obituary
JONES, Alice Louise Williams (Mrs Arthur M,Jr obit/pix
JONES, Anna Marie Obituary
JONES, Arthur Murphy Jr.    "Art" Obituary
JONES, Austin Obituary
JONES, Charley Lee Obituary
JONES, Chester W. Obituary
JONES, Della Ann Obituary
JONES, Earland Ernest Obit/pix
JONES, Floyd A. Obituary
JONES, Harold R. Obituary
JONES, Henriete Haynes (Ickler) Obituary
JONES, Henry E. Jr. Obituary
JONES, Henry Kent "Kent" Obituary
JONES, James Clinton Obituary
JONES, James T.  "J.T." Obituary
JONES, John Arthur Obituary
JONES, Joyce, Lea Obituary
JONES, Laura Obituary
JONES, Lula Edna Reese (Drake) obit/pix
JONES, Mabel Viola Obituary
JONES, Mansel Ray Obit/pix
JONES, Maurean J. Obituary
JONES, Myrtle Elsie (Horrell) Obituary
JONES, Osie W "Dick" Obituary
JONES, Patricia M. Obituary
JONES, Pearl Frances Obituary
JONES, Roy Ollen Obituary
JONES, Samuel Obit/pix
JONES, Wanda Obituary
JONES, Winifred Smith (Mrs Kenny) Obituary
JORDAN, Berry Lynell obit/pix
JOURDAN, Bessie M Obituary Mkr/Pix
JUAREZ, Felipe R. Obituary
JUDD, Billye Jeanne Belden (Mrs Jack) Obituary
JUDIE, Charles Anderson obituary
JUDIE, Nathaniel H. Obituary
JUDY, Effie May Obituary
JUDY, Hazel Albert Obituary
JUDY, Ina Kate Obituary
JUDY, Ruth Mildred Caughey (Mitchell) Obituary
JUNEMAN, Delsie (Edwards)  "Pat" Obituary
JUSTICE, Sarah E. (Judd) Obituary
JUSTICE, Will Obituary
JUSTUS, Bob Harrington Obituary
KANADA, Letta Alta Guinn Smith Obituary
KARRAKER, Cecil Wilson Obituary
KARRAKER, Edna J. (Shaw) Obituary
KARRAKER, Emerson Obituary Mkr/pix
KARRAKER, Howard Clifford Obituary FHC
KARRAKER, Wincer Lincoln Obituary
KASKASKE, William Dean Obituary
KASTNER, Gus Obituary Mkr/pix
KATSONES, Orah V.  "Kay O" Obituary
KAULAITY, Ruby Obituary
KAYS, Lucy Ellen Obituary DN
KEEGAN, Thomas Franklin Obituary
KEEL, Norman Dayton Obituary
KEENEN, Shirlene (Finn) Obituary
KEETON, Marjorie Frances Ellis (Mrs Bonnas Ol Obituary
KEETON, Mary Florence Loper (Mrs Ollie) Obituary
KEETON, Ollie Obituary FHC
KEISLER, Pearl Banks Obit/pix
KELIM, Virginia Lee Smith Obit/pix
KELLER, A. W. Bill   "Reddog" Obituary
KELLER, Emma Bell Obituary
KELLEY, Billy Dearl Obituary
KELLEY, Carolyn T Obituary FHC
KELLEY, Clarence Houston Sr. Obituary
KELLEY, Dottie Alma (Walker) Obituary
KELLEY, Evelyn  Obituary
KELLEY, Janet Kay obit/pix
KELLEY, Kenneth William Obit/pix
KELLEY, Minerva (Ellington) Obituary
KELLEY, Thelma Marie (Glenn) Obituary
KELLEY, Yvonne (Goad)   "Von" Obituary
KELLY, Elisabeth May (Henderson) Obituary
KELLY, Erma LaVerne Stone Obit/pix
KELLY, Ernest Clarence Obituary
KELLY, Jack Obit/pix
KELLY, Patricia Kathryn Obituary
KELLY, Thomas William Obituary FHC/Pix
KELSEY, Edith Alice (Mrs Francis M) Obit/Pix
KELSO, Dale Julian Obit/Pix
KELSO, Ina Florene Obituary
KEMNITZ, Charles F Obituary
KEMP, Julia Ethel (Perry) Obituary
KENDRICK, Sparky Gene Obit/pix
KENDRICK, Steven Patrick Obit/pix FHC/Pix
KENNEDY, Betty Jane Obituary
KENNEDY, Brooke DeAnna Obituary
KENNEDY, Jana Gail Obituary
KENNEDY, John Dee Obituary
KENNEDY, Mary Leona Arnold (Mrs John) Obit/pix
KENNEDY, Myrtle Mae (Tanner) Obituary
KENNEDY, Viney Jane (Shook) Obituary
KENNEY, Nellie Obituary FHC
KENT, Aaron Ely obit/pix
KENT, Gail C Obituary
KENT, Gilbert B. Sr. Obituary
KENT, Mary Genevieve Obituary
KENYON, Mrs Justin B Obituary
KERBY, Ollie L (Mrs Walter Clark) Obit/pix
KERBY, Vera Margaret (Behrens) Obituary
KERN, Nellie Robbins (Mrs Leslie D) Obituary
KERNS, David P. Obituary
KERNS, Franklin P Obituary
KERNS, Malinda Bedaine Obituary
KERR, Clarence Raymond Obit/pix
KERR, Nellie Elizabeth Wittich (Mrs C.R.) Obituary FHC
KERR, Sadie G Evans (Mrs H.A.) Obituary
KERSCHNER, Martin Luther Obituary
KESNER, Linda Zavodny Obituary
KESNER, Richard W. Obituary
KETRING, Marshall Obituary
KEYES, Robert Obituary
KEYS, Juanita (Shunatona) Keys  "Nora" Obituary
KIBBIE, Edith Mae Obituary
KIHEGA, Jeff obit/pix
KIHEGA, Layton Eugene Obituary
KILLMAN, Frankie Ellen (Roe) Obituary
KILPATRICK, Pat F. Obituary
KIMBERLIN, Earl L. obituary
KIMBERLIN, Edith Edna (Poulton)Mrs Joseph Sr Obituary DN
KIMBERLIN, Erma Lucille Oliver (Mrs E.R.) Obituary
KIMBERLIN, Ernest R. Obituary
KIMBERLIN, Ernest Roy   "Bill" Obituary
KIMBERLIN, Joe Sr. Obituary
KIMBERLIN, Joseph Sr. Obituary
KIMBERLIN, Phyllis M. (Shupe) Obit/pix
KIMBROUGH, Ora Ida Obituary
KIMERLIN, Earl L. Obit/pix
KIMREY, Claude Obituary
KIMREY, Daisy Meadows (Mrs Claude L) Obituary FHC Mkr/pix
KIMREY, Harold L Obituary
KIMREY, Jill Moore (Mrs Delbert) Obituary
KINCAID, Hazel Dove Rice (Mrs James W) Obituary
KINCAID, Ida Obituary
KING, Charles Evan Obituary
KING, Clara (Mrs Burl) Obituary
KING, Eugene Del Jr. Obituary
KING, Hettie (Webb) Obituary Mkr/pix
KING, Hildred Naomi (Springman) Obituary Mkr/pix
KING, Johnnie Darlene (Rice) Obituary
KING, Kathryn JoAnne (Ford) Obit/pix
KING, Kenneth A. Obituary
KING, Rick Arthur Obituary
KING, Roy Clayton Obituary
KING, Ruth Lorene Baskett (Mrs Charles) Obituary
KING, Sadie Obituary
KINION, Harry Lee Obituary
KINNAIRD, Johnnie Robert Obituary
KINNEAR, Eugene D Obituary
KINNEAR, Woodrow Joseph Obituary
KINNEY, Lewis  "Dago" Obituary
KINZIE, Mable (Crumley) Obituary
KIRBY, Dana Carol (Thomas) Obituary
KIRBY, Galen Wesley Obituary
KIRCHER, Priscilla Obituary
KIRKENDALL, James Aaron Obit/pix
KIRKPATRICK, Ralph B. Obituary
KISTLER, Alva Alford    "Alf" Obituary
KISTLER, Arthur James Obituary
KISTLER, Mary Olive Obituary
KISTLER, Rolly Obituary
KISTLER, William M.     "Bill" Obituary
KITCHEL, David Roy Obituary
KITE, Jocy Jemima Obituary
KIZER, Ava Belle Obituary
KIZER, Mary Elizabeth Obituary
KIZER, Mrs Nannie Obituary
KIZER, Ozias Bailey Obituary
KLIESEN, Crystal Kay Obituary
KLINE, Elton Ray Obituary
KLINE, Hazel Jean Bellew (Mrs Elmer E) obit/pix
KLINE, Helen Isaacs Obituary DN
KLINE, James Michael Obituary
KLINE, Joseph Worth Obit/pix
KLINE, Laura B. Obituary
KLINE, Michael Roy    "Mike" Obituary
KLINE, Orval L. Obituary
KLINE, Robert R Obituary
KLINE, Roy Orrin Obituary
KLINE, Ruth D. Obituary
KLINERT, Dorothy Ary Obituary Mkr/pix
KLINGMAN, Ruth Dorothea Moore (Mrs Leo) Obituary DN
KLUTSENBEKER, Bethel Obituary
KLUTSENBEKER, W. H. obituary
KLUTSENBEKERS, Richard & Bethal Obituary
KNESEK, Henrietta (Schellstede) Obituary
KNIFECHIEF, Adeline Edna (HorseChief) Obituary
KNIFECHIEF, Dennis C (Gala) Obituray FHC
KNIFECHIEF, Howard Obituary
KNIFECHIEF, John Abbott Obituary
KNIFE CHIEF, Lois Mitchell Morris Obituary
KNIFECHIEF, Manuel Obituary
KNIGHT, Harold Lowell Obituary
KNIGHT, Margaret Catherine Obit/Pix
KNIGHT, Ruth J. Obituary
KNISELEY,William T.. Obituary
KNOLB, Beulah May Cather (Mrs Fred) Obituary FHC
KNORR, F.E. "Joe" Obituary
KNOTT, Charles T. Obituary
KNOTT, Melvin LeRoy Sr. obit/pix
KNOWLES, Margaret Ann Johnson (Mrs Walter R) obit/pix
KNOX, Erma (Strohmeyer) Obituary
KNOX, O. J.    "Jerry" Obituary FHC
KNOX, Patricia Ellen (Hallum) Obituary
KOCH, Danny Lee Obituary DN
KOLB, Bessie June (Snyder) Obituary
KOLB, Beulah Obituary
KOLB, James Otis, Sr Obituary
KOLB, John Obit/pix
KOLB, Maynard B Obituary
KOLB, Thomas Obituary
KOLLER, Emil Obituary FHC/pix
KOLLER, Libbie Obituary
KONZEEL, Eli S. Obituary
KOSHIWAY, Sophie Berry (Pickering) Obituary
KRAFT, Junior E. Obituary
KRAMER, Dale Burton Obit/pix
KRAMER, Herbert Obituary
KRAMER, Loyd Albert Obituary
KRAUSS, Adolph Obit/pix
KRIEWITZ, Jessie Ella McKill Obituary FHC
KROUT, Howard Berton Obituary
KROW, Andrew D. Obituary
KROW, Christopher Columbus Obituary
KROW, Clifford Christopher Obituary
KROW, Wendy Jo (Mrs Don) Obituary FHC
KUHLMAN, Frances (Marx) Obituary
KYGER, Clara (Simons) Obituary
KYGER, Frank Obituary
KYSAR, James Stafford Obituary
KYSAR, Margaret Pearl (Grubbs) Obituary Mkr/Pix
LACY, Mrs. Ray Obituary
LADY, A. W. "Buster" Obituary
LADY, Alta Mae Obituary
LADY, Judson R "Heavy" Obituary DN
LAHMEN, F. E. Obituary
LAIRD, Harold Page Obituary Eulogy  FHC/PIX
LAIRD, Virgil D Obituary
LAKE, Arthur William Obit/pix
LAKE, Floyd Eldred Obituary
LAMB, Sherry L. Obituary
LAMB, Wanda Lee (Reaves) Obituary
LAMBERT, Travis D Obituary
LAMBERT/JOHNSON, Naoma "Dutch" Kelley Obituary FHC/pix
LAMIRAND, Marjorie Ruth Obituary
LAMIRAND, Walter H. Obituary
LANCASTER, Alma Frame (Mrs Dan) obit/pix
LANCASTER, Margery Salina (Peck) Obituary
LANCASTER, Sarah (Mrs L.M.) Obituary
LANDERS, Harry E obit/pix
LANDERS, Vera Darwina Obituary
LANDES, Elizabeth May Kelly (Mrs Dr. George) Obit/pix DN
LANDRUM,  Nannie Obituary
LANE,  William "Jiggs" Obit/pix FHC
LANE, Bertha E. Obit/pix
LANE, Cathrine Ann Obituary
LANE, Esther (Washington) Obituary
LANE, George (also LANTZ) Obituary
LANE, Hayden Obituary
LANE, Jackie Obituary FHC
LANE, Jessie Obituary
LANE, Jo Jo Obit/pix
LANE, Karl Melvin Obituary
LANE, Lena "Jackie" Giboney (Mrs Rex) Obituary
LANE, Mary Adeline (Maltsberger) Obituary
LANE, Rex A Obituary
LANE, William "Jiggs" Obituary
LANGLEY, Darwin Lee Obituary
LANGLEY, Ernest Obituary
LANGLEY, Ethel Irene Obituary
LANGLEY, Helen D. (Dooley) Obituary
LANGLEY, James William Obituary
LANGLEY, Jerry Lee Obituary
LANGLEY, Lester Obituary
LANGLEY, Marie Obituary
LANGLEY, Rex E Obituary
LANGLEY, Verna Mae (Holder) Obituary
LANGLEY, William Richard Obituary
LANGSTON, Sherry Ann (Patterson) Obituary
LANNING, Ethel Lee Obituary
LANNING, John Burl Obituary
LANTER, Annie Obituary
LANTER, Rebecca C. Obituary FHC
LANTER, W. Lee Obituary
LANTZ, George (Lane) Obituary
LASATER, John D.   "J.D." Obituary FHC
LASATER, Larry Don Obituary
LASATER, Lum Carlton Obit/Pix
LASATER, Mary Leta Frost (Mrs John) Obituary
LASATER, Robert Obituary
LASLEY, John D. Obituary
LASLEY, Peggee (Stone) Obituary
LATHAM,  Loreta Pearce Obituary
LATIMER, Mary Walters Obituary
LAUGHTER, Fred Raymond Obit/pix FHC
LAUGHTER, Ilena (Brant) Obituary
LAUGHTER, Pauline Obituary
LAUGHTON, Opal Mary (Spears) Obituary
LAW, Mrs. W. I. Obituary
LAWRENCE, Betty Obituary Mkr/pix
LAWRENCE,  Margaret A Obituary Mkr/pix
LAWRENCE, Henry Richard Obituary Mkr/pix
LAWRENCE, James Bolen Obituary
LAWRENCE, John Howard Obituary
LAWRENCE, John Walter Obituary
LAWRENCE, Paul Edwin Obituary
LAWRENCE, Roy Obituary
LAWSON, Boyd Elliot Obituary
LAWSON, George Washington Obituary
LAWSON, Goldie S. Obituary
LAWSON, Jimmy David Obituary FHC/pix
LAWSON, Luther M. Obituary
LAWSON, Olive Pearl                                1984 Obit/pix
LAWSON, Opal M. (Harris) Obit/pix
LAWSON, Sudie M Obit/pix
LAY, Lorene Obituary
LAY, Ruby J Obituary
LAYTON, Beulah Mae Brown Obituary
LAYTON, Bill Obituary
LAYTON, Clinton, Alvinza Obit/pix
LAYTON, Ima Elvina Obituary
LAYTON, Lonnie Andrew Obit/Pix FHC/pix
LAYTON, Marion Francis Obituary
LEABO, Edd I obit/Pix
LEACH, Helen Obituary
LEADER, Mark Rutter Obituary
LEADINGFOX, Albin Sr. Obituary
LEADINGFOX, Albin, Jr Obituary
LEADINGFOX, Chester Sr. Obituary
LEADINGFOX, Myrtle Jean (Pratt) Obituary
LEAKE, Chester Obituary FHC/pix
LEDBETTER, Harold Virgel Obit/pix
LEDBETTER, Richard L. Obituary
LEDBETTER, Virginia Lee Kuekelhan Arnold (Wel Obituary
LEE, Bertha Alberta (Reimer) Obituary FHC
LEE, Billy E. Obituary
LEE, Chester Martin Jr. "Martin" Obit/pix
LEE, Eddie Alfred Obituary FHC
LEE, Florence Obituary
LEE, James H. Obituary
LEE, Ralph Obituary
LEE, Robert L.   "Bob" Obituary
LEE, Willie obit/pix
LEEN, Col. William J Obituary
LeFORCE, Clyde   "Mose" Obituary
LeFORCE, Eddie Frank Obituary
LeFORCE, Grace Irene (Young) Obituary
LEFORCE, John Cole Obituary
LeFORCE, Leona Pearl (Robbins) Obit/pix
LeFORCE, Maggie Maudine (Harnaday) Obituary
LEFORCE, Michael Eugene Obituary
LeFORCE, Stella Mae Benner (Mrs Clinton A) Obituary
LEFTHAND, Clara Effie Obituary DN
LEFTHAND, Emma Skye (Young) Obituary
LEFTHAND, Francis Charles Obituary
LEFTHAND, Sherman Burgess Obituary
LEFTHAND, Timothy Lee Obituary
LeGRAND, Lizzie (Bruns) Obituary
LeGRANDE, Edna Grace (Whitlow) Obituary Mkr/pix
LeGRANDE, Ernest Rodney   "Jack" Obituary
LeGRANDE, Homer W Obituary
LEGRANDE, Walter Max obit/pix FHC/pix
LeGRANDE, William Chris Obituary
LEHEW, Dr Clifford H Obituary
LeHEW, Dr. J.L. Obituary
LeHEW, Hattie Bell Obituary
LeHEW, Joseph James Obit/pix
LEHMAN, Ruth Obit/pix
LEIGH, Joe E.   "Pappa Joe" Obituary FHC
LEIGH, Kenneth R. Obituary
LeMASTER, Agnes Susan (Schaffer)   "Inie" Obituary
LeMASTER, J. B. Obituary
LEMASTER, Lester, Jr Obituary
LEMASTER, Neoma Ida Keeton Obituary
LEMERT,  Opal Obituary
LEMERT, Harriot Van Vorlis (Mrs E.L.) Obituary
LEMMONS, Juanita (Mrs Jack) Obituary
LEMMONS, Scott Wayne Obituary
LeMOINE, Susan Obituary
LENARD, Junita (Griffith) Obituary
LENARD, Otis Ray Obituary
LENTZ, Chester Lee Obit/pix
LENTZ, Chester R Obituary
LENTZ, Jacob Lewis   "Tom" Obituary
LENTZ, James Ervin  "Jim" obit/pix
LENTZ, Minnie Ocho (Mrs Jacob Lewis) Obituary
LEONARD, George Clarence Obit/pix
LEROY, Evelyn Snake (Mrs Henry Logan) Obituary
LESHER, A. D. Obituary
LESHER, Alfred Obituary
LESHER, Minnie Obituary
LEU, Robert August Obituary
LEVICK, Fred W Obituary DN
LEVICK, Mary Hanna (Mrs Fred W) Obituary
LEVIER, Alexandria Delphine Butler Obituary
LEVIER, Dwight Obituary
LEWALLEN, Russell Obituary
LEWALLEN, William Alfred Obituary
LEWIS, Cecille  (Adams) Obituary
LEWIS, Charles T. Obituary
LEWIS, Charley Walter Obituary
LEWIS, Edna Darlene Obituary FHC
LEWIS, Erma Rae (Roberson) Obituary
LEWIS, Gertie Riding-In (Mrs Wilford, Sr) Obituary
LEWIS, Mary Ann Allen (Mrs William J) Obit/pix
LEWIS, Mary Jane Tensfield Johnson Obituary
LEWIS, Nanc Carol Obituary
LEWIS, Thomas Carrol Obituary FHC/pix
LEWIS, Vera Adeline Shaw Obituary
LICKLITER, Robert leo Obituary FHC
LIEBENHEIM, Joe Obituary
LIEN, Terresa Bialkowski (Gronenburg) Obituary
LIGHTFOOT, Arthur Alfred obituary
LIGHTFOOT, Tye Lawrence Obituary
LIGHTNER, Harry Austin Obit/pix
LILES, Ida Barnes Obituary FHC
LILLIE, Garnet G. Obituary
LILLIE, Gertrude Mary Obituary
LILLIE, Susan Adella Conant Obituary
LINCOLN, Edna Sue (Honeycutt) Obituary
LINDEBERG, Harold V. Obituary
LINDON, Alpha Jane (Mills) Obituary
LINDON, Emma C. Obituary
LINDON, James M. Obituary
LINDON, Lena Mary Reehling (Mrs J.T.) Obituary
LINDON, O. E. & Joyce J. Obituary
LINDSEY, Dick Obituary FHN
LINSENMEYER, Evelyn Jean Obituary
LINSENMEYER, Gertrude, Pauline Trompler Obituary DN
LINVILLE, William D. Obituary
LISBY, Elaine (Easley) Obituary DN
LISCUM, Frank H Obituary
LISCUM, Fred S. Obit/pix
LITTLE EAGLE, Mattie Obit/pix
LITTLE,  Freda M Obit/pix
LITTLE, Austin JAMES Obituary
LITTLE, Clifford A.   "Pete" Obituary
LITTLE, J. C. Obituary
LITTLE, Maurice Robert Obituary
LITTLE CROW, Loran M. SR. Obituary
LITTLECROW, William Ray Obituary
LITTLESUN, Dena V (Moore) Obituary
LITTLESUN, Janet Pogue (Mrs James,Jr) Obituary Mkr/Pix
LITTLESUN, Morgan Sr. Obituary Mkr/Pix
LITTLESUN, Thomas Lee Obituary
LITTLESUN, Zella Eppler (Hand) Obituary Mkr/Pix
LIVELY, Irene Miller Obituary
LIVERGOOD, Mary Elizabeh (Meece) Obituary
LIVESAY, Della Angeline (Gillette) Obituary
LIVESAY, Linnie D. (Bray) Obituary
LIVINGSTON, Winifred Katerine Thomas Obituary FHC
LIZAR, Joe Obituary
LIZAR, Thelma Irene (Pendergraft) Obituary
LOCK, Betty Jo Obituary
LOCKHART, Frank Obituary
LOCKHART, Goldie Williams (Mrs Wayne) Obituary
LOCKHART, M.C. Obituary
LOCKWOOD, Dennis A. Obituary
LOCKWOOD, Jess E. Obituary
LOCKWOOD, Letha Goldie (Potter) Obituary
LOCKWOOD, Lloyd Lyle Obituary
LOCKWOOD, Lois Loma Obituary
LOCKWOOD, Mildred Anna (Wells) Obit/Pix
LODMAN, Miss Anna Obit/pix
LONECHIEF,    (Indian chief) Obituary
LOGAN, Janell Carol Obituary
LOGAN, Lucy Beatrice (Cummings) Obituary FHC
LOGSDON, John W. Obituary
LOGSDON, S. L. Obituary
LONE CHIEF, Charles C. Obit/pix
LONECHIEF, Mae Hazel Obit/pix
LONG, Edgar Allen Sr. Obituary
LONG,  Lucile F Obituary
LONG, Alphus Obit/pix
LONG, Billy Gene Jr. Obituary
LONG, Boyd Obituary
LONG, Frank James Obituary
LONG, Fred "Jim" Obituary
LONG, Fred James, Jr Obituary
LONG, Garland Larue Obituary
LONG, Grover E. Jr. obit/pix
LONG, Jack Walter Obituary
LONG, James F. Obituary FHC/pix
LONG, Mabel ManChief Obituary
LONG, Margurite Claudine Burnside Obit/pix
LONG, Mary (Allair) Rice Obituary
LONG, Otis M Obituary
LONG, Sally Lucille (Smith) Obituary
LONG, Sara E. (YoungEagle) Obituary
LONG, Virginia Obituary FHC/pix
LONSDALE, E.F. Obituary
LOOMIS, Sarah Jane obit/pix
LOOMIS, Vernon W.  "Butch" Obituary
LOPER, Jess Obituary
LOPER, Margurite Obituary
LOPER, Mary Catherine (Caughlin) Obituary
LOPEZ, Trofelo Obituary
LORENTZ, Kevin Mitchell Obit/pix
LORENTZ, Theodore Vern Obituary FHC
LOTT, C. A. Obituary FHC/pix
LOVEALL, William Henry Obituary
LOVAN, Andrew Richard Jr. Obituary
LOVATT, Leda K. Poelman (Harrison) Obituary
LOVE, Judy Janel Aguilar (Harshbarger) Obituary
LOVE, J.O. Obituary
LOVEKAMP, Donald Leroy  "Donnie" Obituary
LOVELESS, Elizabeth C.  (Chrz) Obituary Mkr/Pix
LOVELESS, Wilbur Obit/pix
LOVELL, Eva June (Robinson) Obit/pix
LOWE, Damon Mathews Obituary
LOWE, Isabelle Nina (Adkison) Obituary
LOWERY, Etta Obituary
LOWREY, John Jr. Obituary
LUCAS, Fern C Obituary
LUCAS, John W Obituary
LUCAS, Katy Faye Obituary
LUCKWELL, Frank Ernest Obituary
LUNDQUIST, August Stein Obituary
LUNDQUIST, Sarah June (Hiatt) Obituary
LUSK, Robert E Obituary
LUTE, Clair Roy obit/pix
LYNCH, Carrie (Walker) Obituary
LYNCH, Daisy F. (Grote) Obituary DN
LYNCH, Elmer Ray Obituary
LYNCH, Lucille Beatrice Dawson (Mrs Elmer) Obit/pix
LYNCH, Mary Beulah (Madewell) obit/pix FHC/pix
LYNCH, Opal Livesay (Mrs E.R.) Obituary
LYNCH, Vera Zoe Stafford Towner (Mrs Elmer R) Obituary
LYNN, Grace (Rains) obit/pix
LYON, Barbara Obit/pix
LYON, Clare J. Obituary
LYON, Frank C. Obituary
LYON, Glenn I. Obituary
LYON, Mildred Lenore (Currie) Obit/pix
LYON, Stella MarieRadley Obituay
LYONS, Eugene F. Obituary
LYONS, Horace Victor Obituary
LYONS, Jess Obituary
LYONS, Jess Arnold, Jr Obituary Mkr/pix BF
LYONS, May Obit/pix Mkr/pix BF
LYTLE, Carl Obituary
LYTLE, Gladys Vivian Obituary
LYTLE, Ethel Edith Warden obit/piz
LYTLE, Louise Lowetta Obituary FHC/pix
LYTLE, Mattie M. Obituary
LYTLE, Melanie G Obituary
LYTLE, Merle L Obituary DN
LYTLE, Sherman Nelmoth Obituary FHC/pix
MAC, Francis M Obituary
MACHETTA, Lula "Bobbie" Bolar (Mrs Henry) Obituary
MAD BEAR, Harry obit/pix
MADDOX, Ellen Miller (Mrs Robert) Obituary
MADDOX, George Obituary
MADEWELL, Juanita Marie Obit/Pix Mkr/pix
MADISON, Norma Lee (Kinney) Obit/Pix
MAGGART, Ben Alex Obit/pix FHC
MAGGART, Miss Verne Obit/pix
MAGGART, Nettie Jo (Mrs N.S.) Obituary
MAGGART, Nova Syrus obituary
MAGUIRE, Alice obit/pix
MAHAFFEY,  Mary Elizabeth Obituary DN
MAHAFFEY, Lester Leon Obituary
MAHAFFEY, J.F. Obituary
MAHAN, J.H. Obituary
MAHAN, Laymon Melvin Obit/Pix Mkr/pix
MAHAN, Max Junior "Buddy" Obit/pix
MAHAN, Rodney E. Obituary
MAIER, James Henry Obituary
MAIN, LeRoy Obit/pix Mkr/pix
MAINS, William S. Obit/pix
MAJORS, Alta Murie (Clayton) Obituary
MAJORS, Linda Louise Obituary
MALARKEY, Harry Andrew Obituary
MALLORY, A.B. Obituary
MALLORY, Mollie W Moore (Mrs A.B.) Obituary
MALONE, Dorothy Jean (Banning) Obituary
MALTSBERGER, Carolyn Obituary
MALTSBERGER, Eileen Stackhouse (Cates) Obituary
MALTSBERGER, Frank Marion Obituary
MALTSBERGER, George Gayle Obituary
MALTSBERGER, John Obituary
MALTSBERGER, Morgan Frederick Obit/Pix
MALTSBERGER, Morgan Rex Obituary
MAMEAH, Clayton   "Ace" Obituary
MANAWA, Delina Obituary
MANER, James Loyd Obituary
MANLEY, Walter Obit/pix
MANNHEIMER, Clara (Marx) obit/pix
MANNING, Claude Ervin Obituary
MANNING, John D. Obituary
MANNING, John H. Obituary
MANNING, Lillie Melvine Feathergill Obit/pix
MANNING, Melvin Obituary Mkr/pix
MANNING, Merle Obituary
MANNING, Roy Lee Obituary DN/pix
MANNING, Susan Diane (Block) Obituary
MANNING, Vera (Harmer) Obituary
MANNING, Virginia Grace Obituary
MAQUIRE, Cora Alice (Walenciak) Obituary
MARCUM, James Gus Obituary FHC
MARCUM, Laquita Jean Williams Obi/pix
MARCUM, Pearl Obituary
MARCUM, Viola Hester Lane (Mrs James) Obit/pix
MARKEN, Alden Scott Obit/pix
MARLER, Sarah Louisa Williams Obit/pix
MARLIN, Terry Obituary
MARLOW, Henry obit/pix
MARLOW, Henry W. Obituary
MARLOW, Howard T. Obituary
MARLOW, James E. Obituary
MARLOW, John Charles Obituary
MARLOW, John Paul Obituary Mkr/pix
MARLOW, Louise Kastl Obituary FHC
MARLOW, May  Lewis Obituary
MARLOW, Minnie Eleanor (Mrs Dr. John C ) Obituary
MARLOW, William Alfred   "Bill" Obituary
MARQUARDT, Orville Obituary
MARRIES, Florence Pearl (Tucker) Obituary
MARRS, Glenn Obit/Pix
MARRS, Joe S. Obituary
MARRS, Kathryn Gordon (Mrs Ralph Glenn) Obituary
MARRS, Mary Callye (Martin) Obituary
MARRS, Ralph Glenn Obit/pix
MARRS, Roy E. obit/pix
MARSHALL, Fred Harless Obituary
MARTIN, Bessie Dolezal (Warren) Obituary DN
MARTIN, Betty Jeanne (Harned) Obituary
MARTIN, Bobby Dwayne Obituary
MARTIN, Claude Obituary
MARTIN, David F. Obit/pix
MARTIN, Fay Edna Obituary
MARTIN, Henry J Obituary
MARTIN, Howard William Obituary
MARTIN, J P Obituary
MARTIN, James B Obituary DN
MARTIN, Joan Hudson (Pitts) Obituary
MARTIN, John Franklin  Obituary
MARTIN, Joy R. Obituary
MARTIN, Louisa Mary                                  1946 Obituary
MARTIN, Mildred O'dessa (Armstrong)   "Dessie Obituary
MARTIN, Mintie Mae (Mrs Lester ) Obituary
MARTIN, Miss Fay Edna Obituary
MARTIN, Monty Obituary
MARTIN, Raymond Obituary
MARTIN, Roy F. Obituary
MARTIN, Ruthie Eliz. (Pope) Obituary
MARTIN, Sue Obituary
MARTIN, Trevelyn Lynn Obituary FHC
MARTIN, Vern Obituary FHC/pix
MARTIN, W. P.   "Bill" obituary
MARX, Leon obituary
MARX, Dr. Ralph L. II Obituary
MARX, Maurice Obituary FHC
MARX, Walter Obituary
MASH, Dewey W. Obituary
MASQUAT, Alice Obituary
MASTERS, Brenda J. (Bryant) Obituary
MATHER, John E. Obituary
MATHERS, William Albert Obituary
MATHEW, Cecilia Obituary
MATHEWS, Arlene Fern Matlock obit/pix
MATHEWS, Mildred Huff Mrs Orville) Obituary
MATHEWS, Orville Obituary
MATHEWS, Stacy Obituary
MATLOCK, Adeline (Cummings) Obituary
MATSON, Beckie Marie (Hartsell) Obituary
Matteson, Dorothy J. Wilkerson Obituary
MATTESON, Rick Arthur Obituary
MATTINGLY, George Obituary
MAXWELL, Dorothy Dorlene Obituary
MAXWELL, Esther D Obituary
MAXWELL, Hylda Madge Obituary
MAXWELL, Kevin Dewayne Obituary
MAY, Irene R. (Beauchamp) Obituary
MAY, "infant" Obituary
MAY, Mary Alice Osborn (Dressler) Obituary
MAYFIELD, Gordon Keith Obituary BF
MAYO, Kenneth Obituary
MAYO, Roscoe Preston obit/pix
MAYS, Clude Wayne Obituary
Mays, Granvel Jardine obituary
MAYS, Helen Marthena (Garretson) Obituary
Mayse, James Ray Obituary
MAYTUBBY, Mary LoneChief (Mrs Ben W) Obituary
McAFEE, A.A. obit/pix
MCALISTER, Helen Louise (McClain) Obituary
McALISTER, Nilla E (Mrs T.O. Obituary
McALLISTER, Mrs Bula (Bellew) Obituary
MCALLISTER, Doris Fern Obituary
McARTHUR, James A Obituary
McBROOM, Gertie Jim (Mrs Homer) Obituary
McCAGUE, Alta M Boyle (Mrs J Ward) Obituary
McCALIP, Norma Lee Stice (Mrs Jack) Obituary
McCALL, Mable Pearl Wolf (Mrs Wm.Franklin) Obituary
McCALL, Mary louise Obituary
McCALL, Phyllis Dean (Bell) Obituary
McCALL, William Franklin   "Bill" Obituary
McCAMEY, Bessie Obit/pix
McCARTY, John E obit/pix
MCCARTY, Shannon Velton Obituary
MCCASKEY, Mina C. Obituary
McCLAIN, Arthur Obituary
McCLAIN, Ernestine Virginia (Kitchkomie)Mrs H Obituary
McCLAIN, Orren William Obituary
McCLAIN, Ruth Obituary
McCLELLAN, Billy Eugene, Sr obit/pix
McCLENDON, Carl Luther Obituary
McCLENDON, Earl L Obituary
McCLENDON, Sherry Mae Obituary
McCOLLOUGH, William Lynne Obituary
McCOLLUM, Claude C. Obituary
McCOLLUM, Irene Willie (Parks) Obituary
McCOLLUM, J.M. Obituary
McCOLLUM, Mary Ann Fawver (Mrs Wm Wallace) Obituary
McCOLLUM, Mary Ila Obituary
McCOLLUM, Nancy Jane Steen (Mrs Jasper) Obituary
McCOLLUM, Robert Lee Obituary
McCOMBS, Idus M Obituary
McCOSAR, Wanda June (Williams) Obituary
McCOY, Cecile Murel Plummer (Gould) Obituary FHC
McCOY, Erma (Clark) Obituary
McCRAY, Genevieve Garland (Mrs Jack) Obit/pix
McCray, Gladys Violet Obituary
McCRAY, Jack Richard Obituary
McCUBBIN, Monty Gale Obituary
McCULLAH, Annie E. Fugate (Shaw) Obituary
McCULLOUGH, Clarence "Ed" Obituary
McCULLOUGH, Donna Smith Memory Card
McDANIEL, Dale Franklin Obituary
McDANIEL, James Robert Obituary
McDANIEL, John Obituary
McDANIEL, Lisa Ann (Smith) Obituary
McDONALD, Adam Obituary
McDONALD, Hiawatha Waleah (Morton) Obit/pix
MCDONALD, Laura Bell Cloughly Obituary DN
McDOWELL, Inice (Leigh) Obituary
McDUGLE, Charles Oliver Perry Obituary FHC
McDUGLE, Loretta M. (Newport) Obituary
McDUGLE, Margaret H Obituary
McDUGLE, Roy Franklin Obituary
McELHINNEY, Rose M Martin (Mrs U.L.) obit/pix
McELROY, Jack Lee Obituary FHC
McELROY, Mrs. George H. Obit/pix
MCFADDEN, Melinda Cathrine Blerman Obit/Pix
McFALL, Miss Maudye L Obituary
McFARLAND, George "Spanky" Obituary
McFARLAND, Gloria Jean Nelson (Mrs John D) Obituary
McGEE, Carl D. Sr. Obituary
McGEE, Hazel Ida (Swalley) Obit/pix
McGEE, James Dewitt Sr. Obituary
McGEE, Mary P Obituary
McGEE, Mona May (Drake) Obituary FHC
McGEE, Nola (Hartwick) Obituary
McGINTY, Clarence Lee   "Mac" Obituary
MCGLASLIN, Rebecca  Obituary
McGLASLIN, Taylor Obituary FHC
McGUINN, Joseph Calvin Obituary
McGUINN, Richard Nells     "Dick" Obituary
McGUIRE, Bird S Obituary
McGUIRE, Buell Green Obituary
McINTOSH, Benjamin Charles  "Ben" obit/pix
McINTOSH, Clifford Eugene Obit/pix
McInturf, Kimberly O'Gwin Obituary
McINTYRE, Emerson Charles Obituary FHC
McINTYRE, Thomas Duncan Obituary
McKAUGHAN, Alvis Roy Obituary FHC
McKaughan, Austie "Pearl" Obituary
McKAUGHAN, Ruby Maxine (Hesser) Obituary
McKEE, Infant Obituary
McKENZIE, Chilton Glenn Obituary
McKENZIE, George Anderson Obituary
McKENZIE, Ida Mae Green Obit/pix
McKENZIE, Kenneth Obituary
McKENZIE, Marvina Ione (Ramsey) Obituary
McKENZIE, Max Leroy Obituary
McKENZIE, Proctor Knott Obituary
McKENZIE, William P. "Bill" Obituary
McKILL, Arthur Durall obit/pix
McKILL, Clara Francis Kistler Obituary
McKILL, James Donald Obituary
McKILL, James Monroe Obit/pix
McKINNEY, Beulah E Obituary
McKINNEY, Hershel A Obituary
McKINNEY, Jessie Catherine Berry (Mrs Wm N) Obituary
McKINNEY, Matthew Dale Obit/pix
McKINNEY, Miss Ruby Jean Obituary
McKINNEY, Nancy Rose lee Obit/pix
McKINNEY, Rev. Floyd Hobart   "Frog" Obituary
McKINNEY, Robert Francis Obit/pix
McLAUGHLIN, Byron Obituary
McLAUGHLIN, Darrel Wayne Obituary
McLAUGHLIN, Gladys LeEtta Ellen Bradley (Mrs Orville) Obituary
McLAUGHLIN, Orville Weller Obituary
McLEY, Luena Helen Obituary
McMANN, Gladys (Mrs James) Obituary
McMILLAN, John Ewing Obituary
McMILLAN, Orel Wilson Obit/pix FHC/Pix
McMILLAN, Wanda June (Neson) "Billie" Obituary
McMILLEN, Rev. Raymond Henry Obituary
McMILLEN, Travis Neal Obituary
McMILLIN, Charalotte Belle (Mrs Thomas M) Obituary
McNEAL, Richard Obituary
McNEELY, Elbert Archie Obit/pix FHC/Pix
McNEILL, David Obituary
McNEILL, Jeffie Obituary
MCNEILL, Louisa J. Obituary
McNEILL, Judge Edwin R. Obituary FHC
McNEILL, Louise C. (Clark) Obituary
MCNEILL, Neal Sr. Obituary
McNUTT, Lucy Gilmore Obituary FHC/Pix
McSORLEY, Opal A. (Collins) Obituary
McSPADDEN, Myrtle M Obituary
MEADORS, Pairrish Elmer Obituary Mkr/pix
MEADOWS, Imogene (Gilmore) Obituary
MEADOWS, Robert Wilson Obituary
MECHLER, Maggie Obituary
MEDFORD, Lee Howard Obituary
MEEK, Dorothy Minnie Obituary
MEEK, Elsie Maxine (Seward) Obit/pix
MEEKER, Addie (Ryan)(Mrs Martin) Obit/pix FHC/Pix
MEEKER, Boyd L. Obituary
MEEKER, Madge (lewis) Obit/pix DN
MEEKER, Mrs Martha N Obituary
MEEKER, Roy Lorren Obituary
MEEKER, Thelma Maude (Griesel) Obit/pix
MEEKER, Walter Darrell Obit/pix
MEHAGEN, Bertha Mae Carter (Mrs Clarence N) Obit/pix
MEISSNER, Cardella Elizabeth (Pittser) Obituary
MEISSNER, Henry Rudof Obituary
MELCHER, Maggie (Miller) Obituary FHC
MELTON,  Maggie Molendia Obituary
MENNEM, Delmer J. Obituary
MENNEM, Gary Max obituary
MERCER, Anna Marie Walenciak (Mrs Charles L) Obituary
MERCER, Vida Obituary Mkr/pix
MERKLE,  Constantine Obituary Mkr/pix
MERKLE, Mrs Con Obituary
MERRELL, Joella Obituary
MERRILL, Cleophus Obituary FHC
MERRIMAN, Charles Bert Obituary
MERRYMAN, Audna Barmettlor Obituary
MESHEK, Thomas Franklin Obituary
MESHEK, William Edward Obituary
MESSER, Gladys Obituary
METCALF, Cecil Obituary
METCALF, Vergil James Obituary Mkr/pix
Metzger, Bobbie Jean Obituary
METZGER, Evelyn Laura Obit/pix
MEYER, Azle Lee Obit/pix
MEYER, John Obituary
MEYERDIRK, Fred Obituary Mkr/Pix
MILAM, Ed Obituary FHC
MILAM, Glenn Allen Obituary
MILAM, John H. Obit/pix
MILAM, Wanda C. (Cochran) Obituary
MILAM, William Osee Obituary
MILES, Bonnie Jean (Elston) Obituary
MILES, Velma E. (Ross) obit/pix
MILLARD, Ralph Obituary FHC/Pix
MILLER, Albert Lewis "Bert" Obituary
MILLER, Annie Bell Obituary
MILLER, Betty May (Mrs Charles S) Obituary
Miller, Beverly Kay Obituary
MILLER, Elmer Joe Obituary
MILLER, Emma Francis Obituary
MILLER, Eula Beatrice Webb (Mrs William A) Obituary
MILLER, Frank Redwine Obituary
MILLER, George D Obit/pix
MILLER, Guy Benjamin Jr. Obituary FHC/Pix
MILLER, Jasper Obituary
MILLER, Jesse H. Obituary
MILLER, Martha Ann Obituary
MILLER, Melanie Diane (Pratt) Obituary
MILLER, Mollie (Redwine) Obituary
MILLER, Mrs Jessie L obit/pix
MILLER, R. Obituary
MILLER, Riley Wilburn Obituary
MILLER, Robert Z.   "Uncle Bob" Obituary FHC
MILLER, Solomon W. Obit/pix
MILLER, Teresa Gayle (Rice) Obituary
MILLER, Viola (Neal) Obituary
MILLER, Viola May Gibbons (Mrs Jesse H) Obituary
MILLER, William Otto Obituary
MILLION, Lon Obituary
Mills, Audra May Obit/pix
MILLS, Cathy Jean Obit/pix
Mills, David Lawrence Obituary
MINER, Burton Obituary
MINER, Jeremiah Obituary
MINIX, Jessica C. Obituary
MINIX, Michael Obituary
MINNEY, Arthur G obit/pix
MINNEY, Arthur Ray Obit/pix
MINNEY, Betty F. Obituary DN
MINNICK, Edith Imogene (Burch)   "Gene" Obituary
MINOR, Burl Alonzo Obituary Mkr/pix
MINOR, Clara Pearl Obituary
MINOR, Cora Pearl Wilkey Whitehill (Mrs Burl) Obituary Mkr/pix
MINOR, Melvin Oliver Obituary FHC
MINOR, Phyliss A. Obit/pix
MINTHAL, Henry Obituary
MINTHORN, Wilbur Obituary
MINTON, Joshua Ray Obituary Mkr/pix
MISNER, Infant Obituary FHC
MITCHELL, A. C. obit/pix
MITCHELL, Aaron Lee Obituary
MITCHELL, Albert  "Mitch" Obituary
MITCHELL, Angelia Kim (Branch) obit/pix
MITCHELL, Bea Ione (Musgrove) Obituary Mkr/pix
MITCHELL, Jacob Obit/pix
MITCHELL, Jacob F, Jr Obituary
MITCHELL, James R. Jr. Obituary Mkr/pix
MITCHELL, James Rex Obituary
MITCHELL, Joseph Herman Obituary
MITCHELL, Lee Obituary
MITCHELL, Maggie Adeline Bell Pittser Obituary
MITCHELL, Myrtle (Livergood) Obituary
MITCHELL, Sally Ann (Guthrie) Obituary
MITCHELL, Vaughn Dean Obit/Pix
MITCHUM, Lawanda Jean Morrell Obituary Mkr/Pix
MITTASCH, Grover C. Jr. obit/pix
MIZELL, Ellsworth F.  "Elzie" Obit/pix Mkr/pix
MIZELL, Pete Obituary Mkr/pix
MOATS, Mary Virginia Obit/pix
MOCK, Gertrude Sweet Obit/pix Mkr/pix
MOFFATT, Blanch Marie Obituary Mkr/pix
MOFFER, Kathy Dean (Pickering) Obituary
MOFFETT, Alice Obituary
MOFFETT, Leota Nadine (Singleton) Obituary
MOFFITT, Dorothy Obituary
MOFFITT, Leonard Obituary DN
MOLDER, Leslie LeRoy obit/pix
MONCOOYEA, Levi Orris Jr. Obituary
MONDADA, Severino (Reno) Obituary
MONEYMAKER, Angyl LaVon (Elliott) Obit/pix DN
MONFORTE, Albin C Obituary
MONROE, Julia Smith Obituary
MOODY, Ruby Lee (Marsh) Obituary
MOON, Alta Edna Schwind (Mrs Duane) Obituary
MOON, H. D.  "Duane" Obituary
MOON, Lois Lorene (Kihega) Obituary
MOORE, Benjamin O Obituary
MOORE, Brown Obituary
MOORE, Cameron Kyle (Driscoll) Obituary
MOORE, Clyde Elvin Obituary
MOORE, Connie Mae Obituary
MOORE, David E. Obituary
MOORE, David Leon Obituary
MOORE, Denise Kay Obituary
Moore, Dolores"Dee" Obituary
MOORE, Frank Dwight Obituary FHC
MOORE, George A. Obituary
MOORE, Howard Truman Sr. Obituary FHC/Pix
MOORE, John A Obituary
MOORE, Jonathan D Obituary
MOORE, Levi Gay Obituary
MOORE, Martha DeAnn Obituary
MOORE, Mearl Obituary
MOORE, Melvin Lee Obituary
MOORE, Michael Kieth Obituary
MOORE, Mollie W obit/pix
MOORE, Ora Lee Obit/pix FHC
MOORE, Phebe Adell Leigh Obituary
MOORE, Richard Oscar Obituary
MOORE, Robert    "Bob" Obituary
MOORE, Ruth Saunders Obituary FHC/Pix
MOORE, Sandra Sue Johnston (Mrs James obit/Pix
MOORE, Sidney Joseph Obituary
MOORE, Thelma Irene Berg (Mrs Richard O) Obituary
MOORE, Thomasine Elizabeth Green Obit/pix
MOORE, Thurman Frank Obituary
MOORE, Virginia Edna (Rattlinggourd) Obituary
MOORE, W. J.   "Billy" Obit/pix
MOORE, William Taylor Obituary
MOORE, Wilson Fremont Obit/pix
MOORE-DRISCOLL, Cameron Kyle Obituary FHC
MORGAN, Dorothy Ruth obit/pix
MORGAN, Gloria Tryphena(Tena) Obituary
MORGAN, Harold MorgaN Obit/pix
MORGAN, Lillian Mae (Carson) Obit/pix
MORGAN, Mrs J.A. Obituary
MORGAN, Ralph S.    "Bull" Obituary
MORGAN, William  Obituary
MORGAN, William Mullen Jr. Obituary
MORHAIN, Katie Obituary
MORRIS, Anna Adaline obit/pix
MORRIS, Emily Jane Lee Obituary
MORRIS, Gilbert F. Jr. Obituary
MORRIS, Herbert Obituary
MORRIS, John Somerndike Obituary
MORRIS, Mahalay R.  "Mae" Obituary
MORRIS, Nellie Obit/Pix
MORRIS, Thelma Ruth  (Jones) Obituary
MORRIS, Wanda obit/pix
MORRIS, Wanda Mizer (Mrs W.C.) Obituary
MORRISON, Jo Ellen Obituary
MORRISON, Julia (Pasley) Obituary
MORTON, Troy Allen Obituary
MORTON, William Edgar"Ed" Obituary
MOSBERGER, Lester Obituary
MOSES, John Roscoe Obituary
MOSIER, Claude Obituary
MOSING, Jessie Kaiser Obituary
MOSLEY, Clarence    "Pete" Obituary
MOSS, Bradford R.   "Brad" Obituary
MOULD, Dela C. Obituary
MOULDER, James Marcel obit/pix
MOUNCE, Charlie Earl Obituary
MOWERY, William "Billy Whiskers" Obit/pix FHC
MUCK, Edna Conley (Mrs Oliver E) Obituary
MUCK, Howard Conley Obituary
MUCK, Howard J.   "Corky" Obituary
MULDER, Anna Audrey (Morris) Obituary
MULLENAX, Malinda Susan Obituary
MULLENNAX, Ethel May Carlile (Mrs James A) obit/pix
MULLENNAX, James I. Obit/pix
MULLIN, Grover Ernest Obit/pix
MULLIN, Lillie Wanda Obituary
MULLIN, Veda Lorene (Edwards) obituary
MULLINAX, Besse Lillian (Barker) Obituary
MULLINS, Ira Jr.  "Moon" Obit/pix
MULLINS, Mary Frances obituary
MUMFORD, Peggy l. Obit/pix
MUNDING, John Joseph Obituary
MURDEN, Mary Annie (Watson) Obituary
MURIE, Franklin Lawrence Obituary
MURIE, James R.   "Jim" Obituary
MURIE, John Prentiss Obituary
MURIE, Kenneth Lynn obituary
MURIE, Millicent Lyone (Wilson) Obituary
MURIE, Thomas Obituary
MURIE, Vernon Obituary
MURPHY,  Gale Obituary
MURPHY, Elsie Luella Wills (Mrs Gale) Obituary
MURPHY, Leslie Glenn Obituary
MURPHY, Melvin Leroy Obituary
MURR, Earl R. Obit/pix
MURR, Mary E (Summitt) (Mrs H.O.) Obituary
MURRAY, Dolton Wayne Obituary
MURRAY, Mickie Don Obituary
MURRELL, Jeffery Douglas Obituary
MUSGROVE, Frances Elizabeth Barnes Obituary FHC
MYERS, Carol Ann Mitchell Obituary
MYERS, Charles L. obit/pix
MYERS, Claude Raymond Obituary
MYERS, Clayton Nesbit Obituary
MYERS, Frank F. Obituary
MYERS, Harry Obituary
MYERS, Helen Lorene Rhodes Obit/pix
MYERS, Lewis "Speedy" Obituary
MYERS, Mrs P Cale Obituary
MYERS, Perry Caleb Obit/pix
MYERS, Roy L. Obituary
MYERS, Sarah Flake Obit/pix
MYNEAR, Bessie Pearl Obituary
MYNEAR, Charles P obit/pix
MYNEAR, John William Obit/pix Mkr/pix
NALL, L. F.                                                       1941 Obituary
NANCE, Beatrice Pauline "Polly" obit/pix
NARRY, Grace Irene (Glover) Obituary
NARRY, Jay Thomas Obit/pix
NASH, Henry Calvin Obit/pix
NEAL, Joel Perry Obituary
NEES, Earl Edward Obituary
NEET, Claude Avery Obit/pix
NEET, Lila Mae Crowder (Mrs Claude) Oituary
NEGELEIN, Altie Halenia Obituary
NEGELEIN, Gearhart Scott    "Scotty" Obituary
NEGELEIN, Jerry Ray Obituary
NEGELEIN, Wilhelm Friedrich Karl obit/pix
NEIDIGH, Georgie Ava Williams Obituary
NEIGHBORS, William Obituary
NELLIS, George Wendell Obituary
NELLIS, Virginia L. Smith Obit/pix
NELSON, Alan Keith Obituary
NELSON, Blanche (Canton) Obituary
NELSON, Elmer Bryant Obituary
NELSON, Evelyn Obituary
NELSON, Floyd Samue Obituary
NELSON, Floyd Samuel Obituary
NELSON, Frank Walter Obituary
NELSON, Georgia (Bowen) Obituary
NELSON, Golda Belle (Bechtel) Obituary
NELSON, John William Obituary
NELSON, Leona Obituary
NELSON, Leroy Obituary FHC
NELSON, Mary Rosetta (Smith) Obituary
NELSON, Otis G Obituary FHC
NELSON, Owen Giddeon Obituary FHC
NELSON, Ralph B.                                             Oit/pix
NELSON, Robyn Beth Plummer Obituary
NELSON, Sam T. Obituary
NESS, Andrew L Obituary
NEWCOMB, Zelpha Sylvia (Strader) Obit/pix
NEWLAND, Velma Rogers (Culver) Obituary
NEWLIN, Ruby Evelyn Sensintaffer (Gunter) Obit/Pix
NEWMAN, Dianna Ruth Cavett Obit/pix
NEWPORT, Alvin Truman Obit/pix
NEWPORT, Belle F. Obituary
NEWPORT, Justin Bob Obit/pix FHC/PIX
NEWRIDER, Lucille Obit/pix FHC
NEWTON, Emma Obituary
NEWTON, Steven Arthur Obituary
NICCUM, Richard C Obituary
NICHOLAS, Pauline E.  (Polly)                            2007 Obituary
NICHOLS, Doris Elaine (Sharp)                           2002 Obituary
NICHOLS, Elsie (Akers)    "Pauline" obit/pix
NICHOLS, Hala E. Crismon                                1926 Obituary
NICHOLS, Harry Thomas Obituary
NICHOLS, Leo Omar Obituary
NICHOLS, Miss Linda Mae Obituary
NICHOLS, Ray Vincent Obituary
NICHOLS, Richard Martin Obituary
NICHOLS, Wilma (Easley) Obituary
NICHOLSON, Casey Wyatt Obituary
NIGH, W.D. Obituary
NIMERICK, Elma Mae Sneed (Mrs James L) Obituary
NIMERICK, Mrs Elizabeth M Obituary FHC
NIMROD, Ada M.                                              1958 Obituary
NITZ, Francine Icele (Kloc) Obituary
NIX, Gerald Merlin Obituary
NIX, Mavis J (Mrs Jerald) Obituary
NIXION, Nellie Obituary
NIXON, Charles R Obituary FHC
NIXON, Clementena F. (Hlavachek)  "Tena" Obituary
NIXON, Elton J. Obituary
NIXON, James Gordon Obituary
NIXON, Kate Anna Obituary
NIXON, Nellie Agnes (Hines) Obit/pix
NOBBS, Ola V Obituary
NOBLE, Edna (Quillen) Obituary
NOBLE, George A Obituary
NOBLES, Alene (Holcomb) Obituary
NORRIS, Avis (Henry) Obituary
NORRIS, Edmund S. Obituary
NORRIS, Harold Raymond   Obituary FHC
NORRIS, Mary Neil McNease Obituary
NORRIS, Samuel Reubal Obituary
NORTHWEATHER, Linda Kay Obituary
NORTON, Asa Obituary
NORTON, Ed Obituary
NORTON, Josephine (Mrs Ed) obit/pix
NORTON, Martha Obit/pix
NORWINE, Roy F. Obit/pix
NOVOTNY, Frances Elizabeth (Brogan) obit/pix
NOVOTNY, Henry Obituary
NOVOTNY, Joe B.                                          1926 Obituary
NOVOTNY, Johnnie M. Obituary
NOVOTNY, Stella Clela (Smith) Obituary
NUNN, James Edgar   "Jim" Obituary
NUTTLE, Arthur E. Obituary
NUTTLE, Charles H. Obituary
NUTTLE, Clarence Eli Obituary
NUTTLE, Ernest Obituary
NUTTLE, Fay Roley (Mrs Clarence Ely) Obit/pix
NUTTLE, Frank     "Bubby" Obituary
Nuttle, Harry E.                                             1958 Obituary
NUTTLE, Julia Genevieve (Hatfield) Obituary
NUTTLE, Margaret M. Obituary FHC
NUTTLE, Mary Leader (Mrs Ernest) Obituary
NUTTLE, Pearl (Osborne) Obituary
NUTTLE, Robert Edward Obituary
NUTTLE, Robin Joyce Obituary FHC
NUTTLE, Wanda Juanita (Duff) Obituary
O'BRYAN, Joseph Patrick Obituary
ODIACHI, Donald Odinma Obituary
O'DONNELL, John Obituary
O'GWIN, Hugh Charley Obit/pix
O'GWIN, Maxine Alberta (Grote) obituary
O'KEEFE, Vicki Lynn (Maltsberger) Obituary
O'KELLEY, Belle R. Obituary
O'KELLEY, Gordon Stewart obit/pix
O'KELLEY, Irene Vernice Obituary
O'KELLEY, Markus Howard Obituary
O'KELLEY, Robert Lee    "Jack" Obituary
O'KIEF, Bertha Obituary
OLDHAM, Mrs W J Obituary
OLDHAM, Simpson Ambrose Obituary
O'LEARY, Arthur E Obituary
OLINGHOUSE, Ira F Obituary
OLINGHOUSE, Walter H.                                  1946 Obituary
OLIVE, Roy Obit/pix
OLIVER, Viola May Winters                               1947 Obituary
OLSEN, John H. Obituary
OLSEN, Roy                                                   1911 Obituary Mkr/pix
OLSON, Norma O'Bryan (Paulick) Obituary
OMOHUNDRO, Alvin Obituary
OMOHUNDRO, Lesta Glendora (Hamrick) Obituary
OMTVEDT, Harriet Ellen (Eckstrand) Obituary
O'NEAL, Karne Elaine (Rodgers) Obit/pix
O'NEAL, Thomas Sherman Obituary
ONLY A CHIEF, Lewis Peters                            2007 Obituary
ORCUTT, Joyce Robin Obituary Mkr/pix
ORCUTT, Kathy Yvonne(Tatum)                          2007 Obit/pix
ORCUTT, Theodore Wayne Sr. Obit/pix
ORIZA, Teresa L. Vazquez Obituary
OSBORN, Archie Franklin Obituary FHC
OSBORN, Daisy Marie (Washburn) Obituary
OSBORN, Dwight Deloss Obituary
OSBORN, Ella Jane Hicks (Mrs Ted) Obituary
OSBORN, Frona Davis (Mrs Charles R) Obituary
OSBORN, Homer Dale Obituary DN
OSBORN, Laura E. Obituary
OSBORN, Lola Virginia Feaster (Hallum) Obituary
OSBORN, Oren Ralph                                 2003 Obituary
OSBORN, Randall Cyrus Obituary
OSBORN, Susie Merriman Harmer (Mrs Randall) Obituary
OSBORN, Ted R Obituary
OSBORN, Virginia Obituary
OSBORN, W. L. Obituary
OSBORN, Winnie Marie (parrish) Obituary
OSBURN, Arvel J. Obituary DN
OSBURN, Fern Marrs (Mrs Arvel) Obituary
O'SHEA, Father John F. obit/pix
OTHOUDT, Nila Elaine (Olson) obit/pix
OVERMAN, Dixie Haywood Obituary
OVERMAN, George Dunlap obit/pix
OVERMAN, Mattie Scott (Mrs George D) Obituary
OVERSTREET, Mallie Ellen (Mrs Lee) Obit/pix
OWEN, Dora Beatrice Pinkerton (Mrs C.O) Obituary
OWEN, Louise Elizabeth Roe (Mrs Steve) Obituary
OWENS, Irene (Hopkins) Obit/pix DN
OWENS, Nervesta Fay (Mrs Roy) Obituary
OWENS, Rev. Jack Harvard Obituary FHC
OWENS, Dr. Thomas Richard Obit/pix
OWSLEY, Joseph Henry Obituary
OWSLEY, William A Obit/pix
PACE, Stella Faye (Kastner) Obituary FHC
PACINI, Dixie Marie Baker (Mrs E.J.) Obituary
PACINI, E. J. "Moe" Obituary FHC/Pix
PADGETT, Vena Mary Ellen (McKinney) Obituary
PAGE, John W.                                             1957 Obituary FHC
PAISLEY, Anna Frances  (Mrs Ira) Obit/pix
PALMER, Freda Oma (Edgar) Obituary
PALMER, Jeanne Naoma (Miller) Obit/pix
PALMER, John Wallace                                   2007 Obit/pix
PALMER, Judge Orrin Scott Obituary
PALMER, Mary E. Obit/Pix
PALMER, Viola P,                                            2007 Obit/pix
PALMER, Wm. F. Obit/pix FHC/Pix
PANKHURST, Phebe Ann (Maurer) Obituary
PAPPAN, Frederick Jr. Obituary
PAPPAN, James Theodore Obituary
PAPPAN, William B Obituary
PARKER, Blanche Luciel VanBrunt Obituary
PARKER, Zoe R. (McGuire) Obituary
PARKES, James Clinton Obituary
PARKS, Dezire Obituary
PARKS, Mary Elizabeth Shaddox (Mrs Jas. C) Obituary
PARRISH, Frances Colleen Glenn (Mrs Tom) Obituary
PARSONS, Nellie (Marshall (Mrs Roy J) Obituary
PARSONS, Robert James Obituary
PARTIN, Dani Lin Swan Obituary
PASLEY, Maude Frost obit/pix
PASLEY, William Harvey Obituary
PATCHIN, Gladys L.                                           Obituary
PATCHIN, Jimmy Ray Obit/pix
PATRICK, Martha Frances Jones (Mrs BillY) Obituary
PATTEN, James Leo Obituary
PATTEN, Robert Obituary
PATTERSON, Bernice Arline Poteet Shaw Obituary
PATTERSON, Robert Glen Obituary
PATTERSON, Samuel W. obit/pix
PATTON, George C Obit/pix
PAULEY, James Floyd Obit/pix
PAULSEN, W. F. Obituary
PAXTON, Aubra Earl  "Bud" Obituary
PAXTON, Ernest Franklin Obituary
PAXTON, Martha Glendora (Mulford) "Dora" Obituary
PAYNE, Eunice E (Davenport) Mrs. Wm R Obit/pix
PAYNE, Jane Ann (McCollum) Obituary
PAYNE, Walter T Obit/pix
PEACHEY, Rosemary Hazel Obituary
PEACOCK, Lola Obituary Mkr/pix
PEACOCK, Mary Horner (Mrs Thomas) Obituary Mkr/pix
PEARSON, Boyd L. Obituary
PEARSON, George Hubert Obituary
PEARSON, John Archibald Obituary
PEARSON, Myrtle (Sockey) Obit/pix
PEARSON, Tressa Gail (Hertzler) Obituary
PEASE, Mrs Captain John C.              1905 obit/pix
PECKENPAUGH, Guy Loris "Buster" Obituary
PECKENPAUGH, Holden Lee Obituary
PECKENPAUGH, Loy Bryan Obituary
PECKENPAUGH, Manley Obituary
PECKENPAUGH, Neva June (Hayter) Obituary
PEEK, Richard Franklin Obit/Pix
PEERY, John W Obituary
PEERY, Nolan F Obituary
PENCE, A.Y.                                                1965 Obituary
PENCE, Maggie A.                                        1978 Obituary
PENDLETON, Francille "Lynnette" Obituary
PENDLETON, Michael Koshiway Obituary FHC